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  1. Tramp

    2003: Cotton Phoenix

    This scent make me mad. Because I've been a bpal fan for 14 years and I freaking love both Snake Oil and Snow White and it has never once fucking occured to me to layer them. WTF was wrong with me? I mean, I did have that stroke that one time but that really shouldn't have kept me from trying those two together dammit. These are genius together and I wore this for 3 days straight after testing it. Everywhere I went I was enveloped in this marzipan Snake Oil cloud and of awesomeness. Jesus why are you still reading this review and not on the bpal site ordering a bottle or ten?
  2. Tramp

    2007: Wood Phoenix

    On wet it is Snow Glass Apples and a splash of red wine. Dry the wine is gone and the SGA is much lighter. Now the honey comes out and it is like encountering a bee hive in the autumn woods. Despite all the familiar notes and blends listed in the description this is an original for sure. There is a tart whiff that I can detect if I'm huffing my wrist close otherwise it is sandalwood honey green tea. Really hard to pin down. A winner for sure.
  3. Tramp

    2009: Wool Phoenix

    In 2009, Dirty South Will call began (we love you, Lisa!), and we were voted Best Scent Indulgence for Your Inner Goth by the Village Voice. E! filmed at Los Angeles Lunacy for That Morning Show, and now that I think of it, I dont know that I ever actually saw that episode. That year, we commemorated the 200th birthday of the death of Edgar Allan Poe at a Dark Delicacies event with Gris Grimly, and thanks to our Who Killed Amanda Palmer series, I was given the inestimable gift of conceiving of a scent based on cupcake spatter pattern analysis. Our Hellboy line premiered in summer of 2009, and not only was the process of translating Hellboy into scent an absolute thrill, I am also now blessed by the inexplicable joy of being able to see a frog in a teacup on our labels every day. I am always deeply moved by Mike Mignolas art and storytelling, and every year I look forward to his October horror film recommendations. The Miskatonic Valley Yuletide Faire was hosted in Innsmouth that year, and the skies over BPAL were filled with the screeches of magah birds and howling servitors. Cigar smoke wafting over Georgia peaches, black goat wool, and a dollop of Mason and Jenkins Port jelly. First on it smells like a fruity, tobacco, Sugar Skull. Definitely has that mapley/caramel sugar note. I'm not getting a lot of peaches more of a mash of juicy red berries. The fruits fade out pretty fast and am mostly left with what I'm convinced is some cousin of Sugar Skull with a hint of fruit and sweet tobacco.
  4. Tramp

    2004: Paper Phoenix

    Do you like Dorian? Do you like Antique Lace? Then this should be a no brainer buy. It is gorgeous. I've worn it twice and I only got it yesterday. The is a hint of sweet lavender as well. It is such a relaxing sweet tea blend I can't recommend it enough.
  5. Tramp


    Fig! I love fig so that was the first thing I noticed out of the bottle. That creamy fig scent that I love so much in Eden. On however the fig is much less prominent and it becomes a bright, sparking, almost citrusy tea blend. Beautiful.
  6. Tramp

    The Mark

    The Mark, this was the last of my luper bottle buys that I tried. I left it for last because I was all wussy afraid of the vetiver. Dumb of me. Yes in the bottle and first on it is all VETIVER but after 5 minutes it mellows out and is all gorgeous dry vanilla sandalwood. The vetiver just makes it a deeper, richer scent. Totally win.
  7. Tramp

    Day-Old Ham

    Day-Old Ham smells like motherfucking day old ham. If you thought, "Oh Beth doesn't hate us that much it will probably smell like Unicorn farts." Well Beth clearly DOES hate us this much and if you think it smells like unicorn farts it is only because unicorn farts smell like fucking day old ham. I could get out my bottle of Gore Shock and compare the two but I don't hate myself that much.
  8. Tramp

    Firethorn Berry Tea

    Beat the rush and go buy a bottle of this now. You won't be sorry. I don't get any bitterness at all, more of a rose hip tea sort of blend. It reminds me a bit of Dorian and is just beautiful. Tea, a hint of sweetness and some kind of red berry in the mix.
  9. Tramp

    Sherlock Holmes

    No clue how to describe this, wet it is a sweet almost juicy blend on me. Clean but in no way soapy. Unisex, or maybe just asexual. Dry it becomes more leathery with a slight bitterness. Definate win.
  10. In the bottle I think this smells like girl scout Samoa cookies. On it dries down to something very similar to Spooky. Love it.
  11. Tramp


    Lots of orange/orange blossom honey in here. Basically smells like golden citrus sunshine. But I swear there is tobacco in here somewhere.
  12. Tramp

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Does anyone have pictures of the NYCC labels?
  13. Tramp

    Silver-Haired Bat

    I can see how some would get cotton candy from this. The musky sweetness reminds me a lot of the sugar spun sweetness of Midway. I think it is the Benzoin. I love the way this goes on but it seems to fade pretty fast on me (one hour). It could just be that it is warm here and my skin is dry so YMMV.
  14. Tramp

    Winter Fairy Bath Oil

    I am a jasmine hater and didn't expect to like this but I do. A beautiful sweet floral and is STRONG. Let me repeat. It is effing STRONG! I used it as an end of shower slathering and scent wise a little goes a long way. Jasmine and Honey are definatly the most prominent notes and the jasmine doesn't go wonky on me like most do so thumbs up
  15. Love this to pieces. Am a huge sandalwood fan and this gloss has it in spades. A nice smooth woody sweet sandalwood. I think the fig really serves to amp the sweet quality of the sandalwood, really makes it lush and creamy. I used this in my wet hair and brushed it through. When it was dry my hair was super soft and not as flyaway as normal. And the scent really lasts. I will need lots of this am just in love.