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  1. myoubi

    Final Girl

    Cream-blackberry-clove. Well rounded, soft, sweet but not overly sugary. A morpher: starts off a strong vanilla marshmallow with a berry ribbon, turns into ripe berries with clove underpinnings, and then settles for most of its run into a soft cloud of cream with blackberries and a little clove. 8 hours later, it has dried down to a lightly musky vanilla-clove that sticks close to the skin. You have to really like clove to like Final Girl, and yet it's not overpowering -- just always present, a little differently, at every stage. It's not heavy or obtrusive (like Snake Oil -- I love SO, but everyone in a three-block radius knows when I'm wearing it), but Final Girl does have some throw, so it's not a "private" perfume. I've worn it three days in a row and couldn't stop sniffing my wrists. I'm not sure why, but this one reminds me a little bit of Midway and a little bit of Monster Bait: Closet -- which happened to be the only two foodie blends in my collection. Now Final Girl makes three.
  2. myoubi

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Thank you! I'll give it a try
  3. myoubi

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Okay, I'll bite! A lot has come out since last I tested anything new. Any recommendations based on these: 1. Snake Oil 2. La Fee Verte 3. Monster Bait: Closet 4. Perversion 5. Brides of Dracula I *didn't* much like L'Heure Verte, and I was thinking of retesting Morocco.
  4. myoubi

    15 years later...

    I started collecting about 15 years ago, went on hiatus in 2009, and never really picked it back up (apart from the odd purchase direct from the Lab, mostly refills of Snake OIl). Here are the ones I'm keeping. It's heavy on limited editions because that's what always seems pressing to keep -- I always feel like if I want a GC, I can just order it from the Lab, but LEs I have to hoard. (And Snake Oil I have to cellar!) BOTTLES BPTP exclusive La Fee Verte (2005) -- 1 10mL bottle and 1 5mL decant -- "Sugared wormwood, hyssop and melissa with calamus, angelica and Dittany of Crete, blended with a Bohemian perfume of vanilla musk, honey absolute and Moroccan spices" BPTP exclusive Naughty or Nice: Snow Angel (2005) -- 1 bottle, 90% -- "Cherubic spun sugar with a hint of lemon, sparkling peach, and floral tea" (2008 resurrection) 1 decant, 50% BPTP exclusive Naughty or Nice: Fee (2005) -- 1 bottle, full -- "A buoyant, dulcet blend of vanilla, sunflower, carnation, honeydew, peach blossom, lychee, oakmoss and white tea" Carnaval Noir: Snake Charmer (2005 original release, paper label) -- 2 partial bottles, 30% and 10% (10% has lost its label); 1 decant, 60% -- "Arabian musk and exotic spices slinking through Egyptian amber, enticing vanilla, and a serpentine blend of black plum, labdanum, ambrette, benzoin and black coconut" Snake Charmer (first resurrection, I think 2007?) -- 1 partial bottle, 10% Snake Charmer (second resurrection) -- 1 bottle, full Carnaval Noir: Midway (2005 original release, paper label) -- 1 partial bottle, 75%; 1 decant, 80% -- "A bombardment of edible carnival indulgences. Funnel cake, caramel apple, cotton candy, salt water taffy and sugar tart" Ingenue (2004) -- 1 10mL cobalt bottle, 30% -- "Wild clover and gentle melon interlaced with violet leaf, water lilies, smooth wooden notes, and blushing rose" Lunacy: Bitter Moon (2006) -- 1 bottle, full -- "Nepal poppy, lotus root, wild rose, and blue hibiscus with blackberry, tonka, sage, lavender, peony and vetiver" Lupercalia: Smut (paper label, I think pre-2006 first release) -- 1 partial bottle, 75%; 1 decant, 75% -- "Three swarthy, smutty musks sweetened with sugar and woozy with dark booze notes" Monster Bait: Closet (pre-2006) -- 1 bottle, full; 1 decant, 50% -- "Bourbon blackberry buttercream over red velvet cake." Monster Bait: Underpants (pre-2006) -- 1 bottle, 90% -- "Sexy sugar-smeared saffron sandalwood over lickable vanilla cream with a splash of butter rum" Perversion (pre-2006, paper label cobalt bottle) -- 1 partial bottle, 25% -- "Smoky rum and black tobacco with a whisper of steamy leather with a splash of crystalline chardonnay, layered over a sensual, sweet, and deceptively magnetic base of tonka" Single Note: Siberian Musk (2012) -- 1 partial bottle, 60% (pre-2006 original single note series) 1 decant, full Snake Oil -- (2015) 1 partial bottle, 30%, kicking myself for not stocking up! -- "A blend of exotic Indonesian oils sugared with vanilla" OR "deep, rich earthy notes swirled with vegetal musks, sugared vanilla bean, and dark spices" (August 2006) 1 decant, 30% I made myself one decant from my first-ever bottle of Snake Oil. Holy &%*#. (pre-2019 direct from Lab) 1 imp, full (2019 reformulation) 4 bottles -- won't even touch these until they are 5 years old (2024). We will see how they stack up to the original. (2022 reformulation) 2 bottles -- can't touch these till 2029 Snow, Glass, Apples (2008) -- 1 bottle, 60% -- no note description Yule: Skadi (2004 original release, paper label cobalt bottle) -- 1 partial bottle, 25% -- "The Snow-Shoe Goddess, Giantess, the Norse embodiment of winter. Frost-rimed winter berries, crisp pine needle, and a slush of bright snowy notes Voodoo Queen (2006) -- 1 partial bottle, 60% -- no note description IMPS/DECANTS (not listed above) BPTP exclusive ???? - Snowblind (2004) -- 1 partial decant, 30% -- "The perfect vanilla mint" (2008 resurrection) 1 partial decant, 50% interestingly, these decants have aged totally differently. the 2004 edition is still light and delicate, while the 2008 resurrection is much heavier on the vanilla and has become dark and viscous BPTP exclusive Trick or Treat: Treat #1 (2007) -- 1 partial decant, 50% -- "A super-sweet, glittering mountain of crushed hard candy: watermelon, pink lime, lemon, strawberry and piles upon piles of crystalline sugar" Carnaval Noir: Freak Show -- 1 decant and 1 partial decant, 80% -- "fig, pomegranate and cocoa bean with lemon, bergamot, vanilla, mellow honey musk, calamus and tonka" Snow White (2004 original release) -- 1 partial decant, 10% -- "flurries of virgin snow, crisp winter wind and the faintest breath of night-blooming flowers" I should probably buy a full bottle of this from the Lab TAL AND VOODOO BLENDS, BOTTLES AND DECANTS Arabian Nights -- 1 bottle, full Bat's Blood -- 1 near-empty bottle, drops only -- very old squat cobalt bottle from 2004 Bend Over -- 1 partial bottle 30% Black Cat -- 1 bottle, full Blessings of Isis -- 1 bottle, full Block Buster -- 1 partial bottle, 75% Caliph's Beloved -- 1 bottle, 90% Charisma - 1 bottle and 1 partial bottle, 30%, the latter an old paper label bottle Clean the Air -- 1 bottle, full French Creole -- 1 bottle, 95% Hymn to Pan -- 1 bottle and 1 partial bottle, 20%, the latter an old cobalt bottle Magnet -- 1 bottle and 1 partial bottle, 10% Mantle of Venus -- 1 bottle, 85% Radiance of Ra -- 1 bottle, full White Light -- 1 bottle, full Aunt Caroline's Money Bag -- 1 partial decant, 60% Aunt Caroline's Money Draw -- 1 decant, 80% Determination -- 1 partial decant, 10% Fiery Wall of Protection -- 1 partial decant, 40% dates from 2008 Horn of Plenty -- 1 imp direct from lab, full Ouroboros -- 1 decant, full dates from 2008 Queen -- 1 partial imp direct from Lab, 60%
  5. myoubi

    Ded Moroz

    Three words: wintry PENCIL SHAVINGS. argh. I was really excited for this blend, but in imp, on skin, and after 30 minutes it stays exactly the same. Away with ye!
  6. myoubi

    Albedo v5

    I don't find Albedo to be a foody scent at all.. and I don't even get the coconut many people have mentioned, which on me is a good thing In the Imp: oooh! wham in the nose with that citrus! It's more of a tangerine-y scent to me than lemon or lemongrass -- it's a very energetic citrus with a hint of sweetness. On Skin: still got lots of citrus, but it is mellowing out a bit. 20 minutes, and thereafter: holy mackerel. this is beautiful. it is this delightful warm, soft, and creamy scent with a hint of citrus overlay. By 'creamy' I don't mean 'like the lab's cream note' which doesn't work with my skin chemistry; I mean a sensation that feels like actual cream feels, smooth and rich without being oppressive or sweet. It's really delightful. I must find another decant. ::
  7. myoubi

    Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge

    This was frimped to me by a generous and lovely forum member. Thank you! I am both very happy and very sad about this scent. I'm happy because now I don't have to go on the hunt for more of it. I'm very sad because I don't get all the lovely smelly goodness that everyone else seems to In the imp: oooh! this smells promising! it smells exactly like the first word, 'glowing'. It's a warm ambery-wood scent with the fizzy sweet lotus layered overtop to give it some gumption. This is lovely! On skin: ...but wait. What's this? the instant I apply it, the amber and lotus vanish completely and it turns into this sweet-thick-cloying-cream plus TEAKTEAKTEAK combo. Cream rarely works on me, but I loved Miller vs. Cali so I hoped that had turned around... but this scent is literally sickening. I was eating breakfast (grapefruit, omnom) when I applied it and I really had to be careful how I ate so I didn't get a whiff of the stuff. Ten minutes: No change. okay. this has to be washed off. 20 minutes: the wretched scent won't - go - away. And it has serious throw, too. After washing my hands three times with two different kinds of soap, I finally pulled out a body scrub and spent a few minutes with my hands under the faucet in attempt to scrub it off. My hands smart now, as I'm pretty sure I removed a few layers of skin, but I can barely smell it anymore. I'll wash them again in a minute and hopefully it will finally leave without a trace. In short: Not for me. it will get passed on to someone who can love it more.
  8. myoubi

    The Candy Butcher 2006

    Again, no long review for this one because I just slapped it on and then went about my day. But impressions: This scent is strange on me. First the oil is light -- I expected it to be dark and viscous like Boomslang [which I should probably get more of...] It doesn't smell like dark chocolate on me. It smells like *chocolate* but it doesn't have that thick dark feeling. After I've worn it for a few hours, it's dried down to... sweet cream. Just sweet cream. Sweet, heavy, slightly plastic-vanilla-y cream. But here's the weird thing. I thought I really didn't like the drydown but I can't stop huffing my wrists. What is with this scent?!? I really am not sure what I am going to do with this one. Either way, it's definitely addictive.
  9. myoubi

    fizzy, sorta carbonated, sparkling blends?

    Bitter Moon! It is my standard "fizzy" blend, although YMMV -- it makes me think of fizzy carbonated water. It's not very sweet, just fizzy and a little prickly. Also Snow Angel, but you have to really be okay with sweet for that one.
  10. myoubi

    Hellhound on My Trail

    All I get is smoke and brimstone overlaid with bay rum. someone else will love this much more than I do.
  11. myoubi

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    eeeh, I really liked the old labels the new ones are fine, I'm just not excited about them -- and when it comes time to replace my GC bottles I"m definitely going to seek out old-label bottles before I order them from the lab.
  12. myoubi


    I did not expect to like this so much! In fact, I didn't expect to like it at all. But everyone was fussing over it, so I figured what the hell... hundreds of BPALers can't be wrong. It's warm and autumnal and boozy and comforting -- I get red wine (which NEVER works on me!) and cardamom and clove and a teensy bit of vanilla. It's got good throw -- I only put a little on, and it kept wafting up to my nose, but it's not one of those really assertive scents where everyone around you is thinking "HOOOkay, that sure is some nice perfume that came up and smacked me in the nose!" I won't do a detailed scent review, partially because I forgot to take notes -- all I remember is being wrapped up in this lovely spicy deep warm scent that you could snuggle into like a big red blanket. I don't need more, but I will treasure my decant.
  13. myoubi


    TAKEAWAY: Lovers of Snake Charmer should give this a shot but bear in mind that it's a much more floral blend. Lovers of Faiza should try this because it reminds me of what I /wanted/ Faiza to smell like. People who like Black Lace might give this a try, because even though they are totally different scents there is this weird association. I'm keeping my bottle. In the Bottle: this reminds me of Snake Charmer, but with citrus, and a little bit lighter. There is something slightly bitter about it too, but not in an unpleasant way. On Skin: Oil is quite dark in colour -- and in scent. It rapidly morphs from Snake-Charmer-Citrus to something deeper and much less sweet -- guess that is the opoponax coming out to play. I can feel the jasmine in there if I huff, but it isn't ZOMGJASMINE at all... and there is a dark sweetness that, I assume, is the red plum. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a 'sweet' blend on me -- it just has a slight something that cuts through the darker, thick and citrus-jasmine-resins thing going on. 20 Minutes: All of the notes have prettymuch melded together into some sort of strange brew... it is bitter, and a little musky, and very dark without being heavy the way Snake Charmer/Mme Moriarty/Crypt Queen are. Notes are discernible only if I huff my wrists and that's a maybe; from about a foot away, I get a little bit of the tobacco note and more of the red plum comes out, so the throw is actually lovely even though the scent itself is peculiar. 1 Hour: It's mellowed out into a dark, resinous floral blend that nonetheless doesn't have the *heaviness* of Snake Charmer et al. It's dark and mysterious -- doesn't have the Shocking! factor I associate with giallo but that's probably a good thing. It's alternately slightly bitter-jasminey and (the throw) sweetened with black plum. I like it, it's a morpher, I'm keeping it -- but it's definitely not for everyone. ETA: OH MY GOD. Like does not nearly encompass how I feel about this scent after wearing it for a few days. It is this lovely sultry scent, not too sweet and not too heavy, that is nonetheless dark and murky and mysterious. KEEPING IT FOREVER. ((clutches bottle protectively))
  14. myoubi


    This one really reminds me of a lighter version of Midway. There's not much more I can say -- it didn't morph much on skin, it just stayed smelling like Midway without being as 'gooey' as Midway was. There's some funnel cake and sugar hanging out there, and yes, I think I get the marshmallow note other people mentioned. If you don't like sweet or foody, avoid this one -- but if you liked Midway or Marshmallow Poof, this is IMO the best of both worlds! Verdict -- I really like this one. I'd love a full decant (thank you to the lovely forumite who sent me a tester!). However, I've got Midway, which I love, so I am not going to lose my head trying to find more. It is very nice though!
  15. myoubi

    Frost Moon

    This is DIVINE. It's slightly sweeter, gentler, and less 'frozen' than Cold Moon. less detailed review than usual because I put it on without making detailed notes... IN THE IMP: slightly-sweet eucalyptus chill. ON SKIN: mmm cold lovely goodness. the eucalyptus is there but not stomping all over everything, and it just makes me think of frozen flowers -- cold and still but a little bit of floral-sweet. 20 MINUTES: the coldness has mostly worn off, actually! I get whiffs of eucalyptus, but it's now mostly a limpid slightly sweet scent -- floral, I guess, but not WHAM IN YOUR FACE floral which would not be my speed at all. it's a subtle scent and one that hugs close to the skin - I can sniff it in the air from time to time, but mostly I can see this as being a scent that others would only smell if they came up to you and hugged you. It is a bit romantic that way. VERDICT: Frost Moon is lovely, but definitely not as frosty as I thought she would be. It's not a cold, hard, isolated scent like Ice Queen and it doesn't have the berry note of Skadi. This scent reminds me of both Cold Moon and Havisham -- it's not omgfloral like Havisham, but it has the same kind of light-cold feel, and it has the limpid sweetness of cold moon while not being /as/ sweet or /as/ cold. It's pretty unique among the blends I've smelled! I will definitely cherish my imp; however, I probably won't actively hunt down any more.