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  1. wyldeflower

    A Murder of Crows

    No lemons for me either and though violet isn't listed, on me this smells just like Lush 'Ne Worry Pas'. Lovely!
  2. wyldeflower

    Crypt Queen

    In the bottle I could smell the fruit and patchouli, it was wonderful! I was really looking forward to enjoying this one. On my skin though, I could only smell rose...well, maybe a bit of the patchouli too but mostly just rose. Unfortunately, it didn't change so I found a new home for her.
  3. wyldeflower

    High John the Conqueror

    I'm not very good at picking out notes, but I love this oil! To me, it's light grape and hyacinth. I absoluetly love this oil and wear it very frequently because it is so comforting to me. I wear it when I feel like I need emotional strength or when I want others to think well of me.
  4. wyldeflower

    Wolf Moon 2007

    Wolf Moon starts off like Snow Moon...just a tad stronger on the pine, but the berry note is just as sweet. After a few moments, the pine recedes a bit and the cedar peeks out, reminding me of that lovely note that makes Luperci so sexy! On me, this blend turns into Skadi/Snow Moon (both loves for me) with Luperci. Sexy indeed!
  5. wyldeflower


    I thought this smelled exactly like a pecan caramel apple from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! A granny smith apple covered in caramel and rolled in pecans. Yummy to eat, but it was too sweet for me to wear as a fragrance.
  6. wyldeflower


    The Hesperides is one of my most prized scents, I love it dearly. I nearly wept with joy when I saw that Beth had created a scent for the Guardian of the Garden of Hesperides! I was a little concerned about the Dragon's blood though, because usually Dragon's blood and I do not get along. I decided I had to try it regardless, and I'm so glad I did! Upon application, Ladon smells almost just like The Hesperides...I can smell the apples and woods, but then a little spice starts coming through. You can tell that this blend deserves the recognition of being the guardian, almost like the soft spices are telling you so. After a while, the soft spices recede, and I can't stop sniffing my wrist. At first I couldn't figure out why...and then it hit me! This smells like a blend of The Hesperides and High John the Conqueror, another scent that is very dear to me. This is definately bottle worthy!!
  7. wyldeflower


    I have to admit, I never would have chosen this based on the description. I read some people's reviews that said it smells like Sugar Plum Fairy/Plum Duff so I had to investigate. When I first applied Lurid, I could detect a similarity but didn't think it came close enough. I decided to leave it on to see where it went and it's right on! This smells exactly like it. I'll certainly be ordering a 5mL!
  8. wyldeflower

    Beltane 2005-06

    In the bottle and wet on the skin, Beltane smells like fresh florals/herbs. Once it dried, I kept getting wafts of nail polish remover and thought where's that coming from? Oh no! That's Beltane! I hope I can find a more loving home for this one.
  9. wyldeflower


    The Snow-Shoe Goddess, Giantess, the Norse embodiment of winter. Frost-rimed winter berries, crisp pine needle, and a slush of bright snowy notes. I would say that Skadi is Snow Moon's first cousin. They smell almost identical, but Snow Moon has a slightly more sharp pine note and Skadi is just a bit sweeter to my nose. Skadi is on me a slightly sweeter version of the drydown of Snow Moon. I have 4 bottles of Snow Moon, but you can bet that if Skadi is ever revisited, I will snatch up multiples!
  10. wyldeflower

    The Hesperides

    The Hesperides are the Nymphs of the Evening who dwell in a verdant garden located in the Arcadian Mountains, guarded by the terrible three-headed dragon, Ladon. Within their garden lives the tree that bears Hera’s sacred Golden Apples. Their perfume is that of sturdy oak bark, dew-kissed leaves, twilight mist and crisp apple. The Hesperides is one of the first scents I tried and it still amazes me how a scent can bring back memories! I applied the oil to my wrists and took a whiff. My eyes involuntarily close, and I instantly see my best friend and I, 20 to 25 years younger, playing outside at her house which sits on the edge of woods. There are several golden apple trees, and some have fallen to the ground. It is sunny and warm outside, accentuating the aroma of the apples and the dampness of the ground in the woods where the sun hasn't reached yet. This scent is sweet, golden light that encapsulates the innocence of childhood.
  11. wyldeflower

    Snow Moon

    When Snow Moon became available for purchase, I read the description and thought that the notes didn't sound like they would agree with me. I have learned from past experience, though, that it's much easier to just order the lunacy blends when they are available, instead of scrounging later so I took the plunge. When it arrived, I opened the bottle to sniff and thought 'oh no'. I didn't think this was gonna work but put some on to test. When first applied it smelled like a cold, dark and snowy forest but I could tell that there was a promise of something more to come. Instead of washing it off, I decided to wait and see where this was going. I'm so glad I did! Within a minute or two, a light sweetness revealed itself like a breeze of berries and confirmed that there was more than just a dark, snowy and desolate forest where nothing could grow. After a while, I had found the clearing in the forest where field of sweet berries and snow flowers were just barely dusted with snow. I'm so glad I have 4 bottles!