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  1. Just Kitten

    Clockwork Couture: Female

    This is in my top five. It’s sweet and leathery it’s kind of like mouses long and sad tale (also my fav) less sweet with a very soft leather. I admittedly hoard it.
  2. Just Kitten

    A Savage Veil, Severe and Strong

    This is really nice. The patchouli is subtle but gives it a comforting earthy feel. I agree it’s similar to Lucille Sharpe, but less sharp and floral. Happy to have a bottle.
  3. Just Kitten

    FORMULA FFSZ1: First Mate

    Is it just me or anyone else smells lemon? I wouldn’t detect ginger or coconut if I didn’t know they were in there. To me this is a feminine Dorian. I really like it!
  4. Just Kitten

    Queen Mab's Lace

    I don’t get much vanilla from this. It’s very green on me and a little hint of jasmine and it’s the least lacie lace that I own. Reminds me of Swans on The River a little. I like it, but I like Tea Roses better. I may offer a couple decants of it away because I won’t wear it THAT often, but the bottle is too pretty to give away.
  5. Just Kitten

    Tea Roses and Lace

    I was early to school so I was debating if I should work on my project or review my two laces I just got in the mail. Gonna go with the latter. Duh! First of all if you liked Carinolin and Lace, get this. I sold my bottle of CL and I kinda regretted it but now I’m happy because Tea Rose and Lace is like CL but a bit heavier, less fluffy, sweet and girly which I actually like even better. Definitely keeping this bottle. ❤️
  6. Just Kitten

    Kinda Sorta Snake Oil Cream Soda

    I just got a bottle of this in a swap hoping for a more vanillaii Snake Oil. I put it on one wrist side by side with 2016 SO on the other wrist. They were indistinguishable to my nose the whole time they lasted. I like Snake Oil so obviously I like it but just as another bottle of SO.
  7. Just Kitten

    Antique Lace

    I just finally got ahold of an Antique Lace and I was extremely excited to try it because it seems to be everybody’s favorite. I get it and although it smells great, on me it’s almost identical to Snow White. Not in the bottle but a minute after I put it on it’s exactly Snow White and I have a 80% full bottle of SW, So I’m gonna wait and see. But it last on my skin for a long time and on fabric FOREVER!
  8. Just Kitten

    Crinoline and Lace

    Ok, I apologize this review is probably not in the right place but I am brand new to this website and couldn’t figure out where to write a first review. Anyway.... this is my first ever review (although I read reviews on there since 10 years ago!) and I am a beginner in describing scent, so please bear with me. I ordered Crinoline and Lace from Dark Delicacies and it’s one of the most interesting, youthful scents I’ve ever smelled. In the bottle it smells so delicious it reminds me of good toffee you can get at real fine shops in London. On my skin it loses the foodiness and it’s replaced by a kinda powdery (in a good way) innocent/clean, and vintage scent. Unique and pretty. Definitely worth having.