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  1. SnowWhiteMoon

    Bagpipe Dog Alchemy Lab

    Just a quick review as I just tested this from the bottle today. * In the bottle: Get loads of lime out of this. It reminds me of a Gimlet. * Wet: Cool lime, smooth gin, and a snowy hint of the juniper. It's beautiful. * Dry down: It shifts now and the pine comes to the forefront. Pure pine needles, which is one of my favorite notes. * 1 hour later: A little lime mingling with the juniper now, leaving the Gimlet behind. Very soft, very wearable!
  2. SnowWhiteMoon


    * In the bottle: Sweet and sour citrus. I smell more lemon than lime, but it's bright and sharp with a softly sugared edge. * Wet: Lemony-limey sweetness. It's so soft and lovely. * Dry down: Very sweet lemon-lime. Almost reminds me of Sprite... and it's close to Geek.Goth, like a second cousin or something. * 1 hour later: Soft, sugared lemon. It's barely there, gentle and sweet, but it will be wonderful to wear in the summer while it's hot. It has very little throw on me, though, due to citrus notes fading quickly.
  3. This is where I will gather all the questions and links for my Witch! Easy one stop shop. My wishlists are up to date. Amazon Wishlists: http://amzn.com/w/132WN9NAK2OPE Etsy Wishlists: https://www.etsy.com/people/stormmoonpress/favorites BPAL Wishlist: http://www.bpal.org/topic/127-wishlist/?p=2548002 ***** Hibiscus seeds? No, thank you! Off-color needlepoint? No, thank you! What interests you from the latest (pre-Halloween) BPAL update? I'm actually running decant circles for the releases, so I'll get to try it all. Nothing really appealed to me, though. Like beer? What kind? Booze? Same question! I'm a vodka and tequila gal. Hate beer with a passion. Knitted items? Type? Living in Florida, knitted items are wasted on me. Are you allergic to any fiber or do you know what kind of yarn you prefer? Wool is bad for me. Caramel? With chocolate? Salted? Mmm... salted caramel is awesome. Would you want a quilted pot holder? Yes! We're in desperate need of new potholders that are thick and not useless (like our current ones). Do you have any preferred flavor of shortbread? I like classic buttery shortbread. Would you be interested in project bags/pouches? No, thank you! Homemade Food? - garlic dill pickles - Yes! - blackberry jam - Yes! - dried honey crisp apples - Yes! - applesauce (with or without red hots) - No, thank you! - elderberry syrup (with honey and apple cider vinegar - great for immune boosting) - No, thank you! - honey from our bees - No, thank you! - rose petal liquor (made with our own rose petals and everclear but diluted down a bit so it doesn't knock you over) - No, thank you! - baked goods of your choice, what do you like or dislike? I tend to prefer quick breads and sugar or peanut butter cookies (soft). Is there anything you'd particularly like to get from the UK? Not that I can think of? Socks/sockdreams/etc? I never wear socks. Ever. Is there anything you would like to get from Japan? I LOVE Japanese treats and sweets, just not azuki or matcha. Would you object to re-using of clean mailing materials? Nope. I reuse all my mailing boxes whenever I can. Anyone a nail polish fan? What colors interest you? I love cheap, glittery, fantastic nail polishes for craft purposes. Who here is a Raging All THINGS HARRY POTTER fan? I am not a fan at all. Do you like things with Pumpkin (or Pumpkin Spice?) Only pumpkin bread. Hate all things 'Pumpkin Spiced'. Does anyone like fleece character hats? Like these: like-fleece-hat? What kinda characters would you like to see? No, thank you! Do you decorate for Halloween all year? If not, what level of decor do you have for Halloween? My husband LOVES decorating for Halloween. We love indoor and outdoor decorating. Indoor/outdoor Halloween decorations? What do you do, and what would you prefer to receive? Both are great! I tend more toward fall decorations, and my husband loves gory/scary outdoor decorations. What's your preferred Halloween decor style: classic/traditional (skulls, pumpkins, bats), kitchsy/cute, retro, elegant/Victorian, horror/macabre? Classical/Traditional, I think, but I also wouldn't mind cute or Victorian. What's your candy preference? I like sour candy, gummy candies, Runts, Sour Patch Kids, and the like. ~*~*~ 9/25 Does anyone like fleece character hats? Like these? http://wonderlandonline.storenvy.com/collections/354444-anime-video-games/products/13089516-pusheen-like-fleece-hatWhat kinda characters would you like to see? Not really my thing. Fleece in Florida is a bad combo. Elements & Artifacts has a fall/halloween collection up? Anything catch your eye? This is lovely. And speaking of shops from BPAL folks, any favorites in the stores on the SW Stalking and Services Spreadsheet? I haven't had a chance to look through it. The second part of the Haus of Gloi update is live tomorrow (the 25th)- is there anything you're interested in? I've never used Haus of Gloi products. None of there Halloween scents interest me. Do you celebrate Mabon? Would you like "witchy" or pagan decorations and objects? For example, pentacle wall hangings, mabon poppets, corn dollies, ritual candles, etc? We celebrate Mabon (and all pagan holidays) in our house, so pagan decor is always welcome! Would you be interested in any of the following: jigsaw puzzles; puzzle books (like word searches or crossword puzzles or suduko); coloring books; card games; board games? Feel free to elaborate on preferences for any of the above! We don't do jigsaw puzzles because the cats snatch pieces of them. I like word searches and coloring books.
  4. SnowWhiteMoon

    Iridescent Pastel Basket Grass

    In bottle: It's orangey-lemony-limey goodness! All sweet and citrusy and beautiful. Love it in the bottle. Wet on skin: Orange zest, that bitter citrus tang. It loses a lot of its sweetness, but still quite nice. 30 minutes on skin: Bounce dryer sheet. Seriously. It has that 'clean linen' candle smell. So utterly disappointing to me. End verdict: The scent fades quickly after 45 minutes. In the end, though, this is one that will be relegated to the scent locket. I don't want to smell like dryer sheet. I wish the sweet citrus had translated to my skin!
  5. This is where I will gather all the questions and links for my Witch! Easy one stop shop. My wishlists are up to date. Amazon Wishlists: http://amzn.com/w/132WN9NAK2OPE Etsy Wishlists: https://www.etsy.com/people/stormmoonpress/favorites BPAL Wishlist: http://www.bpal.org/topic/127-wishlist/?p=2548002 ***** Do you like colouring? I do! I have several adult coloring books already, and there is a whole section of additional ones I'd love on my Amazon wishlist. If you like Lush, are there any UK-only things you're desperate to get? I am not a fan of Lush, I have discovered. Sadly, their formulas and my skin do not get along. Crochet goodies yes or no? If yes, what kind of goodies? Not really my thing. I have cats that would claw anything crocheted. Do you have any allergies to animals/smoke/food etc? I'm allergic to tomatoes, incense (so no incense sticks or the like), and latex. ***** Edited 2/27 Comics/Graphic Novels? I am getting into the Lucifer tradepaperbacks (I have the first two) and I want to get into reading Deadpool's stuff. But, I love graphic novels and comics! Nail Polish! Do you have a specific brand you like? Do you like/want to try Indie brands? What colors of nail polish do you wear? I like cheap, glittery, holo nail polish for crafting purposes. Another question - do you use BPTP products? If so, which do you like, not like, want to try? And if not, are you interested in trying some, and which ones (scents or item types or both) most appeal? I don't use the Post's body stuff as it causes me to break out or my hair to go nuts. I do love their atmo sprays, but I think I have all the ones I wanted... except a full side of the Peach Candyfloss. Nail Wraps? No, thank you! Teas/Spices/Spice Rubs/Specialty Ingredients from a local tea & spice shop? I love bagged, plain black teas. I also love to cook, so spice rubs are always welcome! Speaking of spices - where's your spicy/heat threshold? (scale of 1 - 10 - 1 being nothing more than black pepper, 10 being ghost pepper+) We're a low-spice family, like a 3 or below is best. Preferred book format? Physical, PDF, Kindle, etc? I prefer physical books, and used is absolutely fine! Would you be interested in any handmade critters? Stuffed animals, knit or crochet beasties, or anything remotely similar? No, thank you. My cats tend to get a hold of these types of things and tear them to shreds. I'd feel terrible! Since this is the Spring Fools' round, is there anything that goes with the theme of April Fool's Day or spring that might be fun to add to your package? Flowers (seeds, real, or handmade), prank-related items, a court jester's cap? Nothing comes to mind! Pet owners - would you like any kind of toy or supply for your pet? My cats LOVE catnip toys, and I never say no to more of them. Geek paraphernalia! Almost everyone here has SOME sort of geek-love, whether it is Harry potter, horror movies, graphic novels, science, etc. So would you be interested in any kind of items related to your geek-ish interests? I'm always open to more items of my geeky passions. My geeky loves include Sailor Moon (have loved it, the Outer Senshi--Haruka/Sailor Uranus and Michiru/Sailor Neptune--specifically, since I was 13), Lord of the Rings/Silmarillion (specifically Elven related items, though I do own all the books Tolkien and his son published in relation to Middle-Earth... and please, no Hobbit movie related merchandise as that movie trilogy gives me a tic... really... I hate those movies with a Tolkien purist's passion), Labyrinth, Angel Sanctuary, Death Note, Black Butler, Loveless, Dragon Age (specifically Fenris-centric >.>), The Crow, The Shining (though nothing Kubrick related as I don't like his interpretation of King's work), and Gaiman's Sandman (from the original run when Dream was all dark and brooding! -- love anything Endless). Any yarn, plastic, metal, or fabric sensitivities? Wool and non-silver or gold metals cause allergic reactions in me, so I avoid them when I can. ***** Edited 3/2 Would you like pretty stationery/note cards, etc. for writing snail mail? No, thank you. I almost never send out snail mail. If you could have any BPALs right now (GC, LE, HTF) what would they be? Give examples of at least a few of each category: GC: Dorian (I can always use more Dorian!) Absinthe Embalming Fluid Druid Gobo LE: Mistletoe 2007 Shivering Boy 2007 Lydia Shanghai Tunnel HTF: King of Diamonds Queen of Diamonds Poisoned Apple v2 Dorian v2 Any places you would like gift cards from? Amazon, Walmart, Petsmart are the three I would use most. Do you wear make-up? Any brands you like? Color preferences? I use high end make-up and don't expect my Witch to buy that for me! I prefer MAC, Makeup Geek, and Urban Decay, and I wear warm colors mostly. Junk food and candy? I am a sucker for foreign candy and snack foods. I love Japanese candy and snacks. I'm also a big lover of gummy and sour things, especially sour gummy things. Witchee, regarding your fave TV shows, would you be interested in the associated DVDs? Fan books? We're in the process of switching to Bluray, so I'm very interested in getting movies and shows off my wishlist in Bluray. Do you need any items for your kitchen (linens, gadgets, cooking supplies, etc.)? I have stuff on my wishlist, but I am DYING for a spatter screen for my fry pan. I've wanted one for years, and I just never get around to buying one. Gardens/plants: I am dreaming of spring, dear witch: Do you like plants? Do you have any? Indoor potted plants? A balcony bed? A yard? Do you want/need anything? I have a brown thumb. I kill anything planty. >.> I also have pets so they tend to eat plants. If I were to make you something based on one or more interests mentioned in your Q'aire/blog, would you prefer something you could wear, something that hangs on a wall, or something that sits on a shelf (or couch or wherever)? Hang on the wall, definitely. Are you in need of BPAL storage? Yes! I love these boxes from Amazon and can always use more: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00QSMU0Q8or http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B014Z8FNK4 Do you like candles? Incense? Wax melts? Candles. I prefer Yankee Candles. I don't do incense or wax melts. Do you like/want/need any kind of bags? Purses (big, small, medium), storage type bags, totes, re-usable grocery bags, make up or craft supply bags . . . anything? Don't need a bag or purse, thank you! If you like Harry Potter stuff, what house do you belong in? If you like Game of Thrones, what family? Not into Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. Here's a question. I make handmade journals/albums/smashbooks/junk journals. Would you be interested in anything like that? Not in need of a journal or anything like that. What's your favorite animal/totem? Would you be interested in a small figurine of said animal from this etsy user? This sweet one called to me: https://www.etsy.com/listing/265023044/snow-fennec-fox-totem-figurine-sculpture
  6. SnowWhiteMoon

    The First Time I Saw A Ghost

    In Bottle: Lots of lily, an ozone coolness, and that iris root peeking up through there. It's delicate and light with a chemical, chilly touch. Wet on Skin: Lily. Lots of lily and the cold ozone/freon note of Numb. It has an almost baby powder quality to it on my skin that I'm not liking one bit. 30 Minute Dry Down: The lily died down after 30 minutes. It's much softer, more understated now. It's very much predominantly lily on me, the rose isn't there at all, but it's sweeter, and it remains very chilly. I can still, if I close my eyes, get a whiff of baby powder, though. It's really not something I would wear, but it's a very pretty blend. Feminine, ethereal, and cool. 60 Minute Dry Down: It's powdery, a little sweet, but the lily is still clinging as the primary note on my skin. At this point, when I know it won't change much more, it's simply a sweet, powdery, slightly green lily on my skin. Definitely not for me.
  7. SnowWhiteMoon

    My Collection

    This is just a storehouse for a list of bottles currently in my collection. It's just a reference place for me and circular swap partners. This is not meant for swaps or sales. These are much loved bottles. It's just an easy place for me to reference when someone asks 'What's your collection look like' or for me to look at when making purchases. It will be added to and taken away from as my collection changes. Absinthe (aged from 2008) Absinthe (aged from February 2016) Alan McMichael (partial) Alan McMichael Alan McMichael Alan McMichael Apple Cider Single Note Buck Moon Budding Moon 2006 Champagne & Absinthe Champagne & Opium Christmas Rose Coconut Meat Single Note Cthulhu (aged from 2008) Cthulhu (aged from December 2015) Darkling Thrush Dorian (aged from 2010) Dorian (aged from 2010) Dorian (aged from 2011) Dorian (aged from December 2015) Dorian (aged from December 2015) Dorian (aged from January 2016) Dorian (aged from May 2016) Dorian v2 Dorian v3 Ecstasy of Infatuation Edith Cushing Embalming Fluid (aged from December 2015) Fire Monkey Frost Moon 2004 Fruit Moon 2005 Geek.Goth Geek.Goth Hunger Moon 2007 Hungry Ghost Moon 2006 Ice Queen 2004 Irish Coffee Cake Irish Coffee Cake Irresponsibly Unwatered Christmas Tree Jester Joyeux Noel King Mandarin Single Note (partial) King Mandarin Single Note (partial) Kingsport L'Inverno Lightning Loli.Goth Mabon 2004 Midwinter's Eve 2004 (partial) Midwinter's Eve 2004 Miskatonic University (aged from 2008) Miskatonic University (aged from February 2016) Mistletoe 2005 The Moon (original Tarot) Numb Old Moon 2008 Old World Jasmine (Conjure Oils) Peach II Peach Champagne Peony Moon 2006 Phobos (aged from February 2016) Pink Moon 2005 Poisoned Apple (aged from October 2015) Poisoned Apple v3 Puck Punkie Night 2006 Queen of Diamonds (partial) Rivet.Goth Siberian Musk Single Note Snow Bunny 2005 (partial) Snow, Glass, Apples Snow, Glass, Apples v4 Snow-Flakes 2006 Snow Moon 2005 Snow White 2004 Snow White 2004 Snow White 2005 Snow White 2015 (partial) Snow White 2015 Snow White v2 Sparkling Apple Cider Storm Moon 2005 Strawberry Moon v4 Strength (original Tarot) The Sun (original Tarot) Talvikuu 2005 Thomas Sharpe Thomas Sharpe Thomas Sharpe TP'd Tree Treat #1 White Juniper Single Note Whippoorwill Wilde (aged from 2007) Wilde (aged from 2010) Wildfire 2004 Basil Hallward's Studio Prototype Atmosphere Spray Blue Spruce and Snow-Capped Pine Atmosphere Spray Goblin of Yuletide Present Atmosphere Spray L'Inverno Atmosphere Spray On Halloween Atmosphere Spray Peach Candyfloss Atmosphere Spray (1oz decant) Peach Candyfloss Atmosphere Spray (1oz decant) Peaches in the Garden Atmosphere Spray Pumpkin Spice Everything Atmosphere Spray Snow White Atmosphere Spray Sugar Plum And Vanilla Bean Atmosphere Spray Tammany Free and Easy Atmosphere Spray Winter Wind Atmosphere Spray * - In Transit to Me
  8. SnowWhiteMoon

    2015 Halloween Switch Witch Help

    This is where I'll put all the in-thread questions to keep things easy for my witch to find! Also, where I'll put my wishlist links so they'll also be easy to find. Amazon Wishlists: http://amzn.com/w/132WN9NAK2OPE Etsy Wishlists: https://www.etsy.com/people/stormmoonpress/favorites BPAL Wishlist: http://www.bpal.org/topic/127-wishlist/?p=2548002 ***** Alcohol: I tend to lean toward vodkas and liqueurs. I don't like beer at all. I mean it. No. Absolutely not. I'm also not a fan of grape wines. Love cherry wine, though! I've never had mead, and my exposure to cider has been limited. I like things on the sweet side. Pumpkin: Unless it's homemade pumpkin bread, no, thank you. I hate pumpkin 'flavored' things. Yech. Want anything from Yellowstone? I'm always happy to try/receive things from places I'm not from! Especially edibles like jams. I love cooking with jams! Decorating: We don't tend to decorate so much as accumulate. I dunno. We just wind up collecting things we find cute or beautiful. Things that speak to us in one way or another. Fantasy type things or owls or snow leopards or clouded leopards or Sandman stuff... We have an eclectically decorated home. Anyone who wants to see pictures of our home can becomes friends with me on Facebook. I have a lot of photos up there of pets, family, home... it's just locked to Friends. Are you a fan of the TV show Penny Dreadful? No. Just... no. >.> What are your coffee and tea preferences? Do you prefer one, the other, both, or neither (and if it's neither, what about things like hot cider and cocoa)? Loose leaf or bags, whole bean or ground? Is caffeine OK? Any gadgetry you're in need of? Any brands or flavors that you particularly love, loathe, or want to try? I'm a black tea fan. Hate coffee. Caffeine is fine. I tend to drink tea in bags because I have nothing to prepare loose tea in. I've only really had Twinings tea, so I'm happy to try others! Not a big fan of flavored teas. I just love plain, black tea. What's your sense of humor like? Do you enjoy puns? Play on words? Dirty humor? Dry humor? Who are some of your favorite comedians? I have a dry, sardonic sense of humor. I'm not a fan of slapstick. Some of my favorite comedians are Lewis Black, Kathleen Madigan, Kathy Griffin, early George Carlin, Bo Burnham, Eddie Izzard, Trevor Noah, and John Stewart. Do you like board games? If so, which ones? Traditional or more unique? (like Settlers of Catan, Small World, Red Dragon Inn, etc) Yes, we do! We do have several traditional board games like Monopoly and Life and Candyland (don't laugh!). We also have all of the card games like Fluxx, Cards Against Humanity, and Munchkin (keep meaning to get Red Shirts). I've never played things like Settlers of Catan, but I've hears it's fun and that I would enjoy it, so it is something I'd like to have. Is there anything that you specifically do NOT want to receive? Scarves, bar soaps, hats, gloves, socks (I HATE things on my feet >.>), nothing with latex, or face makeup that isn't from MAC, Urban Decay, or Makeup Geek (don't say that to be a snob, but I have skin issues and so far, those are the ONLY three companies I don't have reactions to). Plain or fun socks? No socks, please! I hate socks. In fact, I hate shoes and socks. I wear flip flops when I have to leave the house, but inside the house, barefoot all the time. I hate my feet being covered. I dunno why, but it drives me nuts! Name one (or as many as you would like) thing you would like to learn more about? Canning and pickling/fermenting are about all I can think of at the moment. What one thing you would like to do more of? Cooking, baking, and just crafting in general. I'm just so tired all the time now! *~*~*~* Edited 9/25 Would you like any cookie butter (just to be clear, store-bought, not home-made, and does contain wheat since it's, y'know, cookie butter)? No. Not my thing at all. Is there any particular piece (or pieces) of art (painting, photograph, etc) that speaks to you in some way? I'm very partial to photographs of decaying infrastructure and buildings like and http://bit.ly/1LBey25. I've also loved John Henry Fuseli's The Nightmare and Pieter Brueghel's The Triumph of Death since I was eight or nine and saw them in my mother's copies of Time Life's Enchanted World books. Do you want to received knit or crocheted items? If so, could you describe or even link to a couple of items similar to what you would like to receive? As nice as that sounds, no, thank you. I have a lot of cats, and such items would either be destroyed by them or be magnets for their fur. I also can't think of a situation where I'd use such items. Would you like anything from Lush? I have never tried anything from Lush. I'm not a bar soap user, though. I know they have other stuff, so I'm open to trying things so long as they don't contain scent notes I can't stand! Do you prefer hand-made or store-bought? Either! Spicy stuff? No. I am not a spicy food/flavor fan. What is your BPAL "Holy Grail"? GC: Dorian; LE: Snow White 2004, Midwinter's Eve 2004 Analog or Digital? Or Both? Both. I have a Kindle, but I love print books, too. What scents from other perfume companies are you really wanting to have in your collection and or are just really wanting to test? Companies like NAVA, Arcana, Solstice Scents, Possets, Haus of Gloi etc...? I haven't tried anything but BPAL. Affinity for specific animals: I love snow leopards, clouded leopards, and otters. My partner adores anything with owls. We all love anything with cats/kittens. Chocolate fiends ahoy! What kind of chocolate do you like? Do you like any other things in it or just plain good ole chocolate? I tend to prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate on the lighter end of dark. I also don't usually like chocolate with things in it other than almonds, coconut, or salt. Would you be opposed to receiving a ton of Halloween themed items? Not at all! Makeup! Do you like it, would you want some? If so what brands do you like to wear? I do wear it, but I'm very particular on brands due to sensitivities (I'm immunosuppressed due to autoimmune diseases). I wear MAC, Urban Decay, and Makeup Geek. I tend toward the warmer shades. Please don't get mascara or eyeliners as I cannot wear them (like... literally, cannot, they hurt my eyes). I love lipstick, though! Love it. What's your favorite scary movie? Ooo... I like The Others, The Conjuring, The Exorcist, The Lost Boys, What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?, The Haunting (1963 version), The Bad Seed, Poltergeist, Zombieland... I don't like slasher or tortureporn or body horror films like Martyrs or Sinister or Thanatomorphose or the Saw films. What items from the Weenie update interest you? Would you be OK with decants or bottles? I'm running a decant circle, so I'll be able to try just about everything in order to narrow down what will work for me. Usually, BPAL's Halloween scents never work for me, but this year's are speaking to me due to how many apple-based blends there are. Blu-ray or DVD? DVD Game systems - console or computer? Mac/PC? Which console? Xbox 360, PS2, and PCs. Are you dressing up for Halloween and if so do you need any accessories for if? Nope, not dressing up. Not my thing. I just hand out the candy. Talk to me about bags, what kinds do you like? I have been eyeing this bag on eBay for months now: http://ebay.to/1NTN0FQ. What are your favorite fandoms and do you want to receive anything related to such? I don't mind receiving items from fandom favorites. My fandoms include Sailor Moon (have loved it, the Outer Senshi--Haruka/Sailor Uranus and Michiru/Sailor Neptune--specifically, since I was 13), Lord of the Rings/Silmarillion (specifically Elven related items, though I do own all the books Tolkien and his son published in relation to Middle-Earth... and please, no Hobbit movie related merchandise as that movie gives me a tic... really... I hate those movies with a Tolkien purist's passion), Labyrinth, Angel Sanctuary, Death Note, Loveless, Dragon Age (specifically Fenris-centric >.>), The Crow, The Shining (though nothing Kubrick related as I don't like his interpretation of King's work), and Gaiman's Sandman (from the original run when Dream was all dark and brooding! -- love anything Endless). Do you like comics or graphic novels? Any issues or collections you want to read? I love manga/yaoi, and I've adored things like Sandman and The Crow. Do you like fanfic? Would you like a story written for you as part of your gift? What characters/fandoms/pairings etc do you like? I used to write it. A lot. I wrote in Sailor Moon (mainly Haruka/Michiru or Haruka/Usagi) and Lord of the Rings (I did nothing but Elf-slash). I also wrote a couple pieces of Brimstone fanfic waaaay back when. I'm also a fan of Anita Blake slash (mainly Aubrey/Asher or Asher/Jean-Claude), Vampire Chronicles (Louis/Lestat, Louis/Armand, Armand/David, Armand/Marius), and Labyrinth (Jareth/Toby). I'm a slash fan! Shameless about it, too. Would you rather receive a bunch of little packages through the round, a couple of medium packages, or one big package at the end? I like a couple of smaller packages and cards and one larger one at the end (it's also how I tend to give, too). Little things to brighten a day, and then a big 'Happy Halloween, Witchee!' sort of thing at the end to bring a huge grin to their faces. Ultimately, though, I leave it in the hands of my Witch! Whatever makes them happy will make me happy. Would Witchees like something from IKEA? (Or any other not always accessible by everyone store?) I... have never been into an IKEA. I own nothing from IKEA. However, I do know they have Lingonberry juice, and I would kill for some of that (I'm Swedish on my mother's side and love Lingonberries). If/when you go to the mall, for which store(s) do you beeline? I don't go to the mall. Ever. If I have to, it's for something very specific I can't get online. I hate shopping in brick and mortar stores, and malls--to me--are the worst. I also have a question: Do you receive any subscription boxes (julep, lootcrate, ipsy, birchbox, etc.)? I have Julep and Naturebox. I tried Birchbox and didn't like it, and I've had a couple of Japanese-centric ones, but had to discontinue them due to finances. Do you like tarts/candles/incense? If so, what type of scents? I can't use tarts due to cat hazards, don't like incense due to giving me asthma attacks and the husband-thing migraines, but I LOVE Yankee Candles. My favorite scents of theirs are Mistletoe, Christmas Tree, Autumn Leaves, MacIntosh Apple, and Red Apple Wreath. I tend to just love the cinnamon, clove, piney, cold scents best. Is there anything you wish you could have picked up from the Dragon*Con exclusives? Luckily, I was able to get a fairy to do a pick up for me, so I did get everything I was interested in! Is there a GC you've been dying to try but haven't got around to yet? Nope! Nothing I haven't gotten to try, but several I wish I had bottles of, Embalming Fluid being the topmost. We asked about decorating style, but are you interested in receiving decorations for your home? Are you interested in things that go on the wall or things that go on shelves? I don't have much space left on shelves, but I have plenty of space left on the walls! *~*~*~* Edited 9/30 Office supplies hound? Pens, pencils, journals, any preference, or favorites? I love Post-It Notes. I can't get enough of them. I also love felt tip pens like these and disposable fountain tip pens like these. Talk to me about socks! Is there anything, dear, dear Witchee, that I can get for you from Sock Dreams? Anything from another place? Already there was a question about Renn Faire, but Faire also has an abundance of wonderful socks! Tell me all your sock wishes! I hate socks. Please, please, no socks. I have some sort of aversion to covering my feet. Seriously. My podiatrist says it's an actual thing. I live near a huuuuge candy store. What kind of candy do you like? Gummies? Caramel? Chocolate? Sour? Sugar-free? I love gummy candies, sour candies. I adore Runts. Chewy Spree. Milk chocolate paired with coconut or hazelnut. Dark chocolate paired with coconut. I don't like sugar-free candy. How do you feel about animal products? Not so much animal toys or food, but more like furs, paws, bones, etc. I'm fine with animal products, though I don't really have much use for them? Are you interested in receiving any restaurant.com gift certificates for your area? As long as they do take away, I'd be fine with it! We don't go out, but we do bring home food a lot! Copper jewelry? No, thank you. I'm allergic to copper. How do you feel about "toys" - stuffed animals and the like? I love stuffed cats, clouded leopards, or snow leopards, and my partner adores everything owls. How do you feel about the 4 elements? Or are you more of an Asian 5 elements person? Do you feel strongly about any of the elements, like a connection or a preference? I'm very connected to Earth and Water. How do you feel about bento boxes? Is it something you would use if you were to get one? I have bento boxes, and I never use them. -.-; So, I don't need any more. Scarves, shawls or cowls? Mittens, gloves, fingerless mitts or wristlets? No, thank you! How do you feel about online classes? Like, say, craftsy or creativebug? Or even lynda.com? Not very interested. What do we want from Paintbox Soapworks? I took a look, but nothing really appealed. If I were to make you some art, would you prefer a frame that hangs or one that sits? And what color/style would you prefer? Frame that hangs would be best. I have plenty of wall space, not much shelf space left. I'm pretty open to color and style. We're a very eclectic household decorating-style. How do you feel about gourmet marshmallows? I am NOT a fan of marshmallows, but the macarons look delicious! Are you a slatherer or a dabber? I'm more of an inbetweener. Talk to me, dear witchies, about tea. I know we've covered this a little, but I really need the nitty gritty here- not just companies you like and don't like (Teavana? Adagio? David's? Some tiny place?) but I also want to know the other stuff: top 3 flavors, loose or bagged, the kinds of tea accessories you use- or have always wanted. Be specific. Provide links if necessary. I like black tea, and I've not ventured much beyond Twining's English Breakfast. I'm not fond of flavored teas, so if you, dear Witch, would like me to try a variety of unflavored black teas from your favorite companies--loose leaf or bagged--I'm more than happy to give them a whirl! Is there anything from ThinkGeek that you want? Only a couple things: this and this and this. *~*~*~* Edited 10/9 Villainess is putting out brand new stuff for the first time in a while (as opposed to bringing back former lines). Sooo.... who wants it? I've looked at their stuff before, but I don't tend to like bar soaps or anything like that. Most of these types of products have ingredients that leave my skin itching post-shower. How does everyone feel about duct tape crafts? Any favorite patterns? No, thank you. I wouldn't really use anything like that, sorry! Are there any flowers you especially like? I love lilies, especially Calla Lilies--not the scent, though, but the flowers themselves. I also find jasmine to be beautiful. Would you be interested in any cozies or cases (yarn or fabric, not hard cases) for tech stuff (phone, laptop' etc) or for cups/mugs/bottles or anything else similar? Mmm, no, I don't think so. I can't see myself using anything like that. Would you like Halloween or Day of the Dead themed ornaments or a "bunting"? I wouldn't mind Halloween/Samhain themed ornaments or bunting! I make handmade journals, mini albums and similar items. Would my witchee be interested in something like that? No, thank you! I'm more of a Post-It hound than a journal hound. >.> What songs/music/artists/CD's do you like to listen to around Halloween? Nothing in particular, really. The only season where my music changes is Yule. Are you interested in leg warmers at all? No! Oh, no, please, no. Is your Halloween style scary, cutesy, folksy, grotesque...? A mix of cutesy, folksy, and Gothic. Are there witchees who would like book related gifts like a booklight, bookmark, bookseat or something for your reading gadget, like a cover or a light for example? I don't mind bookmarks. It would keep me from dogearing my print editions. >.> I would want something substantial that would last, though! I bought the Portal board game last week & it came with a Portal 2 steam free download code. I already have the game on another console & it's one of my favorite series of all time. Soooo, would you want it? No, thank you. We already have it for the console system. But, dude, Portal has a board game? I may need to look into that for the husband-thing for Yule! Have you read The Martian? Or do you plan on watching the movie? Nope! Honey or beeswax products? Discuss. While I am not morally opposed, I'm allergic to beeswax products, and I don't like the taste of honey. How do you feel about bumper stickers and car magnets? What do you like--cute, pretty, snarky, geeky/fandomy? I don't use bumper stickers, but I wouldn't mind car magnets! I just don't like putting things on my car that I can't take off safely and easily without messing up my paint. NaNo: Pertaining to that, how does everyone feel about such things? Will anyone be participating? How about NaNo swag, is there any you want? No, thanks. I'm not participating. It's just not something that has ever interested me. Do you have any phobia's that your Witch should be aware of? Umm... no? *laughs* I don't think my Witch will be sending me anything that would cross over into phobia territory. Trading Post Weenies are live! Anything calling to you? I did order two bottles the night they went live: Moonbathing and Starlight & Seaspray. I was also on the fence about Blood Sangria, but didn't order it due to finances (I'm at an event this weekend, so money was tight for us). I was also interested in the October atmo spray, Delayed At Ingolstadt Air Field atmo spray, October claw polish, Pumpkin Spice Everything claw polish, and maybe The Unquiet Grave claw polish (it annoys me the Trading Post never shows swatches of the polish itself, just the bottles). But, I'm not a hair gloss or bath oil gal, so my interest in the update is pretty limited. Speaking of nail things, it that time of year and I am doing my jamberry order, Would you want some Lovely Jamberry's for your nails? No, thank you. I've looked at Jamberry, but I do so much crafting and work with my hands that my nails are always in a state of disaster. These would be a waste on me. Do you like or want to try Marmite? No, thank you. Used nail polish & cosmetics? I don't mind used nail polish, but if it's used cosmetics, it needs to be one of the brands I can tolerate, and a type I can sanitize like pressed eyeshadow, lipstick, lip pencil, or eyeshadow stick. Things that can be sharpened to reveal unused product or sanitized with alcohol. Are there any DISCONTINUED (not LE) BPAL oils that you wish you had, or had a little more of? Original Pisces. Strength. D'Anjou Pear Single Note. Hurricane. Grr!. Jester. Puck. Storm. Oh, how I miss these! Is there anything fairly basic that you're always running out of and need to buy more of? Post-It notes. I use these all the time, and I'm always running out. Circle band-aids, latex free. Alcohol pads. I use an injectable medication once a week, and I check my blood sugar daily, so I'm always running out of the little latex free circle band-aids and alcohol pads. You'd think I'd remember to buy them more regularly, but I always forget until I'm pretty much out of them. Blooddrop update: I've never really tried Blooddrop before, but looking over their Halloween/Autumn update, the following caught my eye: Apples & Bones and Misfortune. Looking through the rest of the available perfumes... A Venerable Pair, Fabulous Golden, Overalls in the Orchard, and Quite A Handful are about it that appeal.
  9. SnowWhiteMoon

    Shortbread Snowflakes

    In bottle: It's very artificial. Like, fake-fake butter and vanilla. It's really unpleasant, almost with an alcohol note. On me: I just know I'm going to regret trying this one. Anything with a butter note frightens me. And I am not disappointed. It's plastic and grossly buttery.
  10. SnowWhiteMoon

    Sweet Winter Berry Ale

    In bottle: It's a musty, old, generic mixed berry scent. There isn't much sweet about it. It does have a tint--the barest of tint--of alcohol to it. On me: It smells like raspberry body soap from like... Bath & Body Works or something. Soap, raspberry, and a bit of a resinous tone.
  11. SnowWhiteMoon

    Strawberry Lemon Drop Candy Cane

    In bottle: This is nice. It's like a strawberry lemonade candy cane. It's really tart and sweet in the imp with just a hint of mint under it. This has potential. On me: That smells insanely familiar. After consulting with the husband-thing, it reminds us of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls. That little bit of plastic, bit of artificial strawberry, and something powdery about it all. It's all those things. *chuckles* Fake, artificial, plastic. This is one for the scent locket.
  12. SnowWhiteMoon

    Very Slightly Haunted Dollhouse

    In bottle: It smells almost like plastic lemons. >.> On me: It almost smells like white grape juice, but more like white grape juice that's soured (and not in a nice, happy, winey way). 30 minute dry down: It's... I get the faint sweetness of carnation--reminiscent of Pink Moon '07--but it's that slightly sour twang of old green grapes that I just can't get over. It's like a darker, little less sweet version of the 2007 Pink Moon for sure. Maybe on someone else it's gorgeous. On me, it's highly unpleasant.
  13. SnowWhiteMoon

    Night's Bridge

    In bottle: It's a wet, almost lemony scent, with something dark and musty underneath it. To me, it's like the evil cousin of original June Gloom. On me: Lemon, mint, and a hint of something oily and unpleasant. 30 minute dry down: It smells like a generic men's cologne on me. Harsh, strong, and very unimpressive.
  14. SnowWhiteMoon

    Phosporous v5

    In bottle: It smells very much like any of the fresh, ozone-like scents Beth puts out (very reminiscent of Embalming Fluid). Clean musk, sharp ozone, a hint of lemon. Wet: >.> No kidding, it smells like lemony cat piss. Not something I like. 30 minute dry down: It... smells like a hospital room. Slight baby powder, very antiseptic, with that scent of metal and sterile floors.
  15. SnowWhiteMoon

    Mason & Jenkin's Port Jelly

    In bottle: Wow! Boozy and fruity. On me: Something intensely incense-y about it, tempering the fruit, sugar, and alcohol, but not in a way I particularly like. I should have checked my imp before jumping on the bottle I'd located recently (usually, red fruit scents work well for me). 30 minute dry down: There's fruit, but there's something in there that makes it smell, to me (oddly enough), like I've been kissing some gal who's wearing a LOT of red lipstick between big gulps of spiked punch followed by a good bout of puking. It's really, really unpleasant to me.