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  1. susietangwang


    L'aurore smells just like the painting looks. Diaphanous bluey purple (blurple), sheer and soft. It's a little sparkly but not bubbly. It all blends together prettily and makes a nice light warm weather suitable scent. Work safe. The main notes that stick out to my nose are aldehydes, lavender, light musk, and violet, but it so well blended it's more of a feeling rather than a set of notes if that makes any sense?
  2. susietangwang

    Pink Moon 2024

    Pink Moon 2024 is the perfect strawberry milkshake scent, creamy and fresh and not too sweet. I layered it immediately with the Pink Moon Duet: Wild Strawberries and Patchouli and it adds that dirtiness from the patchouli with more fresh strawberry. I was surrounded by a delightful pink cloud of delight (and told I smell soooo good). This is an instant pick me up scent especially with the duet. I'm thinking about back ups of both and getting some of the other duets to try for layering too.