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  1. snapeophilex

    Sugar Plum Fairy

    No watermelon Jolly Ranchers here--thank goodness! Earlier posters had me a bit worried! Such a complex scent--lots of light florals, lots of vanilla sugar that doesn't go all burnt on me like the Weenie sugars tend to do, and of course, my love, the plum. Midwinter's Eve '07 is one of my holy grails and on me, SPF is a more subtle, slightly more floral scent. The vanilla tones down the plum. I get way more compliments when I wear SPF than MWE, but hey, there's room for both in my arsenal. I do love my bodacious plummy florals!
  2. snapeophilex

    Scent for Halloween?

    Hehehe--me, too! Black Lace is essential for flirty/slightly naughty fun, imo. Oh, whoa--good luck/much success with the GRE's~hope all went well for you!
  3. snapeophilex


    A scent of peace, reflection, and renewal of the spirit: sakura, ume blossoms, and wisteria. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. And long lasting, too--I can still smell Hanami (though faintly) after a sparing first-ever application 19 hours ago! Not familiar enough with ume or sakura to be able to pick them out--but I sure do know and love wisteria! When I sniffed the bottle, I was disheartened--it smelled so light and delicate that I expected it to have no throw at all. Wet, the ume and sakura scents were dominant and lovely; as it dried, however, I amped the wisteria a bit which is not a bad thing at all. A light, airy, fresh, non-cloying floral. Absolutely divine and a masterwork of blending!
  4. snapeophilex

    Her Voice

    *wails* My favorite florals...all in one gorgeous bottle. I've been craving this scent since it was released. The floral part did not disappoint. But the beeswax was too overpowering on me just as it was in Chanukkiyaha. Her Voice broke my heart, but if you're a floral lover who doesn't amp beeswax, this will be a big win for you!
  5. snapeophilex

    The Ragged Wood

    I love all the florals in this blend and though I feared the pine I got an imp... And was not disappointed! In the bottle, like many others, I got lots of piney/juniper smells and I sniffed and sniffed, searching out the florals. Wet, first impressions are again piney but then I get bergamot. Florals very light in the background. Dry: thank goodness, the (muted) flowers have arrived! I tend toward full-out florals and floral/fruity blends. That being said, I really, really like the Ragged Wood. It's an intriguing blend and perfect for any day that I don't feel like smelling like a florist's. I just have to figure out if that day will ever come!
  6. snapeophilex

    La Vita Nuova

    I was hoping La Vita Nuova would work... And it does! I love floral/fruit blends and this does not disappoint. I feared the lemon balm would put me off but it seems to hang in the background. Initially I get lots of apple but as this blend warms on my skin the other notes assert themselves, and the champagne grape is a nice acid balance to the flowers. It's very like a sharper, not so overwhelmingly sweet Titania (which I loved--until I smelled this more balanced blend!) A deceptively complex floral/fruit blend that won't disappoint others who love that genre as I do. 4.8/5
  7. snapeophilex

    The Spell of Amorous Love

    Red currant, plum flowers, sake, green tea, and cherry blossom. This blend wove a delicious scent web around me today--all sweet but not cloying fruits and blossoms with a tiny bit of acid edge from the sake. It's so reminiscent of Aizen-Myoo on me...they share some notes with Aizen-Myoo's sharpness coming in from citrus. Decent throw and quite long-lasting (though I am a founding member of Slatherers Anonymous) 4.9 out of 5
  8. snapeophilex

    Earth Rat

    Review disclaimer: I've never smelled Fee, don't like Yemaya but adore Fire Pig! So, so happy to receive a Rat in the mail today! I adore Fire Pig and have been nurturing high hopes for Earth Rat--they share so many of the same notes, after all...silly me...what a difference a couple of notes here or there can make! Sniffed from the bottle: very, very reminiscent of Fire Pig, which I adore (I may have mentioned this already...*snerk*) Wet: soft sweet melon, very prominent, drowning out the other yummy notes Dry: more of the citrus is coming out, backed up a bit by the peony, with some narcissus and what I think is lychee rounding out the scent. No pine, but I don't ever get pine from the Pig, either. Verdict: on its own merits, a lovely, soft, complex, very 'grown up' mixture of notes. I think someone described this as a 'sophisticated' scent and I agree wholeheartedly. It smells like a very expensive perfume, with a very short throw. That being said, I must have lowbrow tastes, 'cause I do prefer the more assertive, 'spiciness' of the Pig, which oddly enough gives off a 'gingery' note on me when it warms up on my skin a bit. Think I'll wander over to swaps and try to trade a Rat for a Pig. Edited to say that I wore it all night and this morning the scent still lingers. It's truly lovely and I think I'll be keeping this Rat for special occasions/fancy kinds of things when I need to be more grown up!
  9. snapeophilex


    Another amazing morpher! In the imp: mmm...lavender. Not really much else so far. Wet: Eek! What a strange medicinal smell. It almost makes my nose feel warm when I snort my wrist Dry: the lavender has left the building. Truly. All I get now is a sweet, nearly-cloying floral (smart money's on the Lotus, no?) and an underlying sharp spiciness. It's very soothing and while it's not my type of scent, I think I'll refresh my lavender potpourri with it--and I'll bet that will be gorgeous!
  10. snapeophilex


    This is a very surprising blend! In the imp: all wood and moss. But nice, mellow woodsy smells. Not acrid at all. Wet: OMG, the florals are coming out. Springy and lovely! Very harmonious with the woodsy smells. Dry: Did I slop toothpaste on myself when I was brushing? OM, it's nearly indistinguishable from the toothpaste I use. What a strange scent trip--from the deep, silent woods to a spring meadow bursting with flowers and life to a tube of toothpaste. Not for me, but the trial was pretty cool.
  11. snapeophilex

    Rose Red Soap (by Silk Road Trading Company)

    Rose Red soap--a thing of beauty! The scent is just so spot-on--I'll bet $100 dollars that in a blind sniff test I couldn't ID the oil from the soap. Both have an intense, sharp stem-green followed by a rich, deep true rose--no sugary coating here--it's rose, full on! The thing that's sold me, however, is the effect it's had on my skin. My winter-in-New-England-dry-house-heat scaly, flaky skin hasn't dared show its face since I started using my Rose Red soap. Just for that, it's a keeper. Add in the incredible scent, and it's magical!
  12. snapeophilex

    Midwinter's Eve

    I figured I had better throw my 2 cents in--seeing as I just bought two bottles! In the vial: First impression--don't like it at all. Smells like some really funky fall potpourri I bought and quickly threw out at Thanksgiving. Strange, overly sweet plum... On: WOW! This scent more than any other taught me the value of wearing BPAL and not just judging on a sniff test. Brown-sugar encrusted plum sweeties overlain by deep, spicy florals. When warmed on my skin, it's just heavenly. It's an assertive scent, very wintry. Very far throw, long-lasting on me.
  13. snapeophilex

    Fairy Market

    I get no grass notes at all from this--just lovely deep floral scents which are softened nicely by the incense and sugared candies. A fantastic scent for me--I just bought two bottles and am wondering just how many more I should hoard.
  14. snapeophilex


    In the imp: The essence of a warm, cozy holiday kitchen in a vial. A buttery, creamy batter awaits an infusion of booze-soaked, jeweled fruits and almonds. Ahhhhh...holiday heaven. Wet: lots o' booze and almondy smell couched in a veil of brown sugar. Dry: I just can't seem to wear foody/sugary scents--all morph into the time I left a pan of caramel unattended on the stove. My chemisty breaks my heart--how I wanted to love this and Chanukkiyah.