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    I love virtually anything warm and foody (<3 El Dia de Reyes) and especially things that smell like baked goods, particularly with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, or chocolate. Soft aquatic florals like Pele, Bayou, Asphodel, Whip, and Has No Hanna; sweet candy scents like Dorian and Florence; and virtually any of the Monster Baits, voodoo blends from the Bewitching Brews, or anything from Excolo or Bewitching Brews. My absolute favourite scents are the Egyptiany and incensey ones - Anubis tops my list, personally. I think it's the myrrh. I tend to smell the best with warm scents on my skin (vanilla seems to be the best subnote for me). (:

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    Perfume, body care, LUSH, art & design
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  1. savvycakes

    Gourmand - Foody Scents - General Recommendations

    Aah, I love you, thank you so much! I never would have thought Channukiya would smell like donuts, but now I want to try it! I've been wanting to try several of those anyway (Sugar Skull, Cheshire Moon, and Alice have been nagging at me particularly, but Dormouse and Yuletide just caught my attention as of a couple days ago), so this makes me just want to try them more. (: And there were definitely a few in there I never would have found on my own (namely Miskatonic; I adore butterscotch, I think I'll hafta get me some'a that). This just makes me glad I'm getting Eat Me and Samhain soon!
  2. savvycakes

    Gourmand - Foody Scents - General Recommendations

    Oooh good, I just ordered some Eat Me through a swap. And I always dismiss those snake scents, I never think to look for foodies in there. Thank you!
  3. savvycakes

    Gourmand - Foody Scents - General Recommendations

    Hey guys! I know the last thing I probably need right now is more enabling, but I have nothing better to do (who does homework, anyway?) and figured I could use a little scent-expansion. (: I've tried and love: Gingerbread Poppet '07, El Dia De Reyes '07, and Monster Bait: Bigger Critters in the direct foodie category, and Chimera, Eclipse, Florence, Dorian, and Possets' Spook (plus Villainess' Ginger-Snapped Smooch, while I'm at it) in the not-so-foodie-but-still-sweet-and-yummy-smelling category. I love chocolate, vanilla, and warm, thick foodie scents. Cakey smells would be a plus, too. I do not do well with any scents that deviate into the dark, woodsy/earthy realm of things, but I do tend to work well with soft, warm floral scents. Warm, incense-y lower notes are good, too (i.e. that vanilla-y incense note that usually comes out towards the end). Anubis works very well on me (I think it's the myrrh?), and the notes in Chimera and Eclipse that smell like almond extract in the bottle (probably honey). I typically don't seek out florals since I'm very particular about them. But warm and/or soft sugary scents are absolutely spectacular in my book. So. Any foodies out there who feel like enabling me further? *eyebrowwaggle*