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    favorite notes: vanilla, vanilla, vanilla musk, amber, carnation, heliotrope, bergamot, blackberry, plum, lilac Favorite BPALS: Dorian, Antique Lace, Ecstasy of Passion, Vasakasajja, Mme Moriarty, Snake Charmer, Snake Oil, Sleepy Moon BPALS that don't work on me: O, Trick 2, Tavern of Hell, Monsterbait Underbed, Saw Scaled Viper, Enraged Groundhog Musk Notes that I generally like, but BPAL's dont work well on me: honey, chocolate, tobacco, frankincense Bad, bad notes: cassia, vetiver, licorice/anise, pepper, strong pine, and cinnamon (gah! rash!).

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    animal/pet care- especially dog stuff; vintage children's books/ illustrations, gourmet cooking/baking, all things Nightmare before Christmas
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  1. jesvet

    Snow, Glass, Apples

    This is for the Comic-Con version- In the bottle, it's all tart, crisp apples. It's very fresh and not heavy, cidery apple at all. I couldn't detect any mint; if anything it's a very slight coolness to the scent, but no menthol. Within a few minutes, the apple has given way to a light musky scent- which often goes powdery on me, but not this time. I was surprised how much I like this scent! An apple I can wear!
  2. jesvet


    Wow, I think I am the happiest girl in the world right now. Wet, this smells JUST LIKE Underpants on me. I don't know how the nuttiness translates to saffron on me, but it did. And dry, the nuttiness gives way to the mildly powdery amber that, like others have said, is reminiscent of MLST (which is another favorite.) I'm definitely going for a big bottle and I hope to GOD it is not a significantly different batch than the one I have now from my decant circle, because this is amazing.
  3. jesvet

    Cheshire Moon

    This is so much more wonderful than I was expecting. I love when that happens! In the bottle: cake, with some fruity tropical fruit dancing around. Wet: the cake -whoosh!-gone, and it's all bright guava, and citrus, with some creamy vanilla in the background. Dry: Gorgeous combination of tropical florals and vanilla. Kind of reminiscent of Antique Lace only lighter and fruitier. Hawaiian lace, perhaps. Love it!!
  4. No advice, just commiseration. It is one of my all time favorites. TKO doesn't work for me at all, but Sleepy Moon- **love**
  5. jesvet

    Pumpkin Cheesecake

    I'm loving this one. Although I have tons of pumpkin scents already, it's different enough and yummy enough that I'm more than happy to have this one too. In the bottle and wet, it's creamy pumpkin without being quite as buttery as Pumpkin Queen. As it's applied the cheesecake part comes out, just a bit. Not cloying at all. Dry, the graham cracker makes an appearance. It is long lasting but wears much lighter on me than a lot of the foody scents. Verdict: Definitely my favorite of the treats. So thrilled the goblins bequeathed a bottle to me!
  6. jesvet


    First whiff: straight up men's cologne. *recoils* As it dries, the various notes pop through. The evergreen and leaves when wet, drying down to smoke and sap. Interesting, very very masculine, but not something I would wear. This is what a lumberjack would smell like if you buried your face in his flannel, I think.
  7. jesvet

    Pumpkin V (2007)

    WOW this one is gorgeous. I thought the red ginger might chase me away- a lot of the spicier blends tend not to agree with me- but it is so perfectly balanced with the other notes that it really just shines. This scent is crisp and clean pumpkin spice to my nose. The vanilla tames the ginger, and the orange is just a little zesty. It's a spicy pumpkin cake that doesn't sit heavy in your stomach like a cheesecake would. I can't stop sniffing my arm!
  8. jesvet

    Pumpkin III (2007)

    Love it. The chocolate note is quite prominent on first sniff, but recedes rather quickly. As others have described, it's almost Jack lite in terms of a much less prominent buttery note. I can barely pick out caramel, it's much more creamy and well blended than rich and overpowering. Think of a light, creamy pumpkin drink as opposed to a rich pie or dessert. Yum!
  9. jesvet

    The Emathides

    This seemed such an unusual combination of notes that I had no idea which way it would go. Fortunately it fell squarely on the nose-stuck-to-wrist side of things. It's one of those scents where the individual notes are so well blended none jump right out at the beginning. The overall scent is more of an impression than a specific note. It's sweet and mellow, dusky purple, that morphs from floral to woodsy to soft and back again. After reading the description, it's possible to pick out the notes as the wear progresses, but it never hits a one note stage on me. And as others have noted, despite a history of having lavender and cedar clobber other notes into submission when I wear them, they are very well behaved in this oil and remain where they belong in their supporting roles. Love this one!
  10. jesvet

    His Station and Four Aces

    I always, always guess wrong with BPAL. If I think I'm going to love it and get a bottle- meh. And if I just get an imp- love. So my imp of this is just amazing. The leather scared me off after having such a hard time with it in other blends, but this blend is pitch perfect. Lilac is one of my favorite scents ever- the combination sounds bizarre but it's really superb. The leather recedes and adds a masculinity to the lilac without being overpowering, and the musk is an additional sexy note. Gorgeous, and utterly unique.
  11. jesvet

    Monster Bait: biggerCritters

    So I debated whether or not to order 2 bottles out of the gate, or just one. If I had ordered 2, it would have been a safe bet it would be disastrous on me, so I just got one. And of course it's great! In the bottle, it is sweet sugar cookies- it actually reminds me a lot of Sugar Cookie, actually- I don't get the buttery Underpants comparison others are getting. Once it's on, the jasmine definitely blunders its way to the fore- which for me is fine, it is a note I like a lot. The wet stage is very floral. Drydown is half and half, a very creamy floral, not a foody scent. Lovely. I adore it,
  12. jesvet

    Lady Luck Blues

    Very pretty. As others have said, mostly rose. A dusty, resiny, and creamy rose- not the lush fullness of Rose Red, but rose with lots of complexity underneath. The creaminess puts me in mind of Abhisarika, which I like a lot as well. I like this one a lot. Not entirely what I expected, but a keeper nonetheless.
  13. jesvet

    Milk Moon 2007

    In the bottle: pungent. Sour milk with overripe fruit. Wet: More of the same. My 10 month old was crawling around on me and I couldn't figure out if I was smelling me, or him. Dry: The sour and pungency recede and it turns into a nice, warm fig and creamy honey. Sadly, I don't think I can stand the first part long enough to get to the second part.
  14. jesvet

    One to Tie, Two to Win

    This one is JUST beautiful. It is the grassy scent I have been looking for. It is definitely more "straight grass" than a complex, garden/floral/grass like Garden Path with Chickens, but that is what I wanted for a scent that is very evocative of spring. I am not getting much of the bitter weed/spicy bit others have, but it's not quite sweet grass either. Definitely fresh. Going for a bottle of this for certain!
  15. jesvet

    Enraged Groundhog Musk

    *sigh* I eagerly ordered this, lured to the foody delights promised within- chocolate covered cherries? French vanilla? CARAMEL? I saw cassia mentioned as a bit player but figured, I'll take my chances, hopefully it will behave nicely in the background. Then I started reading the reviews. And the forumites are usually pretty correct. And they were. All I can think is, the enraged groundhog somehow got stuck IN the bottle somehow. And while he was there, he ate all the chocolate covered cherries, and slurped down all the vanilla caramel goodness, and let out one big honkin cassia burp before fleeing the bottle. Because that's all I get- a waft of cassia, with the hint of maybe something foody there once in the distant past. It reminds me of my arch-nemesis Monsterbait Underbed, which has the dubious distinction of being one of if not the least favorite scent of mine. The cassia is not quite as heavy, as ready to smack you over the head, but it certainly makes itself known. Attention whore, that cassia. And in true arrogant form, the cassia made sure to leave a big nasty "CASSIA WAS HERE" welt on my arm.