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  1. djuna

    Scent for Halloween?

    Either Mme. Moriarty or Crowley, haven't quite decided yet.
  2. djuna

    The Shivering Boy

    There is a large kefluffle going on on another board over this scent, so I threw it into my last order on a whim. Very, very glad I did. It's very light, but very deep at the same time--I get what must be the snow note, which to me is cold and slightly smoky, like the smell of a day when it's going to snow and the sky is white, and the air is very dry. There's wine, or grapes, slightly sour but not in a bad way, a sort of aged wine note, not a fresh grape or candy grape scent. There's something almost cinnamon-y, which must be one of the resins. I don't get any pine, but something ever-so-slightly woody which could be the vine note. It almost reminds me of church--it's dry, a bit sweet, and the resins are a bit incense-y. Very unique, and a winner.
  3. djuna

    The Peacock Queen

    It's a miracle--I finally found a true rose scent that works on me! Peacock Queen is an amazingly realistic rose scent--a slightly sweet, red rose in full bloom, just like the description says. I have awful luck with roses turning sour or powdery on me, but this is just perfect. It doesn't have any of the sharp green note that Rose Red does, and it is quite simple, so if you're looking for a more complex scent this probably isn't for you. Might be bottle-worthy, just for the fact that I'm so surprised I can wear it
  4. djuna


    Yep, this one nails it right on the head--dry leaves, damp leaves, cold air and a tiny bit of smoke. I can see how this would strike some as masculine, but I love masculine scents so that works for me. I'm getting the tiniest hint of cologne, and an even tinier hint of sweetness, which would be the sap, I guess. Wonderfully evocative, and will be reserved for perfect, cool, dry fall days. Sniffing it makes the tip of my nose cold
  5. djuna

    Singing Moon

    Absolutely a winner for me. Wet, this reminds me very much of Ulalume, it has the same damp earth and cold water feel, but is not aquatic at all--it smells cold and damp, like clean dirt. I think someone else mentioned orange, and I completely got that at first too--not that it smells like orange, but there's a citrussy tinge to it at the beginning. As it dries, the strong dirt note (which I love) seems to recede a bit, and sweet herbs come forward. Smelling it up close, I get grass and soft earth, while the throw retains a hint of citrus, and a hint of delicate florals. This is a remarkable blend. ETA after wearing for a few hours--now I'm getting the smoke--it's very faint, and mostly in the throw. This will be excellent for late summer into autumn.
  6. djuna

    Fairy Market

    This is what I wanted Midnight on the Midway to be--it's sweet fruit, cantaloupe or watermelon maybe, fresh grass, sugar, incense. There are layers and layers here--a light floral, I guess that would be the bluebell, that I was afraid would turn soapy but didn't, then the grass, and the sugar and incense like a light blanket over it all. It makes me think of candied fruits, but isn't cloying at all. If you amp sweet notes, this might be too much for you, but the grass and floral notes tone the sugar down for me. I think I love this
  7. djuna


    the reviews for this seem all over the place, and I'm not sure what to think, other than I'm quite glad I don't get any wintergreen at all out of it! It starts out very strongly earthy, wet dirt and leaves. This should be unpleasant, but somehow isn't. Then the aquatic shows up, and normally I hate aquatics, but this doesn't have that dryer-sheet/soap feel that most aquatics do for me. It's leveled out to a smell of clean, wet earth, leaves, and cold water, and the throw has a tiny bit of sweetness that must be the lily. If I take a deep whiff of it close to my wrist, I think I get just a touch of floral. Definitely intriguing, and I think it would be very refreshing in hot weather--I'll give it the full test tomorrow.
  8. djuna


    This is absolutely intriguing me--for some reason it reminds me of this year's Blue Moon, but it doesn't smell like it at all--I think it has the same cool, fresh, slight aquatic feel. At first I get a rush of sugary melon--watermelon or cantaloupe, and it's very pink and sweet. Then there's a bit of sweet grass, and it feels more watery--there's an almost metallic feel, must be the water note, but it's not unpleasant at all. I think there's a bit of light floral somewhere in the background, as if you're in the cold water and smelling flowers on the shore. The throw retains a bit of the sweet melon feel, and it's quite clean without smelling like soap or laundry. Definitely giving this a full test tomorrow, but I think it's a winner!
  9. djuna

    Blue Moon 2007

    oh, this is stunning. It literally makes my heart do a little leap when I smell my wrist. I'm terrible at reviews, but I can say that it's definitely a cool, blue scent, it feels watery without reminding me of other aquatic blends I've tried. I think it's the cucumber and green tea that give it that feeling. It has a sweetness to it, a sweet floral tone, and sadly I don't know what most of the floral notes in it smell like so I can't say what's what. It's very fresh and clean, without being soapy. This is very, very different from what I usually like, I lean toward the spicy, musky side of things, but I will absolutely wear this during the summer and I'm considering another bottle.
  10. djuna

    Centzon Totochtin

    alright, this scent is absolutely bizarre, and I mean that in the best way possible-- In the imp, and wet, I get the darkest, rawest cocoa--there's no milk here, just bitter chocolate, and maybe a hint of the wine and rum. As it dries, the wine and cocoa sort of recede, and what I think is tobacco comes forward--it's very dry, and smooth, and aged somehow. Sort of smells like the inside of a cigar box, next to a very old leather chair, in a dark wood-paneled room. All of these things should add up to something I hate, but somehow it works. And when it's dry, if I take a long whiff of it, I swear I can taste blood--there's that weird coppery taste, like when you bite your tongue. I have to admit I'm kind of enjoying that part.
  11. djuna


    This is definitely a dark, deep scent--I have to concur with the people who mentioned its similarity to Schwarzer Mond, I think it has that same sort of coke/Dr. Pepper feel (but in a good way!) when wet, but that seems to disappear after it dries--then it's all black resiny goodness, with a bit of sweetness on top. I might discontinue my search for Schwarzer, in fact--this is close enough for me!
  12. djuna

    Perfume to match songs?

    Undertow for Jeff Buckley? (I know, I'm a sick, sick puppy but it's just what popped into my head ) ooh, that's just wrong. Just wrong enough that I might have to get an imp
  13. djuna

    Death Adder

    I'm not sure that I know enough yet to be posting a good review, but I'm in love with Death Adder. In the imp it's sweet and dark, I'm guessing that what I'm getting is the opoponax and the Snake Oil. Wet, and during drydown, there's definitely a bit of green here--must be the vetiver, and I'm quite relieved that I like it, after reading so many negative reviews of vetiver--it's a herbal sort of green, and not too in-your-face. Dry, there's a brief moment of pure Snake Oil, very sweet, and then the vanilla and coconut come forward, but it's definitely not a suntan-lotion kind of coconut--everything blends beautifully, it's a very dark scent, and I'm absolutely sure I smell like the best sex anyone's ever had This lasts for hours, and just gets better, and dirtier, and I must start buying bottles of it immediately.
  14. djuna

    Perfume to match songs?

    hey folks, I'm new, and I'm obsessed. Planning my first order of imps as I speak, and I'm looking for two recommendations-- something that smells like "True Love Waits" by Radiohead, and anything that reminds anyone of Jeff Buckley that isn't Ulalume. This is a great topic, and I'd appreciate any input.