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  1. sofaking6

    The Snow Maiden

    '09 blend...this is really a dead ringer for the 2006 version..I've been hoarding my bottle for years and now I can finally use it up. I am such a fan of The Snow Maiden. It's super sweet daffodils, bright winter berries, and the BPAL slush at the base. On me this scent never goes astringent, it's always bright, fresh, sweet and floral. I get more compliments wearing this than just about anything else. Yay for The Snow Maiden's return!!
  2. sofaking6

    Now Winter Nights Enlarge

    So here's a blend where I can crow about my lucky chemistry..I get sweet caramel for just a few minutes, and then oh sweet hippy love coming through...champaca, patchouli, sweet honey and red musk, and vanilla flowing through them all. It's really gorgeous, kept me huffing my arm all night..even my cat dug it!
  3. sofaking6

    The Smilin' Servitors' Hyperdimensional Holiday Hits

    Wow this is a really bright, exciting scent...yeah for me it's all yuzu and lemon, some bergamot..the eucalyptus is pretty faint on me which I think really keeps this from smelling like a cleaner, and keeps it smelling all citrus and floral on me. As it dried, on me the lemon stuck around but mellowed and I started smelling the lovely florals. This is not the type of scent I usually wear, but for people who like citrus blends and clean scents I definitely recommend it.
  4. sofaking6


    Oh.my.god this is naaaasty! After I've frantically washed it off and stopped coughing and reapplied my mascara, it has dried down to a bearable autumn candle smell, but in the imp and up front...eeeek. Like, yikes! It's like pure grain alcohol but not as fragrant.
  5. sofaking6


    When I first applied Boo, it smelled like pure caramel on me. So I guess that's technically burnt sugar, right? Very sweet and pleasant but not so much my thing for wearing. But now, an hour or later, it smells just like the description..light sugar with a soft, sweet cream and a hint of fresh sheets in the background. I like it much better dry than wet! If it stays like this and doesn't fade too quickly I could definitely see buying a bottle.
  6. sofaking6


    I think this is delicious! Right away when I put it on, it smelled like sweet mulled cider with a cinnamon stick. It's been an hour and now the apple has faded quite a bit and it's become a more creamy/sweet nutmeg and cinnamon scent. It's TASTY! This is probably the foodiest scent that I've ever really enjoyed wearing.
  7. sofaking6

    "You can't afford me" scents?

    For me, it's The Torture Queen. Between the ambergris, the gardenia and the chrome, it's sexy-cool-femininity all the way.
  8. sofaking6

    Perfume to match songs?

    For Black Rose Immortal (I don't know the song though): Whip - Agony and ecstasy: black leather and damp red rose Zombi - Dried roses, rose leaf, Spanish moss, oakmoss and deep brown earth. Lilith - Mother of Demons, Vengeful Fury, Darkest Seductress, Queen of the Djinn, Goddess of the Gate. Red wine, myrrh, black musk, and attar of rose. The Obsidian Widow - Pinot noir, dark myrrh, red sandalwood, black patchouli, night-blooming jasmine, and attar of rose. And of course Black Rose - Exquisitely melancholy. The background scent to an ancient exequies. Heavy, dark and floral: a blend of roses, with a touch of amber and musk. For Silence..only one blend comes to mind, and that is Mania (Screeching white musk collides with a howl of red musk, with sharp white grapefruit and pale strawberry leaf). Just the way it slides up into that high pitch that kind of tickles my back teeth. ETA: for colitas...well...the only BPAL that smells like colitas to me is Bien Loin d'Ici. Although there is a cannabis & rose scent that some other etailers use in their products.
  9. sofaking6


    In the bottle: Gardenia, rose and honey On wet: buttery orange and ginger. The rose is hiding somewhere, but I can smell the gardenia, it's a great pairing for the orange, both bright and mischievous. I can feel the pepper if I hold it up close and inhale, but mostly it's just spicing up the fruity/floral thing going on. Dry: More pepper, more gardenia, more honeyed orange, less butter. Still spicy-sweet with florals in the background. I'm thrilled to have a bottle of this! It's such an interesting and complex blend, with so much character and life to it. I could really see wearing this daily, it speaks to my personal femininity. Whatever that means <g>
  10. sofaking6

    Pumpkin I (2009)

    In the bottle: SO sweet and warm! Honeyed almondy pumpkin, yum! On wet..Oh yes...yes..YES YES YES! Pumpkin, tempered by almond, sweetened with honey, softened by musk. This.is.gorgeous. Dry: hm well...it is a little plasticky...a little sharper than when wet. I should have brought the whole bottle with me to re-slather with all day long! This is an incredible blend. None of the scents are overpowering and it's foody, sexy and warm.
  11. sofaking6

    Under the Harvest Moon

    In the bottle I smelled mostly carnation. On my skin mostly the musks, which are light and drifty, over amber. The amber is dusty as a lot of BPAL amber is prior to aging; I think this blend will age really well. As it dries the florals come out more, mostly the carnation but I can get a little rose if I concentrate. I can't pick out the leaves, but can find the vanilla, again if I try hard. I think this is a really lovely blend that will be incredible once the amber smooths out.
  12. sofaking6

    Tomoe Gozen

    Well I have a bit of a cold but I'm giving this a try anyway: In the imp: Honey! Slightly fruity honey. On wet: Very red and fizzy. I barely smell the honey, am getting tons of red currant and tart blackberries, and I guess the fizz is the pink pepper. Cool! Drying: More pepper, mellow sweet red fruits. Still waiting for the honey to amp up..nice!
  13. sofaking6

    Mad Kate

    Gardenia is so lovely. I never would have gone for Mad Kate if I hadn't fallen so in love with Torture Queen, so we have to start with that shout-out. Now, Mad Kate starts out very floral..I got all gardenia and rose geranium and a little red currant at first. As it dries, the honey and vanilla come out more and turn it from a straight floral scent into a creamy, sweet floral blend. Normally I really amp honey but this is nice, the honeycomb is more subdued and it allows all of the other notes to retain their character. Fantastic!
  14. sofaking6

    Nonae Caprotina

    I love this...I knew I would! It is very reminiscent of Milk Moon '07, except that Milk Moon aged past its initial sourness, and I really cope Nonae Caprotina does not. It's delectably pungent and creamy and sweet. It makes me really happy to wear it. I have rounded up a few imps but I may yet find myself a bottle because I want to slather like crazy and inflict it on everyone around me. I love it!
  15. sofaking6

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    Yeah a certain other company has recently come out with a vanilla line of products which are supposedly super-awesome, and that line includes a solid (I think..may be a liquid) perfume. I will be validating the super-awesomeness for myself over the weekend.