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    Opium!!Dark, spicy and red musks, ambers, smoke, hay, fruits, dirt, booze(particularly bay rum), green scents, some florals (some) current favorite blends: the Marquis de Carabas, Satyr, Escape from the Autumn Carnival, Heksenbijeenkomst, the Wolf Man's Dream, an Opiate Vapor and the Sheepfold, Moonlight

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  1. bygraveyardlight

    Rose Moon 2023

    Less 'heavy' than the notes would suggest! I get a syrupy fruity winey dark red rose- really romantic actually!
  2. bygraveyardlight

    Strawberry Tomb

    A strawberry patch in a bottle!! Wet its dirt-forward backed by a sweet strawberry, a la strawberry moon- the dirt isn't too damp, it's a drier summer dirt imo. After it settles the strawberry is the main focus, backed by the dry dirt and a hint of green. Really really lovely and summery, reminds me a lot of picking strawberries as a child!
  3. bygraveyardlight

    Hot Speckled Gloom

    Echoing that this one's terribly sexy- a rich, spicy myrrh. Hot, deep, resinous and above all *red* this is a sexy vampire scent to me tbh, would go quite well with heavy velvet attire, a long fur coat, to be worn in dim lighting for sure- I'm in love!! Wouldn't be surprised if there's a hit of cinnamon, maybe cloves or allspice? In here it's not only hot but deliciously *spiced*
  4. bygraveyardlight

    Angelvs Domini

    Initially the lavender is most prominent, and as it settles the currant gives it a gentle fruity edge and the lilac bevomes stronger than the lavender- overall it's a lovely soft purple scent. You must like lavender but it isn't sharp or overpowering at all here. Very comforting to me.
  5. bygraveyardlight

    Magic Meemaw Purse Candy

    Yummy smooth butterscotch with a gentle undercurrent of weed. Def more about the butterscotch, which I'm happy with! I love butterscotch hard candies and this is very satisfying.
  6. bygraveyardlight

    Magic Cinnamon-Glazed Donut

    This one is soooo good. It smells like those tiny cinnamon donuts they have at apple orchards!! Brings back so many memories for me. The weed is smoky but not stanky or overpowering- it compliments the spiced sugary donut-ness of it all. Has good throw and staying power on me, once settled none of the notes overpowers the other. Its the donut first, then the weed and im happy about that. Can't get over how delicious this one is tbh, I wanna bathe in this.
  7. bygraveyardlight

    Black Cherry and Elderflower Seltzer

    This has been getting a lot of wear from me in the last couple months. There's something so delightful about the elderflower seltzer! It's delicate, effervescent and so inviting- makes me think of a fairy garden celebration in the spring. Very much toes the line of maybe-i-can-consume-this and actually-no-thats-a-flower type of scents, you know? The cherry is definitely more present in the beginning but there's a definite cherryish undertone underneath the drydown even hours later. And the elderflower seltzer part sticks around for a long time! I still smell it on myself 8 or so hours later. All in all it's a real stunner, gorgeous, bright and soft at the same time, a bit coy and flirty almost. It smells like how I think a nymph would smell like!
  8. bygraveyardlight

    Caligari A-Go-Go

    Warm, earthy (but not really dirty?) and mysterious. It doesn't smell like fabric but it smells like someone attractive's jacket- it's all in a haze of smoke (and sex I daresay). I don't really know what some of these notes smell like individually, and this is quite well blended. Cozy and dark although there's a touch of brightness to it for sure- it doesn't feel weighed down at all by that sexy nicotine. Edit: coming back to say now that it's settled there's something in here that reminds me of Yorick (one of my fave gcs so I'm not mad at alll)
  9. bygraveyardlight

    Tongue Wall

    Bright, tart, juicy and fruity! Guava dominant for sure- if you've ever had those delicious little guava candies that are sold at every Asian grocery store, this is pretty damn close to the taste of those. The strawberry is supporting and there's something a little strange going on- it's got an acidic bite to it. I agree with the comparison to heksenbijeenkomst, there's definitely something in this that reminds me of that blend. This is really yummy and fun!
  10. bygraveyardlight

    Carousel Anesthesia

    Initially, a wave of slightly sugary citrus- settles down to a marshmallowy, sweetly herbal grapefruity situation. This is really really yummy and nice, I think it would fit right in the Mad tea party collection! Soothing and playful.
  11. bygraveyardlight

    Scientist of Artistic Idleness

    Starts as a blast of juniper (yum!) And settles down to a cozy melange that is clove and peppercorn dominant. Surprisingly sexy and alluring actually. This smells like a potpourri in the bathroom of one of those fancy craft brewery type restaurants, where they try and lure in lumberjack customers with the outdoorsy but elevated vibe- the waitstaff would be wearing plaid for sure. It also smells like your artsy but mysterious aunt who goes for hikes sometimes but doesn't rub it in your face.
  12. bygraveyardlight

    Skies Grow Red With Rending Flame

    Predominantly red musk! I love love red musk so I'm really into this one. The ginger and cloves are in the background, just supporting the red musk- on me the clove is a bit stronger than the ginger. Spicy, warm, red!
  13. bygraveyardlight

    Penetrated Shadows

    Pretty patch forward!! I've been real into patchouli lately so I'm not mad about it at all. Mandarin hangs around for an hour or so after putting it on, which is surprising and nice. The tobacco, anise etc is not easy for me to pick it out- it's more of a backdrop for the patchouli. I'm curious to see if the tobacco will come put more with age! I agree that it's not very unique compared to other patch blends, but who knows what will happen with time. If you're someone who has lots of other patchouli scents already, then this might not be your bag- I'm happy to have my bottle nonetheless and here's to hoping the tobacco and anise will say hello in the future!
  14. bygraveyardlight

    This is the Day When Old Friends Meet

    Dark, rich, spicy, and fruity! Heavy on the figgy pudding, which I'm real happy about. Really yummy and christmassy.
  15. bygraveyardlight

    Glass Eye

    Starts off sharply herbal- hello mugwort! I really like this stage, for the record. As it settles into the skin the other notes, namely the frankincense and ash come out and it becomes darker and more complex. It smells hot, the word 'smoldering' comes to mind. It's still a bit herbal but the mugwort and frankincense is now next to a deep pit of ash and coals. It smells like the ruins of Pompeii. Not a scent fro the weak of heart! I'm really in love with this.