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  1. Doc Constantine

    Temporarily Out of Stock Notice

  2. Doc Constantine

    Telling age on imp labels

    Different printers over the years, possibly different toner levels as well.
  3. Doc Constantine

    Down Dates - 2021

  4. Doc Constantine

    Song of Creation mostly fixed

    Looks like we've mostly sorted out the issue with stuff getting dropped from the cart. Until we get more testing done just make sure you always see the httpS:// when you are adding to the cart. In the mean time here's a good link to get to SoC: https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-category/limited-edition/the-song-of-creation-2016/
  5. Any domestic order containing Skadi / Purple Snowballs / Almond Blossom is currently being held up until Monday 12-16. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  6. Doc Constantine

    Shipping cut offs!

    A gentle reminder! - Shipping cutoffs to receive items by Christmas this year are as follows: Last day for international orders was Thursday, Dec 5 and last day for domestic orders is for Thursday, Dec 12. Thanks!
  7. Doc Constantine

    Adding more countries

    to the shipping table. The following countries will be added ASAP: Hong Kong Belgium Ireland Denmark New Zealand South Africa Thank you for your continued patience while we get everything just right on the new site!
  8. Doc Constantine

    Haute Macabre taking pre-orders!

    Haute Macabre is now taking pre-orders for the next shipment of the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Haute Macabre scent! Haute Macabre Bottles ordered now will ship around the first week of June!
  9. Doc Constantine

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    the larger brimstone labels were printed in house. I think once for the yules.
  10. Doc Constantine

    Where is my order? What is Click N Ship? How long does this take?

    CC now order xxx-xx-2401, Our lady of pain?
  11. Doc Constantine

    Combining Orders/Name Variations

    If you happen to be using different names on multiple orders that you wish to combine, please let us know in the message box/special instruction sections. For example, if your lab order is under Jane Smith but your Etsy is Jane Doe, please let us know so that we will be able to locate and combine your purchases. Thank you!
  12. Doc Constantine

    Water Snake - Back Ordered

    Updated Water Snake
  13. Doc Constantine

    Water Snake - Back Ordered

    Water Snake - Back ordered until 2/15
  14. Doc Constantine

    Back Order

    Will start shipping next Monday, December 3rd
  15. Doc Constantine

    Shipping Delay

    We decided to have the labels printed through a small printing company for the current offerings instead of printing them in-house, and unfortunately they have been delayed. The holiday last week delayed printing further, and what should have began shipping middle of this week (including the Sandy relief scents and the Yules) is going to have to wait middle of next week. Black Phoenix employees are off Thursday and Friday, but I assure you I will be at the Lab packing orders those days through the holiday weekend, and a good amount should be shipping on the 26th. Thank you for your patience!