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  1. Just Kitten


    First reaction when I smelled the new version: “That’s NOT it.” The new Dorian smells really nice and I do like it but it’s nothing like the original one. I’m not good at picking individual notes but it reminds me a little of Addict by Dior also one of my favs. ❤️
  2. Just Kitten

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Hello friends, Not really a perfume but does anyone know a BPAL blend that smells similar to Dove Shea Butter body spray? It says the smell is “a warm vanilla” but it’s very different and very nostalgic to me. I’d appreciate any recommendations.
  3. Just Kitten

    In Silvery Accents, Whispering Low

    Instant love! My favorite of the Yule this year. In the bottle I smell chocolate (I don’t know what it is that smells like chocolate to my nose), but that fades pretty much right away when you put it on. Morocco and Like the Very Gods fans would love this one. I might need a backup. ❤️
  4. Just Kitten

    Sugared Lace

    This is really good. Reminds me of MB Underpants. It’s a vanilla Lace. Definitely a keeper. editing to add, at first it reminds me of MB Underpants, half an hour later, it reminds me of Crinoline and Lace and after an hour it’s it’s own thing and absolutely gorgeous. I knew I would love it just by seeing the notes but I figured it would be selfish to get more than two since it was very limited. But I’ll def get more if there’s a re-release. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  5. Just Kitten

    Silver-Haired Bat

    Ok I am very bad at picking individual notes and for that reason I don’t write many reviews (and I feel bad, but I just don’t think they would be the most useful). I just wanna say this is sooooo good. While it’s kind of sweet and yummy, it’s very sophisticated. The only problem is either it’s my skin that eats it up, or it’s very mild. I’d need to slather. I love it so much!
  6. Just Kitten

    Snake Milk

    Okay, I just got this in the mail so it may need to settle, but I couldn’t wait. In my opinion, it’s like if fresh Snake Oil and Milk Moon (which I like a lot) had a baby but the baby got more of Milk Moon’s genes. I like it but I am hoping for more SO to come out, so I may update my review a little later and since I like everything with SO better aged, I may get a second bottle to set aside for a few years. : D
  7. Just Kitten

    PSL: Pumpkin Snake Latte

    At first for some reason the coffee smells like cocoa to me (which is good because I love Boomslang) but then that goes away and it turns into this smoother creamier Snake Oil. Love!! Considering a backup bottle.
  8. Just Kitten

    You Are Not Alone

    I am not very good at picking up individual notes or describing scents, but FWIW it’s the first scent that I bought 3 bottles of in one sitting. It’s so so beautiful and comforting. I’d say it’s in the same family as Two Sheep and Two Goats; a little sweeter at first but pretty close after drying. LOVE!!
  9. Just Kitten

    Silver Lace

    When you first apply it, the citrus is strong and dominant, but when it dries the vanilla comes out. The tobacco is there but so well blended that it’s hard to pick up by itself. Relative to most other Laces this is a fresher, cooler one. I love this. Very complex and sophisticated.
  10. Just Kitten

    Withering Heights

    This is really really good. You could say it goes a wee bit to the masculine side but I’d definitely wear it. The notes are so well blended that are hard to recognize. Definitely in my top 10.
  11. Just Kitten

    FORMULA SGHAN3: Birthday Cake

    I really like this one. Starts off exactly like cake and vanilla frosting, but after 10 minutes the cakieness is gone, and it smells very much like MB:Underpants. Getting a backup bottle 😊
  12. Just Kitten

    The Last Syllable

    I love this so much! It smells like a new book you open for the first time. It’s nostalgic to me because it reminds me of school. It’s amazing that Beth can create the smell of a paper. It does smell like cucumbers when it’s wet. But that goes away quickly. It’s very similar to Papier Mache Ghost which I also love. ❤️
  13. Just Kitten

    Clockwork Couture: Female

    This is in my top five. It’s sweet and leathery it’s kind of like mouses long and sad tale (also my fav) less sweet with a very soft leather. I admittedly hoard it.
  14. Just Kitten

    A Savage Veil, Severe and Strong

    This is really nice. The patchouli is subtle but gives it a comforting earthy feel. I agree it’s similar to Lucille Sharpe, but less sharp and floral. Happy to have a bottle.
  15. Just Kitten

    FORMULA FFSZ1: First Mate

    Is it just me or anyone else smells lemon? I wouldn’t detect ginger or coconut if I didn’t know they were in there. To me this is a feminine Dorian. I really like it!