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  1. Any ideas for a scent similar to the Goth Juice hairgel? It's very sharp and green and the obvious scent ingredients on the pot are lemon, oakmoss, hemp and olibanum, although there's also 'perfume' so there's possibly a bit more to it than those notes.
  2. How about The Lion? Yummy soft spices...
  3. thyme

    BPAL blends that remind us of Chanel perfumes

    You're right, it's a lovely scent and it smells good on him, but it's just so complicated! My uneducated sniffer simply can't tell the notes apart. I think I get the patchouli and the sage a lot, and possibly the cedar too but there's another note in it that I can't distinguish. It might well be the labdanum. Thanks for all the ideas, guys, it's much appreciated...from randomly searching for the notes in Antaeus I've come up with the following list: Lear (as suggested above!) Lex Talionis The Bow and Crown of Conquest Shadow The Scales of Deprivation I'll probably head off to Swaps now to try and collar a few of them... Keep the suggestions coming, though!
  4. thyme

    Apples?? Finding the right apple scent

    The Hesperides is apple-tastic on me - my OH said it was like apple Jolly Ranchers and I think he hit it right on the head there. It's bursting with sugary apple goodness.
  5. thyme

    BPAL blends that remind us of Chanel perfumes

    The logical next step is to make everyone around me love BPAL just as much as I do. My boyfriend has shown interest and patiently sniffed my arm about a billion times, but he's also securely wedded to his Antaeus. Although he did like F5. But that's mine So, is there a BPAL that's similar to Antaeus? Apparently it is: "A warm woody fragrance with notes of Sage, Patchouli and Labdanum" and the specific makup is allegedly: Top notes: Clary Sage, Myrtle Middle Notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood Base Notes: Labdanum, Beeswax Absolute I have also seen it described as: "Fragrance notes: citrus, chypre, dry wood, cedar." All suggestions gratefully received!