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    NOTES: Red musk, jasmine, champaca, myrr, pomegranate, frankincense, vanilla, honey, amber, sandalwood, bergamot, incense smoke, plum, violet, BPAL: Red Lace, Deadly Nightshade Honey, Temple Viper, Black Lace, Blood Moon NEED TO STAY FAR AWAY FROM: Lavender, ginger

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  1. BelladonnasGarden

    Bones Trombone

    I purchased a 5ml bottle of Bones Trombone from the lab because the description sounded too irresistible to pass up! I have to say I am SO glad that I did. This is one of the few sweet scents that I can wear often and feel that it's not too heavy or foody. I find a lot of BPAL's sweeter marshmallow or cream notes end up being heavy and overwhelmingly sticky feeling or just too much at times. This one has the perfect blend of sweetness and fruityness from the blueberry and Lemon meringue. Wet: I get a ton of blueberry and marshmallow and a nice fresh lemon. As it dries: The blueberry fades after about 10 minutes and it turns into a lovely creamy lemon and marshmallow blend! 30 minutes later: All marshmallow cream and piecrust with a faint hint of lemon meringue. I LOVE Bones and I love clowns! This scent is a keeper!!!
  2. BelladonnasGarden

    The Lion

    I LOVE The Lion. It's a perfect blend of Amber, very spicy and then as it dries it has a ever so slight bubble gum feel in the background! not foody at all, just sweet and spicy warm amber goodness!!
  3. BelladonnasGarden

    White Chocolate, Strawberry, and White Pepper Truffle

    All I have to say about this one is that it's very yummy, but a little too *foody*. Like, while wearing it, I feel like I just ate a chocolate/strawberry/pepper crepe and now have my hands dirty or sticky with it. It's not a very fresh scent, pretty heavy on the chocolate for me. This one smells better in the Imp as it does on my skin. I do smell all of the notes perfectly, they come out in the order of the description; the white chocolate is overpowering, then you smell the strawberry and then a subtle spicy pepper at the end. I wish that the strawberry came out a bit more on me because it's a beautiful strawberry. My boyfriend's exact words about this one were; "Ugh, I don't like that one at all. Why would you want to smell like a fat kid who eats chocolate?" Safe to say I wont be buying big bottles of anything with a chocolate note, and I'll stick to my usual pickings because after that he told me he loves everything else I wear. The white chocolate note in "white Chocolate, Mango, Buttercream" is much more fitting and blends so incredibly well with its buddies. I love that one.
  4. BelladonnasGarden


    Voodoo; This scent confused me at first, my initial reaction in the bottle was "WHOA! Not a scent I would wear, but if Voodoo could be captured and bottled, THIS is what it would smell like exactly". Then I thought it smelled a little like Coca-cola! After trying out this scent on my skin out of curiosity, it did not stop changing, it morphed into something completely different and beautiful! I got strong scents at first of cinnamon spice, musk. Then it stayed at a sort of sweet patchouli spice, maybe even a hint of vanilla? Either way, I'm in love with this scent now, and I never expected it. The most prominent notes after 2 hours for me are patchouli, vanilla and myrrh
  5. BelladonnasGarden


    Aquarius; This one smells very different on me, I don't smell any hints of pine, or medicinal/eucalyptus. I bought this out of curiosity (it's also my zodiac sign) and once I read the reviews it made me a little skeptical. However, I'm very pleased with this scent! I'm not sure what notes are more prominent on me, (definitely not lavender) but I'll have to agree 100% with yeahbutnobut and say amber, incense, violets perhaps, just very beautiful and sweet creamy floral!