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  1. violetvorpal

    Schrödinger’s Checkmark

    I love Stekkjarstaur and Silky Bat so I was eager to try Schrödinger’s Checkmark. I have all three now so I'm comparing them Freshly applied/wet on the skin, it smells very strongly of a buttery marshmallow, very similar to Stekkjarstaur. There is a caramel patchouli background. The patchouli is not similar to Silky Bat at all; they are totally different. I'd describe SC as sweet caramel patchouli and Silky Bat as a light/mellow patchouli. Both are lovely. Dry stage: it dries down to a vanilla patchouli that smells just like The Love Swing hair gloss to me. Unfortunately all the lovely vanilla marshmallow fades after about ten minutes then all that is left on my skin is a faint sweet patchouli This one fades surprisingly quickly on me. I tried it multiple times (on hydrated skin ) and every time fades completely after about 20 minutes . I might have better luck with a scent locket, I'll have to try that next time because I do really enjoy the scent before it fades
  2. violetvorpal

    For the Love of God, Poetricia

    I love bpal's fruit scents and this one is delightfully juicy. It reminds me of Fruitbat Fruitbath bath oil. Freshly sprayed the amontillado and berries are the strongest notes but as soon as I smooth the hair gloss over my hair with my hands, the booziness disappears and I'm left with a light sugary vanilla berry scent. I can't smell any poppy tar, it is mostly red benzoin and juicy red fruit on me. It is surprisingly wearable and has light/medium throw. I normally stay away from wine scents as they trigger migraines but thankfully this doesn't bother me
  3. violetvorpal

    Endless Corridors

    I have adored Dalliances by Candlelight and was in search of another beeswax scent that was similar. Endless Corridors popped up in my search and I thought I would try it despite the vetiver. I avoid vetiver, especially if it seems like it will be a dominant note. Vetiver tends to be an off-putting smoky BBQ scent on my skin. Testing them both and I can smell a big difference despite them being beeswax-heavy scents. Endless Corridors smells like a snuffed out candle whereas Dalliances by Candlelight smells like a creamy honey and patchouli wax tart in a candle warmer. Both perfumes have the same creamy beeswax note. The vetiver note is so complementary to the beeswax in Endless Corridors, it is in the background of the perfume, just like a soft, whispy swirl of smoke after blowing out a candle. It is beautiful, medium to low throw, and lasts a few hours on my skin. I wish this was an atmosphere/linen spray. It evokes imagery of a gothic candelabra full of drippy beeswax candlesticks with a delicate hint of smoke If you don’t like how sweet honey notes are in beeswax scents, try this one because it has no sweetness and is more like a beeswax single note
  4. violetvorpal

    Dies Patribus

    I really love foody scents and strawberries so I was excited to give this one a try. In the imp, I mostly smell the heavy cream and milk notes. The vanilla bean sweetens the milk note and the strawberries smell a bit tart. On the skin, I can smell the strawberries (they smell like freeze dried strawberries in cereal to me). The cream reminds me of Drop Dead Ghoulish. Lovely scent but fades very quickly on my skin.
  5. violetvorpal

    The Baker Shops Atmosphere Spray

    After spraying, it is very strong sugary clove, cardamom, and spicy cinnamon. Definitely reminds me of Yule pastries without any buttery or bready notes. I wish I could smell the bread notes but the spices overpower it. However it is really lovely and I can't stop sniffing my clothes ❤️ If you love clove or cardamom, you'll love this atmosphere spray!
  6. violetvorpal

    White Pumpkin Floss

    It is currently dry summer weather where I live so I am stuck inside with air conditioning and missing the cool fall weather. I am delving into some weenie scents and to see how they have aged. In the bottle: Super strong! Fiancé says it smells like sugary cinnamon toast crunch cereal to him and he detects no pumpkin My super sniffer nose detects the creamy pumpkin underneath the blast of spicy sugar. Wet on skin: Hello marshmallow and creamy pumpkin! Thank you for showing up! Partially dry, after five minutes: Oh no!! The spicy smell has taken over the marshmallow and pumpkin again! It is too spicy for my nose Completely dry: My skin is gobbling up this scent and it is almost completely gone after about ten minutes! However my skin is dry due to air conditioning and the dry summer heat. Will have to test the wear length again in the Fall to see if it is different when my skin is more moisturized. Hoping for better luck. 🤞
  7. I’m the one who picked up Beware! 

  8. violetvorpal

    Obligatory Peach Perfume Oil

    This is a wonderful peach perfume. It also reminds me of my childhood. Super girly and flirty! It verges on being like a conditioner smell but the white tea helps keep it smelling perfumey!
  9. violetvorpal

    Strawberry Dragon

    Gorgeous strawberry candy! Juicy, sweet, and smells like sun ripened strawberries. This is a candy version of Eat the Stawberries in my opinion!
  10. violetvorpal

    Fair Maiden Side-Eye

    Wow! I get the amber and peach-tinted skin musk right away. The ambergris balances everything so it isnt powdery or too sweet. Definitely a unisex blend. I get no vanilla cream which is good because no plastic smell Edit: as this stays longer on my skin, it becomes creamy like Cave of Treasures! The good kind of cream that is sophisticated and delicious!
  11. violetvorpal

    Dragon Doodle

    To me, I get no pear. I get very, very strong rich honey. Golden and sweet like sunshine. The strawberry is ripe and freshly picked. If you like strawberry or honey, get this one! It is a perfect harmony of both!
  12. violetvorpal

    Lifestyle Blogger Dragon

    Omg this is what I wanted Dragon Mlerm to smell like! Dragon Mlerm was a disappointment to me before because I did not get marshmallow from it. However... Lifestyle Blogger Dragon is gorgeous marshmallow with fruits! Hey foodie lovers, try this if you can! It reminds me of Apple Marshmallow HG but with peaches instead of apples. SO GOOD Definitely a keeper! As it dries more, the apricot takes over the peach and the marshmallow gives it a lovely fluffy vanilla sweetness!
  13. violetvorpal

    Full Moon Flakes

    Mine came in the mail today and I am also naughty and couldn’t resist testing it the same day In the bottle it reminds me of Earless Chocolate Bunny. Very similar chocolate note. On my skin, small patch test: smells like dry coco puffs and marshmallows! Like opening up a box of fresh cereal before adding it into your bowl! The marshmallows really do remind me of the tiny ones you get in instant hot chocolate mixes. Stays close to the skin. Low throw. It is a nice foodie scent that you can wear to work because it stays close to the skin! Subtle and yummy!
  14. violetvorpal

    Loviatar - Resurrected

    I have not tried the original Loviatar but I am a huge fan of red musk and leather! (Eldritch Dark, I'm looking at you! ) In the bottle: Loads of red musk with a background of black leather. Let's see how this goes on my skin. On my skin: The leather in this blend is absolutely gorgeous. It is black leather with the tiniest hint of smoke (reminds me of the leather in Riding Crop SN). I definitely smell more amber and myrrh on my skin than in the bottle, but both of those notes are floating in the background of the scent. The red musk gives it a hint of sweetness but it is fairly subtle on my skin compared to the superstar leather note! This is like Eldritch Dark's badass boyfriend. Loviatar is less sweet, no rose. Strong throw, long wear!
  15. violetvorpal

    The Eternal Queen

    This is absolutely gorgeous. I've wanted a gardenia perfume from bpal for a long time but none of the note combos in past scents worked for me. However this perfume is the perfect merriment of background notes to compliment the gardenia. I smell mostly realistic, fresh, creamy, white gardenia with a touch of amber and ambergris. The tuberose is surprisingly tame and subtle on my skin. I don't notice any incense but maybe that is just my skin chemistry. It stays true on my skin and never morphs into anything unpleasant. The vanilla gives it that creamy vibe to help ground the floral to make it very romantic and soft. Medium throw and strong staying power! If you love florals, don't sleep on this one! If you like The Bride or Cave of Treasures, The Eternal Queen has the same "creamy floral" vibe. Definitely reminds me of Lupercalia florals.