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  1. Ava Lux

    Christmas Pudding

    Amazing, spicy but velvety, it creates a sort of spicy soft aurea around me...despite the name I like wearing now in summer, it's an hot scent that marries in a good way the warmth of the weather and also is more detectable on the skin which obviously now is barer... If you Know Lutens parfumes , this scent has somehow the same vibe of Bois et fruits which I loved before converting to oils... Overall I like puddin scents...like also the figgy puddin...
  2. Ava Lux

    The search for the perfect Violet....

    I second Nocturne, a pretty violet, not a great persistence or envol, but it's nice, warm and gentle and reminds me Meterorites by Guerlain both the parfume and the powder
  3. Ava Lux

    Rice flower scents!

    i second Tamano no mae, it is amazing but quite difficult to find..I'm a rice lover too and have to give a try to Diwali
  4. Ava Lux

    Comparison of Celebrated Beauties

    I find it very nice, almond and vanilla...in Italy we make a cake named "Mimosa", it's made with cream of vanilla and pieces of pan di spagna which figures the small pieces of mimosa flower....so Comparison is this delicious cake made scent....I'm a foodie scents lover so i cannot not love it! happy to have a bottle of it...
  5. Thanks for these precious suggestions I take note!
  6. I've read the thread of leather but I'm quite confused...which is the closet kind of leather of Loviatar, dry but creamy at the same time, dirty but not too much, a perfect balance of the components clean dirty, wet dry, rought classy ..I like very much The white rider,dry and sophsticated, like Dee but too much vetiver in it...but which oil I find in the general catalogue, easy to find, similar to Loviatar? Thanks in advance!
  7. Ava Lux

    Blue Moon 2012

    Quite a shower cream scent....flowery, I expected more although I've sniffed also a vintage Blue Moon which is more parfumey and ethereal..not bad, a clean scent, to wear with the right blue moon...
  8. Ava Lux

    Monster Bait: Closet

    One of the best vanilla ever!Very sophisticated, no plastic notes, well balanced in its sweetness, not overhelming ...just a perfect vanilla 's scent
  9. Ava Lux


    Buttery vanilla, but mostly condensed milk...it reminds me Gollettes althought I like Gollettes more than Boo which has a sort of weirdness, rottness....Gollettes is softer and gentler...but substantially they are very similar..I have to say hat I expected more reading the reviews...but it's ok...
  10. Ava Lux

    Visions of Autumn III

    Honeyed patchouli, very soft, cozy and intimate...not something particulary stunning, not a great personality, but perfect for quiet days
  11. Ava Lux

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Thanks!! I'll check these ones you suggest....
  12. Ava Lux

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I like sooo much Mouse's long and sad tale, really I feel so confident with it...I like its velvety and roundness, Dorian for the same reason Self Portrait, Midnwinter's eve Tamano no mae... So if I like these, what do you suggest to try more in the same vein?
  13. Ava Lux

    Miskatonic University

    A buttery note of coffee, I like it but have to retest...it becomes dry, woodsy in the drydown, too much for my tastes...my children who are my judges for all my parfumes say it is like sniffing used socks...I don't really understand why they detect this sensation ...for me is coffe just made in the opening and the power of coffee in the drydown...overall not sure if I like it or not. Verdict:3/5
  14. Ava Lux


    Another great discovery! I was a little bit sceptical, at first...as put in on is a quite strange parfume, a little acrid, some kind wet and resinous...but I'm Knowing day by day bpal oils and never say never with them....you have to wait...something could seem not your cup of tea at first, but I 've understood they open minute by minute, they morph ...so, uhmmm don't like it, at first...but durrng the envol I have discovered another gem of beauty ....in the middle stage is a soft combo of rose and mhyrr, so soft and smooth..the drydown is one of the most wonderfull musk I've tried....I recommend to musk lovers! A bottle for sure!! Verdict 5/5
  15. Ava Lux

    Kubla Khan

    This is one of my favourite bpal ! So subtle, so sexy, so comfortable, so intimate, it's simply me!It doesn't matter the notes, is the blend that is so unique itself....lovely...a bottle for sure! Bpal oils are really strange, there are some I find totally terrificant, but there are many of them that are really gems, and K.K.is one of them..