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  1. SueDonym

    What Scent Is This?

    Thanks so much for pointing me at that review, kscha. It's definitely an earlier version of it, as I wasn't purchasing in 2012. I'm wondering if it just didn't get a review? Is there anyone else who remembers an older an earlier version of Theotokos? Was it the same formulation as the newer one? I have a cold and just can't tell and someone interested in the bottle.
  2. SueDonym

    What Scent Is This?

    Does anyone remember the Winter BPAL bottle that had an icon of the Virgin Mary on it? I believe it was called Theodosis but when I look for it in reviews I can't find it. I have an old bottle of it, but the label is damaged and I can't quite read it. It's from when I first started BPAL so back around 06 maybe? It was one of my first bottles. I'd appreciate any help tracking it, and the review page down. Thanks!
  3. SueDonym

    Comforting, milky, farmhouse kind of smells?

    Egg moon? Hay moon? Egg here Hay here Plus, Persianmouse's review of Egg Moon is hilAIRious.
  4. SueDonym

    Traveling with BPAL

    On the question at hand, unless they're doing full body scans, I've put the bottles in my pocket, in my luggage, etc. with no problem. Have you flown that way before or do you know what security is like at your terminals? The safest way is to put them in your luggage well wrapped, but I've walked through terminals with several bottles in my pockets. Once I think I was asked about one, but I opened it up, the TSA agent sniffed appreciatively and that was that. It's perfume, not explosives. I do cringe at the thought of somebody over-enthusiastically dumping a rare 5ml, but...
  5. SueDonym

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

    I'm not a note maven, but these are my impressions, on my skin. A series of very clean, subtle scents... MCXCIV -- clean scent, goes on cotton and smooth, light soft mild floral on drydown. Clean linen, very fresh and soft. Linden blossom? Dandelion? Goes all soft and creamy. DCXV -- soft, sweet sugar. The sweetness of Treat I without any fruit. Vanilla in there, but mostly sugar without being SUGAR or really foody at all if that makes any sense. MCCCLXII -- Clean background, astringent herbal on top. Lemongrass? Bay? I haven't the faintest. While it's definite in the bottle, this is not forefront on the skin giving a faint edge within this overall CLEAN impression. Creamy slight herbal goes really nicely soft and sweet on full drydown. DLVII -- again very light with a touch of leather and fruit. Nice drydown where it goes to sweetness. Maybe some faint apple at the end. MCCXIX -- light in bottle but the darkest of the lights thus far, or lightly touched with dark, if that makes any sense. Maybe a waft of something like patchouli but mostly light resins. There's a kinda 'spicy' note here that's common in a lot of my favorite blends and I wish I knew what it was. I also wish I knew what the background is in all of these oils. It's a clean faintness that makes me want to go to all the lighter oils or maybe the background on the lunar oils. A light skin musk? I smell unexpectedly delicious and I kind of want to mix them all together. LOL I was just going to put this up here because I was sorting through to smell and sell and now I kinda want to mix them all together and find out what that background is. Gah! ETA: I think they're all skin musk, most with just one note more (1 floral, 1 vanilla, 1 herb, 1 leatherish and 1 resin. Cool)
  6. SueDonym


    I'm pulling out rares from my impage for impending sale and thought I'd give a few of them a try first. I'd heard good things about Masabakes for a while now, and I understand why -- it's an interesting mix, kinda floral, kinda fruity, kinda spicy, kinda sexy. Imp huffing gets me mostly myrrh, cedar and a little fruit. Wet: kinda grapey-winey spice that swiftly gets a little...citrusy? Ok. Sharp but good. Dry? Deep resin-y goodness kinda sweetened. Dark. Sexy. Good. Yeah, I get it.
  7. SueDonym

    Where is this scent?

    Hi guys! Thanks so much for the answers. Yes, it is the forum only scent for the wedding. I know and love Jolly Rodger but this has a very different look. Thanks for the thought, though, Mel85, and thanks very much for pointing me to the review portalkat. Good to "see" you btw.
  8. SueDonym

    Where is this scent?

    Is there a review page for the Pirate Flag scent from October 31st 2007 (an event exclusive I think but I can't find it when I check that area)? I might be looking in the wrong area, but would appreciate a kindly nudge in the right direction, or indeed, what to actually call the scent.
  9. SueDonym

    Karmê (Κάρμη)

    I like good Karme. For me, it registers as purely bright and fresh: a little bit of sunshine in a bottle. Maybe a bit grassy, definitely bright, almost a white light floral. On: Softens up and goes creamy. I do get that floral feeling, but perhaps I'm associating it with the green note under some rose scents I like. Gord lies very low underneath, throwing hints up now and then and giving some stability. Mostly waving greenery on a sunny day, resting in the cool shade. Soft, creamy, fresh. Like lying in the grass in your backyard next to clover. Really good summer scent. It's hot already!
  10. SueDonym

    Eau de Ghoul

    Bat's Day gift with much thanks! The ginger in this scent is soooo dry and crisp it's Death Valley scary and happily so! It may be candied, but you'd break your teeth biting into it...unless you're a ghoul. Then maybe it would just freshen your breath. Because it *is* very fresh, almost lemony at first, and I do understand the reference to a slightly sweat-like edge, similar to what I get sometimes with grapefruit actually. The ginger sits at the forefront and throws its weight around for quite some time, which I'm rather grateful for as my skin tends to just eat things so it's always nice to get something that lasts and throws. Then we're a bit musky sweat-ginger-like...maybe that's meant to be the dessicated skin. Perhaps if Shub had a younger, smart-ass second-cousin, an embarrassment to the family who stole the milk from the kiddies and knocked over mailboxes as a hobby..but don't go all Shub crazy on me now! Seriously. This scent has teeth. ETA: On full dry down last night I noticed what I'm assuming to be the non-ginger spices coming out a lot, which was pretty nice. Long lasting for me so if you've got skin that sucks scent up this might be something to try.
  11. "We can put the food here," said Silas. "It's cool, and the food will keep longer." He reached into the box, pulled out a banana. "And what would that be when it was at home?" asked Mrs Owens, eyeing the yellow and brown object suspiciously. "It's a banana. A fruit, from the tropics. I believe you peel off the outer covering," said Silas, "Like so." The child – Nobody – wriggled in Mrs Owens arms, and she let it down to the flagstones. It toddled rapidly to Silas, grasped his trouser-leg and held on. Silas passed it the banana. Mrs Owens watched the boy eat. "Ba-na-na," she said, dubiously. "Never heard of them. Never. What's it taste like?" "I've absolutely no idea," said Silas, who consumed only one food, and it was not bananas. "You could make up a bed in here for the boy, you know." A banana peel discarded among tombstones and crypts. Received as a frimp on Bat's Day 2008: thanks Lab! Every now and then Beth pulls out one of her what I call "trick" perfumes. In my own terminology, this means a perfume that's *such* a dead ringer, so evocative, that it just makes me want to go full on squee with glee: the popcorn of Shill, the warm dry stone in the road (on me) of the Clod and the Pebble. It's genius. When I first applied this, on *my* skin, this scent did a story-morph I would not have missed for the world. It was as if you were standing next to someone eating a banana, who then throws the peel to the ground. The peel begins to slowly decay, and in it's fade comes this dry dusty decay. Literally, a banana peel in a graveyard. Eventually the peel fades entirely and I was left with the graveyard alone. I would not have believed it if I didn't smell it myself. It went from very strong bananas in the vial to an almost bananas foster note on the skin, to a faintly decaying banana...peel! Yes. A peel!...lying on the ground (dirt note). And then on to a dusty graveyard scent. It's insane. I've repeated the experiment with slightly varying result: more creme in the banana initially, a longer fade, a shorter fade, and a lingering sweetness at the end. Yes, my skin chemistry is more than a bit wonky right now and I am a bit stuffy as well, but STILL! It's delightful. It's skilled. I'm amazed. Maybe this isn't what it's supposed to be. I know other people who get bananas and patchouli and on whom bananas foster lingers or the patchouli deepens, and I'd be jealous really...except I get a story. I love the story. Thanks!
  12. Rat King mixed with something else. It's pretty disturbingly furry.
  13. SueDonym


    From Fatalbellydance and the Civet Evangelism Circle: In the imp, faintly herbal. Pleasant. Unstrenuous. On: I smell like my precious auntie! She has a lotion that smells something like this. Ummm...so maybe a little waxy (as some lotions will), a little fresh from the shower clean/soap (but not bad soap) and a little herbal. I love the sage in Lear. I'm not getting a strong sage from this. Kind of an early throw, but it's on a shoulder which might account for it. Very nice lotion skin fresh from the shower, wearing a robe, sitting in her kitchen and talking to me. Put my nose against it and I'm getting a hug from her. Awwwwww...I love my aunt! Thank you BPAL and the Civet Evangelism Circle for giving me a "Love Teta" scent. Big squishy hugs to you, hot tea, comfortable bedclothes and much love.
  14. SueDonym


    Lust comes from Fatalbellydance and the Civet Evangelism Circle: It's not really registering much to my nose in the imp, kind of a nebulous ah a dark scent red musk patchouli hmm...etc. Put in ON though, and it's distinctive. Spicy definitely. Ylang ylang comes out to play for a little and the patchouli is just watching the swings from the background like a good mum at the park. Is it myrrh that lends it this interesting spice? It's got this really delicious edge that registers and feels like the swirling center of the scent. An edgy muskiness. Fun! But is it lusty? Let's try!
  15. SueDonym

    The Devil

    Orange creamsicle! The Devil is an orange creamsicle to me! I know that makes no sense. I'm sorry. But that's what it smells like fresh! The orange part goes FAR background quickly but the creamy bit stays. Very fresh, some musk, a little sharpish. A little floral, somewhat lily-esque or toy doll head smelling. Yes, I can't keep away from the weird associations. Maybe faintly lavender, but not really. Very pleasant! Goes a bit darker as it dries, come up from underneath-like. The floral note is enough to make this a little heady while the musk(?) keeps playing solid in the same range as the floral. For me this all takes place in a high place with very little underpinning it. It's dancing in the penthouse and upper/midfloor but haz no basements. That doesn't make sense either but good luck to you!