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    Fighter, Dead Man's Hand, Dee, and all things LEATHER!!! Otherwise I enjoy shifting my scent library to reflect the seasons. I'm very open minded and can enjoy scents that run the gamut from light and innocent to dark and gothy. I enjoy incense/resins (Nag Champa!!), woods, florals (in season), foodie (in season), fruits (in season), musks, herbaceous/botanical, and I like experimenting with unconventional smells like rubber, stone, dust, metal, etc. I'm not afraid of masculine leaning scent profiles and am happy to smell like a gentleman's library from another century any day of the week.

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  1. LunaGoth

    Impressions of the Floating World

    Mmm, this is delicious. I definitely get the "silk" nature of the vanilla and the other notes round things out beautifully. My new favorite vanilla, it's a winner!
  2. LunaGoth

    Jazz Funeral

    This started out a bit assertive and almost a little citrus but calmed into what I was imagining to be Spanish Moss as it dried. I didn't seem to detect any of the other notes clearly and didn't get anything boozy (unless it was part of the initial assertiveness I smelt). I can imagine meandering through a Southern cemetery when I sniff this but I'm not sure how much of that is suggestion. It seems to hang very close to the skin, even just after applying it I had to directly sniff my wrist to catch a whiff of it and soon forgot I was even wearing it. An hour after application it has completely disappeared. I'll hang on to my imp but don't see myself investing in a bottle.
  3. LunaGoth


    I got an imp of this based on suggestions of forumite's favorite leather blends. I get sweet wine from this. I can't make out the other notes but feel that they could be subtly grounding and rounding out the scent to prevent it from being too sweet or cloying. I don't find the wine note "boozy" which is just fine with me. I applied it about 2 hours ago and really need to huff my wrist to detect it anymore, so not terribly long lasting. I could see myself wearing this around Beltane or Midsummer because of my association with sweet wine or mead and those holidays. Not bottle worthy to me but I'll keep my imp and probably wear it a few times a year.
  4. LunaGoth

    Aperotos Eros

    I just love this one. It's hard for me to separate the notes clearly, none of them are bullying the others. It's deep, dark, musky, resinous, and incredibly sexy to me in a severe, domineering way. This lights up the same part of my brain that my beloved leathers do. We'll see how long my imp lasts me, this may have to be a bottle someday.
  5. LunaGoth

    Chocolate con Arequipe Hair Gloss

    I get a sweet, almost caramelly, chocolate from this and the faintest hint of cinnamon. Smells good but vanished within minutes of applying it to my hair.
  6. LunaGoth

    I Too Beneath Your Moon

    Mmm, I can see what all the fuss is about with this one. Apple isnt normally much of a note Im drawn to, except seasonally in the fall, but this is very nice, creamy, and very well balanced. I like it and am glad I have a bottle.
  7. LunaGoth

    La Belle au Bois Dormant

    This is one of those blends I had to look up the notes for to know what exactly I was smelling. All the separate notes marry into a perfect circle and become their own unique scent. All the notes get along beautifully. Juicy "dry" pear and rose are the more prevalent notes to my nose but I'm no expert on the other scents in the blend which may be why I'm not picking them out individually. I find this soothing and calming without being boring or boxing itself in as a "sleep" scent.
  8. LunaGoth

    Honey Snowballs Hair Gloss

    A splort of honey in a pile of snow. Mmm, honey... Somewhat spicy and resinous smelling honey. I don't get much of the snow note in the hair gloss once it's dried on my hair, as opposed to the perfume oil. I found it to have good staying power, I was still catching whiffs a couple hours after application.
  9. A nativity scene. Nice and true to form. I mainly smell the resins with maybe a touch of soft hay. Not too strong, I think it would be good for adding a nice resiny spice to a room or one's clothing around the holidays (or any other time of the year for resin lovers). Be sure to shake especially well before spritzing. Through my clear sample spritzer it's easy to see that the heavier parts of the blend like to gloop together at the bottom a bit.
  10. LunaGoth

    Apple Ice Wine Atmosphere Spray

    Poured from grapes frozen on the vine and infused with sweet winter apples and a hint of red currant. Crisp, refreshing Winter fruits encased in ice. "Frozen on the vine" seems very accurate. It even smells cold, but there's no hint of menthol or other "snow" notes to my nose. How do they do that? I could see this working well as a "cooling" room mist on sweltering summer days. Not something I would have blind bought, I got it as part of a sampler set, but I'm glad I have my little spritzer of it.
  11. LunaGoth

    Very Stable Genius

    This has made me more nervous, based on initial impression, than any other blend so far. I'm all for novelty and unusual smells but when I whiffed this one fresh out of the package it was all foul, scorched, putrefying, solidified gristle and grease scraped off a city park barbecue grate in my mind. And not unlike the smell of death, it was trapped in my nose for hours afterwards. But not one to cower from a challenge, and emboldened by Zankoku_zen's review I bit the bullet and applied some to my wrist a few minutes ago. Okay, already less scorched and riddled with maggots as my initial impression. And I guess that could be a spilt ranch dressing mix packet on the solidified grease rather than some new form of alien mold culture. It continues to mellow into ranchy bacon and now is much less stomach churning than the rhetoric of most politicians. An unsettling blend for an unsettling time. I get it and am glad I tried it on.
  12. LunaGoth

    Honey Maple Hot Toddy Hair Gloss

    I psyched myself out with this one the first time I tried it. I spritzed some on my fingers and started to apply it to my hair before work when the strong booze note hit my nose and I got scared. I wiped off the remainder that was on my fingers and applied some Patchouli and Sweet Clove HG to balance things out. I am well aware that toddies are boozy drinks but this booze was a lot more I'M BOOZE than the other boozy drink HGs I'd tried so far. On my next day off I gave it another go and ended up feeling a bit dumb because the strong hit of booze mellowed soon after application and I wouldn't have smelled like a distillery at work as I had feared. I agree with the previous reviewer, I don't get much if any maple, more the caramely sweetness, boozy apple, and something that smells a bit dry, like hay.
  13. LunaGoth

    Snow Rose Bath Oil

    A soft, chilled rose. Chillier than the other snow notes I've experienced so far, but not too cold. I used it as a skin oil and was delighted at the way I smelled. I imagine that it would be delightful for soaking in a hot bath, and a real gift for Winter-ravaged sinuses.
  14. LunaGoth

    Bien Loin D'Ici

    A nice warm, sultry, musky blend well suited for the Ars Amatoria line. Strong but not offensively so. At first I detect some of the more assertive unguent or old urine note peeking out from the wings but it's not pushy or distasteful enough to ruin my day, and it fades with time. I'm not sure this will be a blend I will reach for very often but I don't mind it and find it well suited for my current run down of Ars Amatoria/Luper scents for February.
  15. LunaGoth


    Bright, juicy, and definitely "red" smelling. Seems to be hovering close to the skin, I have to hold my wrist up to my nose to get a full whiff. I sense that it might be rather fleeting, I've only had it on for half an hour and it's already mellowed in intensity. Cranberry gets so pigeon-holed as a holiday scent, it's nice to see it represented so beautifully in a non-holiday blend. I could see myself wearing this any time of the year but definitely in the Summer. Not bottle worthy for me at this point but I'll enjoy pulling out my vial every now and then.