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    The Eternal Queen
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    Holy Grail: Ecstasy of Passion My current top 10 BPAL scents: Krampus Lace, Streets of Detroit, Bright Red Dildo, Jiaolong, Spooky Action at a Distance, Die Begierde, The Air and The Ether, Shadow (American Gods), Good Morning London, and Eat the StrawberriesBoyfriend's favorite scents: Adam, Dorian, Thomas Sharpe, Moonbathing, Zorya Polunochnaya, Mrs. Valentine, Sacrifice, Insects, The Elevator, Blood Moon Full Lunar EclipseMy top 10 BPTP scents (excluding Ecstasy of Passion): Morocco Hair Gloss/Bath oil, Eldritch Dark Hair Gloss, Pink Wig Spray, Peach-pulped Frankincense Hair Gloss, Recollection Bath Oil, Lady in Black Atmosphere Spray, TKO Atmosphere Spray, Snow White Hair Gloss, Geisha and the Samurai Hair Gloss, and Lucy's Boudoir Atmosphere SprayMy top GC scents: Bliss, Aizen-Myoo, Morocco, Dorian, Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, Water of Notre Dame, Croquet, Scherezade, Tis the Voice of the Lobster, Lust, TKO, WhipI'm obsessed with: red musk, rose water, amber, lavender, vanilla (can be picky), tea, fougère, strawberry, marshmallowI love: Honeysuckle, rose water, amber, blood musk, melon, frankincense, patchouli, red musk, myrrh, clove, moss, orange, marshmallow root, coffee, tea notes, lavender!!!!, ambergris, strawberry, pear, peach, leather, beeswax, honeyIffy notes: Vanilla (can turn plasticy), rose, bright florals, jasmine, booze, snake oil, plum, benzoin, coconut, opoponax, lotusDeath notes: Lilac/sharp violet (boyfriend can wear those though), smoke, vetiver, tobacco (boyfriend hates it), pomegranate (not for me but works great on my boyfriend's skin!), ginger, candy notes, lemon, cream (can turn sour on my skin), butter, wine, champagne, berries, cherry, dragon's blood, black currant, scents with lots of cinnamon (burns my skin!)Unfortunately, I cannot do any scents with tobacco, butter, sharp lilac/violet (boyfriend can wear those though), wine, or champagne notes. It triggers headaches.

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    Check out my Etsy store (HysteriaMode)! Link is at the bottom of the page!

    I have been collecting bpal over the past few years and I absolutely love talking and sharing the love of bpal with others!

    Fave time for BPAL: Lupercalia!

    Animal Crossing New Leaf dream address:

    MyAnimeList/Anime-Planet: VioletVorpal

    Twitch/Tumblr: VioletVorpal

    I post aerial silks/lyra/hammock videos and makeup looks on instagram @violetvorpal

    I love being an aerialist. I also enjoy making jewelry for my etsy shop (HysteriaMode), makeup, video games, Moomins, a vegan lifestyle, and gothic fashion.

    Favorite animes: Berserk (1997), Vampire Hunter D, Black Butler, Nana, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Sailor Moon, Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life, Yuri on Ice, Kill la Kill, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Gakuen Handsome, Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto, Noblesse: Awakening

    Favorite video games: Animal Crossing series, Yakuza series, American Mcgee's Alice, Alice Madness Returns, The Curse of Monkey Island

    Favorite music artists: Malice Mizer (Tetsu, Gackt, and Klaha era), Sisters of Mercy, Christian Death (Rozz Williams era), Rozz Williams, De/Vision, London After Midnight, She Past Away, The Faint, Depeche Mode, Billy Idol, The Cure, Blvck Ceiling, Die Antwoord

    Favorite films: Paprika, Only Lovers Left Alive, Heathers, Pump Up the Volume, Crimson Peak, Beetlejuice, Kill Bill, True Romance, everything from Studio Ghibli

    Favorite books/manga: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, The Vampire Chronicles books, Probable Future, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Nana, Black Butler, The Tarot Café


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  1. I’m the one who picked up Beware! 

  2. violetvorpal

    Obligatory Peach Perfume Oil

    This is a wonderful peach perfume. It also reminds me of my childhood. Super girly and flirty! It verges on being like a conditioner smell but the white tea helps keep it smelling perfumey!
  3. violetvorpal

    Strawberry Dragon

    Gorgeous strawberry candy! Juicy, sweet, and smells like sun ripened strawberries. This is a candy version of Eat the Stawberries in my opinion!
  4. violetvorpal

    Fair Maiden Side-Eye

    Wow! I get the amber and peach-tinted skin musk right away. The ambergris balances everything so it isnt powdery or too sweet. Definitely a unisex blend. I get no vanilla cream which is good because no plastic smell Edit: as this stays longer on my skin, it becomes creamy like Cave of Treasures! The good kind of cream that is sophisticated and delicious!
  5. violetvorpal

    Dragon Doodle

    To me, I get no pear. I get very, very strong rich honey. Golden and sweet like sunshine. The strawberry is ripe and freshly picked. If you like strawberry or honey, get this one! It is a perfect harmony of both!
  6. violetvorpal

    Lifestyle Blogger Dragon

    Omg this is what I wanted Dragon Mlerm to smell like! Dragon Mlerm was a disappointment to me before because I did not get marshmallow from it. However... Lifestyle Blogger Dragon is gorgeous marshmallow with fruits! Hey foodie lovers, try this if you can! It reminds me of Apple Marshmallow HG but with peaches instead of apples. SO GOOD Definitely a keeper! As it dries more, the apricot takes over the peach and the marshmallow gives it a lovely fluffy vanilla sweetness!
  7. violetvorpal

    Full Moon Flakes

    Mine came in the mail today and I am also naughty and couldn’t resist testing it the same day In the bottle it reminds me of Earless Chocolate Bunny. Very similar chocolate note. On my skin, small patch test: smells like dry coco puffs and marshmallows! Like opening up a box of fresh cereal before adding it into your bowl! The marshmallows really do remind me of the tiny ones you get in instant hot chocolate mixes. Stays close to the skin. Low throw. It is a nice foodie scent that you can wear to work because it stays close to the skin! Subtle and yummy!
  8. violetvorpal

    Loviatar - Resurrected

    I have not tried the original Loviatar but I am a huge fan of red musk and leather! (Eldritch Dark, I'm looking at you! ) In the bottle: Loads of red musk with a background of black leather. Let's see how this goes on my skin. On my skin: The leather in this blend is absolutely gorgeous. It is black leather with the tiniest hint of smoke (reminds me of the leather in Riding Crop SN). I definitely smell more amber and myrrh on my skin than in the bottle, but both of those notes are floating in the background of the scent. The red musk gives it a hint of sweetness but it is fairly subtle on my skin compared to the superstar leather note! This is like Eldritch Dark's badass boyfriend. Loviatar is less sweet, no rose. Strong throw, long wear!
  9. violetvorpal

    The Eternal Queen

    This is absolutely gorgeous. I've wanted a gardenia perfume from bpal for a long time but none of the note combos in past scents worked for me. However this perfume is the perfect merriment of background notes to compliment the gardenia. I smell mostly realistic, fresh, creamy, white gardenia with a touch of amber and ambergris. The tuberose is surprisingly tame and subtle on my skin. I don't notice any incense but maybe that is just my skin chemistry. It stays true on my skin and never morphs into anything unpleasant. The vanilla gives it that creamy vibe to help ground the floral to make it very romantic and soft. Medium throw and strong staying power! If you love florals, don't sleep on this one! If you like The Bride or Cave of Treasures, The Eternal Queen has the same "creamy floral" vibe. Definitely reminds me of Lupercalia florals.
  10. violetvorpal

    Slime Queen

    I am a big cotton candy fan and the closest cotton candy bpal variant I've found is Pink Wig Spray. I was very excited to score a bottle of Slime Queen. Slime Queen in the bottle just smells like Dorian, however once it is on the skin the other notes emerge. On my skin I get a pink sugar note rather than a cotton candy note. I do not find this similar to Pink Wig Spray. Slime Queen is very unique. The normal lemon note I get from Dorian is not there and it seems to me like the pink sugar note I am getting has replaced the Dorian lemon note. I adore Dorian blends and this is a stunning everyday flirty perfume. I think my boyfriend would like this for himself too as he amps Dorian very nicely. It is a lovely vanilla tea with cubes of pink sugar and that lovely fougère undertone Dorian has. Medium throw, medium wear length. Make sure your skin is very moisturized before applying because this scent will fade fast on dry or dehydrated skin! If you love Dorian, get this! If you want a foody or a cotton candy bpal, ignore this! This is definitely not foody or cotton candy in my opinion!
  11. violetvorpal

    Wynter Wakeneth Al My Care

    Gorgeous, comforting, luxurious incense. One of my favorite incense blends of all time. I like to wear this to sleep or if I am doing yoga. The sweet amber and champaca is amped the most on my skin. I do not get much of the other notes. If you love amber, try this scent! I wish I bought a backup bottle. This will age gloriously.
  12. violetvorpal

    MVJBA Pancake Breakfast Hair Gloss

    I get no jam smell in my HG, but that's fine by me because it smells like fresh, fluffy vanilla pancakes with tons of maple syrup. I was worried about the butter note but it balances very nicely with the rest of the notes. The butter note does not go rancid (thank goodness!). Definitely smells like Sunday brunch! Strong throw, decent wear length.
  13. violetvorpal

    Drag on a Slime

    I get tart, juicy grapefruit on my skin with a floral musk background. This reminds me of when I used to wear Pure Seduction from Victoria’s Secret almost a decade ago. Very girly and flirty. I love it.
  14. violetvorpal

    King Cake

    King Cake is a super yummy scent and it has gotten me compliments. It smells the same on my skin as it does in the bottle. I get honey glazed almond cake. Almond is the most dominant note to me. If you like Bastet, you'll love King Cake. The almond note is very similar between the two. After a few hours of wear, the honey note gets amped on my skin and it balances the almond note. Strong throw, good wear length.
  15. violetvorpal

    Groom of Frankenstein

    I love bpal's leather scents. They don't always work on my skin, but that's okay with me because I love how fabulous they are on my boyfriend's skin chemistry. Groom of Frankenstein is one of the sexiest leather blends I've smelled from bpal. Groom of Frankenstein is a morpher. It starts off as heavy ozone and black leather (wet on the skin and in the bottle). The first half hour it is primarily black, smooth, slick leather. Then the magic happens about two hours in. It becomes a super sexy unisex scent. Strangely, I get a vanilla musk/perfumey undertone like I do with Ava. All the ozone has dissipated and I am left with a sexy black leather with a vanilla musk background. I absolutely love this. If it doesn't work with your skin chemistry, try it on your partner It borders on high-end commercial perfume without the alcohol background/migraine-triggering artificial notes that I get from most department store perfumes. It is stunning and I am so happy to have a bottle in my collection. Strong throw, long wear length. Backup bottle worthy.