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  1. babsarella

    Hand of Hermes

    The scent of this blend has been described better than I could. I don't have my bottle with me, but I recall it being herbal-cinnamony. I guess I detected some lavender, but I couldn't place it at the time. Okay, apparently I'm quote-stupid. But I wanted to mention this line from UltraViolet's post: "In Hermetic magic the deification of man is seen as a practical task, which can be approached through alchemy." That's really interesting to me. I got a bottle because I was in a writing rut. Nothing was sounding good. I couldn't rub two sentences together to save my life. So I got this, opened the bottle, inhaled deeply, and opened up my notebook. About ten minutes later, I had a complete poem that only needed minor tweaks. How does that tie in with the quote? If you squint, the poem could be about exactly that--the deification of man through alchemy, a topic about which I know nothing. Pretty cool! The only down-side that I see is that it was so effective the first time that I'm a little scared to try it again. What if it was a fluke? What if I only had one shot? What if the writing sucks? I know, it's all pretty silly, but that's why I only have the one experience to report. I am glad I got the bottle, though, and I'll eventually work up the courage to try it again.
  2. babsarella


    I have lived with my TKO bottle for a few months now, and I can tell you that it will last me a long, long, LONG time. Why is this? Because I have the misfortune of getting scent headaches from certain BPAL blends, and this is one of them. I do use it, but I can only use a teeny drop on one hand or my sleepiness will compete with my headachiness. I guess the blend is effective in that it certainly doesn't keep me awake. I hardly ever have a problem falling asleep, though, and I typically forget to use it on the rare occasion that I do. (Too busy thinking, "Fall asleep, dammit! The alarm's going to go off in just X hours!" ) As for smell, I would apply liberally if it stayed the way it smells in the bottle. Both my husband and I like it a lot when it's wet. It's much more herbal lavender in there, with a hint of other, unidentifiable things to make it more complex. But once it's on my skin, the marshmallow sweetness springeth to the front like a mighty lion, and something in there prods at my sinuses with a pokey stick. Oh well. At least I'll never need another bottle in my life, as long as I don't spill this one.
  3. babsarella


    My first review, and I'm reviewing Wrath here because it was such a deep shock to me. It sounds like it should be a spicy scent, right? I opened the imp and my nose did a little double-take. (It's cute that way.) But I pressed on, knowing full well that dry down is where it matters. It smells like GARDENIA on me. Killer gardenia. It is even now reaching up from my arm and trying to strangle me. How gardenia came from cinnamon, clove, etc, I have no idea, but lordy.