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  1. roslynconspiracy

    Spring Cleaning Swap v4.0 Questionnaire

    For ease, I've squashed together all of my questionnaire answers as well as the random questions that came up on the thread here in one space. Questionnaire ALLERGIES? Eucalyptus (very minor, but causes itching in terms of body washes/perfumes) FAVORITE SCENTS: Foodie, incense, earthy, rain (BPAL examples: Black Lace, Cake Smash, Smut, Blacker than the Raven Wings of Midnight, Not So Penitent Mini Magdalene, Tempest, Alcie, Snake Charmer Res, Black Ice, Halloween: Las Vegas, Gun Moll) LEAST FAVORITE SCENTS: Anything heavy on the floral without something to back it up and eucalyptus (see above- allergies) FAVORITE FOODS/DRINKS/ETC: I like nearly everything. I love to cook and try new things. I often stop by different International marketplaces to pick up new items to try. PARTICULAR FOOD/DRINK DISLIKES/LIMITATIONS: None FAVORITE GENRES/AUTHORS/TYPES OF BOOKS: Mainly fiction. Science fiction, fantasy, horror- books to lose yourself in and get caught up in another world. I'm mainly hooked on Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas series, The Last Apprentice series by Joseph Delaney, and the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton. But I am in a couple of book clubs to get new ideas I wouldn't have normally picked up. LEAST FAVORITE GENRES/ETC: Textbooks. Haha, but really I actually find most non-fiction rather flat with a couple of exceptions (history and details on graphic design, photography, and cooking). FAVORITE COLORS: Red, teal, cobalt blue, earthy tones, jewel tones, and black MOST LOVED FANDOMS: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly/Serenity, Marvel Avengers/Guardians of the Galaxy ...can you see a Joss Whedon trend? JEWELRY PREFERENCES: Longer length necklaces and rings- I like all sorts of funky designs. I also have several sets of piercings in my ears- the first set being gauged to 00. CANDLES/INCENSE/TARTS? Candles or tarts- foodie scents (baked goods- cinnamon/vanilla/almond; fruity- apple/cranberry/exotic) or fresh scents (beachy/linen) ANYTHING YOU ARE PARTICULARLY INTERESTED IN RECEIVING? Of course I'd love to test out more BPAL but I'm really good with any fun treats: new companies to be exposed to, things that aren't as well loved at your place that could be in mine , and so on. ANYTHING YOU ARE PARTICULARLY DISINTERESTED IN RECEIVING? Not really WISHLIST LINKS: BPAL: Overall wishlist and Currently in search of Etsy: Favorites list (sorry, I have a lot of favorites ) ARE THERE OTHER HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS YOUR SWAP PARTNER COULD SEND GOODIES FOR? I do have a husband but I doubt he would be interested. Thanks though! ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT YOUR PARTNER TO KNOW? I'm generally pretty laid-back and get enjoyment out of the small things in life. I'm just excited about the idea behind this swap and would be very pleased with any thoughtful items sent my way --------------------------- Thread Questions CLOTHES: I'm perfectly fine with gently used clothing. Mostly a L/XL ladies, something in the area of a size 14. I'm open to longer skirts, dresses, blouses, nerdy tshirts. I layer a lot so short sleeve, long sleeve, cardigans and so on are all fair game. Oh! And I'm a huge Ren Fest nerd. I love any Renaissance-like pieces to incorporate into my outfits. I've gone as an elf warrior, a pirate queen, and my latest is a wench-assassin sidekick. My husband and I get all gussied up and go several times a season. So if you have anything that could be twisted to use for that, I would probably freak. SHOES: Size 10 generally, but sometimes I'm surprised that I've found a size 9/9.5 in a thrift store that actually fits :)Not really into high heels more than 2" but beyond that: funky wedges, sandals, ankle booties up to over the knee boots...I love shoes SOCKS: I also am one of the victims who love knee socks but suffer from calves that rob my feet of circulation. But I do adore silly, fun, and nerdy design socks of all kinds. VINYL: OMG toys! I have a weakness and sign up for a Loot Crate box every so often. I love POP Funko vinyls (been eyeing up Harley Quinn and the Firefly characters for a while but some Disney ones I've seen are adorable too). Legos are totally fair game and any of the other cute little blind box figurines. MAKEUP: Sure! Gently tested makeup would be welcome in my home. I mainly play with my eyes so I'm hooked on eyeshadows, liners, and so on. My favorite brand is Urban Decay for their wide range of options but I'm not picky. I play with earth tones, bright crazy colors, jewel tones...anything really. I haven't experimented much in terms of lips or cheeks so it'd be fun to play with whatever is sent my way. NAIL POLISH: I really haven't done much in terms of nails- so I'm open to anything! Any polishes or accessories or tools...I don't know lol I'm kind of clueless! BOOKS: I think I pretty much summed up my tastes in the survey but I don't think there's anything I wouldn't be interested in. My book taste is very....eclectic haha. I get a kick out of reading random books people suggest just to try out something new I wouldn't have normally picked up. I tend to blast through a 300 page book in about two evenings so us fast-readers need a lot of material CRAFTS: I love crafting...mainly mixed media sort of conglomerations. So all sorts of ephemera bits and baubles are fun: Scraps of fun fabrics, tags, gems, papers, kits, etc. etc. This may not really fit with crafting but I also recently purchased a house that has a couple of garden beds built in so this year I'm going to test out my green thumb! I would take anything garden related (figurines, tags, seeds, suggestions/tips, etc.) that you might want to offload. KITCHEN: I love to cook and bake. It's my stress reliever and I'm a bit of a foodie so I'll take any fun useful and unusual kitchen-y things. FASHION ACCESSORIES: Mainly hair ties and claw clips. I have long hair so I try to twist it up in a bun sometimes if I'm feeling ambitious but head scarves and cute hats are always welcome! USED MAKEUP: Kinda touched on with my makeup answer previously but I have no problem with *lightly* tested things. INTERNATIONAL GOODIES: Heck. yes. I love trying new things and would be happy with items that are even just more popular regionally even if they're in the same country as me PURSES: Meh, take em or leave em. To me they just do the necessity of what I purchase them for: carrying alls the things. VIDEO GAMES: We have a PS2, Wii, Xbox 360...so a little more on the "older side" when it comes to what's out now. But hey...I like all sorts of puzzle/strategy games and my husband is a fan of RPGs and first person shooters so we'll take what you don't want! PERFUMES: I'm really more of a BPAL or perfume oil person. Alcohol-based sprays just burn off and smell kinda "bleh" in comparison after being spoiled by BPAL. PETS: None yet. My husband and I will be adopting two kittens from the Humane Society this spring/summer though BATH STUFF: Yes please! Nothing is better than de-stressing with a cup of tea and a bubble bath for me (besides cooking haha). I should pretty much by stock in Lush so I'm good with oils/salts/lotions/bubble bath/shower gel/bath bombs/etc. YARN: Ehhhh. Honestly I probably wouldn't use it. I've been really getting into needlepoint and cross stitch though, so if you have embroidery floss then that's more my speed. CDs/DVDs: Sure! I have a very eclectic taste in music and always like being exposed to new bands. DVDs would actually be kinda nifty too. Worse comes to worse, I regift it on. KIDS STUFF: I don't have kids, but that doesn't mean that my nieces wouldn't enjoy things STRIPES: Sure! BAKED GOODS: Uh yes plz. Especially recipes! BELTS/SWEATPANTS/SLIPPERS: Belts, sure. Sweatpants, slippers, and such..I think I'll pass. EBOOKS: Sure! I'm all about reading in its many forms haha POTPOURRI/WATER BOTTLE/MASSAGE CARD: Why not? Honestly, I just want this to be fun for my broom and not stressful COLLECTIONS: Jewelry, perfumes/bath and body things of all sorts, small bowls (like dipping bowls and tiny prep bowls for the kitchen), tea, cross-stitch things, weird steampunky bits and baubles, graphic design books...geeze I'm sure the list goes on. TAROT-RELATED: Yes, I find the designs fascinating CATS: I love cats! I don't have any right now, but my hubby and I are adopting two from the Humane Society very soon. CANDLES: Used, un-used, whatever. I love candles! CLASSICS: Just reiterating that I love reading so...sure! FABRICS: I have been meaning to learn to sew, but I have friends that can teach me so bring it on! MAGIC CARDS: Don't really do Magic or other trading card games. But if you have fun card games (Fluxx/Munchkin/etc.) that aren't getting any love...I'll take em