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  1. reconditarmonia

    ISO Stone

    I loved Upslope Fog from last year's Yules, which does have a stone note, but I couldn't really tell you what's prominent in it and what's not.
  2. reconditarmonia

    Kids cosmetics pink candy scent?

    BPAL's carnation scents don't smell like candy to me but they do smell like kid makeup/perfume. Alice is one of them, but anything with prominent enough carnation.
  3. reconditarmonia

    One Good Turn Deserves Another

    Middling sweet and chestnutty! I definitely also get the wood. Not especially smoky, but sweet and cozy. Unsurprisingly, reminds me of Chestnuts and Heart Smoke or Gingerbread Wolfman; I'll try to remember to directly compare it with at least the former, and edit my post.
  4. reconditarmonia

    Sleep No More

    For forumites who like to go to Sleep No More (immersive theatre event in NYC based on Macbeth and film noir), what BPAL do you like to wear when you go? I wore Upslope Fog when I went most recently and it was a great choice. I think I also want to find something that's a little warmer and spicier, but I'm not sure what - Snake Oil is too vanilla-y for me.
  5. reconditarmonia

    Forest & Woods Scents (with and without evergreens)

    This may be a tall order, but I'm trying to find a scent to try that will help me get in the mood when I'm doing elf costumes/cosplays BUT I'm also not a huge fan of a lot of foresty scents I enjoy Arcana's "Bonfires at Dusk" (Woodsmoke, sweet beeswax, Oregon lavender, sandalwood, charred juniper, and the scent of swiftly appearing stars) and (BPAL) "Dead Leaves/Magnolia Champaca/Sugared Chestnuts", but other woody, leafy, swampy scents have sometimes just seemed unpleasant and sour on me. Anything I should be thinking about? I was wondering if Druid might be good. Based on my other tastes, I'm guessing that "cozy, but with more forest/tree notes than I usually go for" is probably going to be a better balance that TREES, MOTHERF**KER or fresh/floral+trees. Pine doesn't work super well on me based on stuff like "Snow Scene" (might not be a note of death, just nothing that's largely pine) and I have checked out RPG Elf but I don't think I'd like it from the description. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi there! Just wondering if you saw my PM about buying Basmati Rice

    1. abejita


      Sorry about that! I swapped it awhile back.

  7. Hi, any update on the Luper circle? It looks like some people have gotten their shipments while a lot of us are still waiting for them to be shipped (and also to try to give you more of our money for stuff you're trying to get rid of)!

  8. reconditarmonia

    L’Intention Fait Valoir les Bagatelles

    Eeesh, is this what they call herbal lavender? It feels very cold and fuzzy somehow, and reminds me of another BPAL I've tried that didn't work for me - maybe Fairy Bites? (I can't even remember now if I've tried Pain or not.) Maybe I just need to stop hoping I'll find my perfect lavender
  9. reconditarmonia

    The Pearl in the Volcano

    I expected this to be similar to Hojojutsu because of the rice milk and currant, but instead it's Cave of Treasures with what I assume is a myrrh and/or vetiver undertone - smoky, dirty. (I just deathmatched this with Hojojutsu and will try to remember to deathmatch it with Cave later.) I guess I amp amber cream?
  10. reconditarmonia

    Spiced Rum Buttercream Coffee

    Huh, this reminds me of Plunder! It's very dry, which is perfect for me - I can't do stuff that's too foody. The spices are the dominant note. Huge throw.
  11. reconditarmonia

    International Shipping Info+Questions

  12. reconditarmonia

    International Shipping Info+Questions

    I hope this is the right place to ask...does anyone know what US to Colombia shipping costs? Someone offering to buy some of the stuff I'm selling is in Colombia and I don't know what to charge for shipping.
  13. reconditarmonia

    Mari Lwyd

    (This was the Yule scent whose description grabbed me the most!) Ooooh. I can definitely smell the similarity to Knave of Hearts in the pastry, but there's also a very true lavender at first application. I think I get the ale too, but more as a feeling than as "yup, that's beer." Can't smell the lavender as much as it dries; I'll have to test it again to be sure (I did just take it out of the mailbox during a terrible cold snap) but if the lavender stays, this'll be a bottle purchase. Edit: Aha, that's what the fruity scent is - currants or something. No wonder it's so like Knave! But I think I can still smell some of the lavender, and either way, it's very nice. Bottle!
  14. reconditarmonia


    Hmm. I might have to test this again, but the white tea (I assume) is making it very hand-soapy on me in a way that the lilac, though definitely noticeable, doesn't counteract.