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  1. Soupy Twist

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    oh man, if there's anything that resembles B&BW's cashmere note, PLEASE hit me up. I would buy gallons of it if the Lab made it.
  2. Soupy Twist

    Black Ice

    2019 version: Aqua Velva.
  3. Soupy Twist

    Lick It With Consent (2016)

    2019 version: Pure peppermint oil in the bottle and on application. There’s no sugar or vanilla. It’s not as musty as previous incarnations, so that’s nice. The burn comes in briefly after a few minutes, but vanishes without comment. After about 10 or 15 minutes, the mint is gone too, leaving behind only the much-loved sweet vanilla. A definite improvement over previous Consents, on my skin, anyway. 😄
  4. Soupy Twist

    Whiskey & Apple

    Apple juice with a slightly sour edge in the bottle. Goes on as a just-starting-to-ferment apple juice. The fermentation dials back to more of a deep note, like tobacco, which is where it stays: more of a “pipe tobacco soaked in apple cider” scent.
  5. Soupy Twist


    Tobacco leaf in the bottle. Goes on as soft, fuzzy tobacco and pretty much stays there. Almost no throw. A slightly deeper cousin of Sherlock Holmes. This is pretty and subtle.
  6. Soupy Twist


    I wore this today because I'm trying to actually wear my collection instead of just hoard the bottles, and this has really changed with age. It's no longer Sexy Vanilla but just the musk from Antique Lace from beginning to end. If you like the musk from Antique Lace, an aged Ava may be your jam. I did not at all care for it, so, like OLLA's Adam and Eve, I have to kick Ava out (to swaps).
  7. Soupy Twist

    Apples?? Finding the right apple scent

    Ah, a question right up my alley. Poisoned Apple (Bewitching Brews) Pure Applesauce (Scalias) Punkie Night (Weenies, various years — I liked 2010 more than 2006) Honeyed Apple (Weenie 2016) Eve's Big Apple III (NYCC) Apple V (Weenie 2015)
  8. Soupy Twist


    very very very very very very very green. planty green grass. greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.
  9. Soupy Twist

    Les Heures de la Nuit

    in the bottle: huh? lime? what is that? on the wrist: yuck, lime and musk. Not fresh lime juice, but fake lime. Lime cologne. Like a bad lime fougere. Where’s my sparkly stuff? 😭
  10. Soupy Twist

    Sugar Skulls in the Pumpkin Patch

    I love Sugar Skull. It’s one of my favorites. I even have a backup bottle. This is not Sugar Skull on me. It’s just wet pumpkin spice. 😭 😭
  11. Soupy Twist

    Apple Sugar

    Gorgeous fresh apple juice — almost a sweet apple cider. There’s some kind of sweeter note which moves in as it dries, something fluffy, almost billowy. Another awesome apple bottle from the Lab.
  12. Soupy Twist

    Dark Pumpkin Mead

    2019 version (I didn't know this was a revenant scent!): Spices and a whiff of fermented honey in the bottle. Goes on as PSL mix. There’s a drop of maple as it dries, but it’s mostly just the pumpkin spices.
  13. Soupy Twist

    Con Questions

    wow, did this not work on me. The currant went sour and stomped all over everything, the plum clashed loudly with the mint, and I never got to the vanilla or the sugar. Off to swaps.
  14. Soupy Twist

    Bread Lumps

    Burnt bread crust in the bottle. What even. Yep, that there is bread crust on application. The honey drips in veeeeery slowly, so the scent first becomes damp bread and then slooooooowly the bread edges out and uncovers the slightly floral honey. Almost no throw. Brilliant execution.
  15. Soupy Twist

    Birthday Surprise

    Bliss (the perfume oil) in the bottle — that pure chocolate note. Goes on as a definitely molten chocolate. (HOW DO YOU MAKE CHOCOLATE SMELL MOLTEN, BETH, YOU ARE NOT OF THIS WORLD) This becomes more like liquid cocoa sludge as it dries, although made with water and not milk. Finishes as very similar to Chad from American Gods. Gorgeous chocolate.