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  1. Soupy Twist

    I've tried 20+ scents and only liked 2. Help!

    Twenty isn't much, honestly. My database has, uh... close to 1300 entries. You just have to take notes, cross-reference, and keep track. Start a spreadsheet and create a rating system. You should be able to narrow things down after a while.
  2. Soupy Twist

    Horse Chestnut Honey

    Honey with something toasty or woody in the bottle. Roasted chestnuts? Anise-touched honey on application. This is… interesting. Definitely licorice. Not much honey, to be honest. Yeah, this is a moderate black licorice candy which wants to have a honey center. But I mean, if you’re going to go black licorice, go hard or go home. This is an off-brand black licorice cough drop. As it dries, it develops a dry-wood note. I should stress this is not a bad scent. It’s a good black licorice. But I like my black licorice at peel-the-paint-off-the-walls strength, and there’s no honey in this blend at all. So perfectly nice, but not for me.
  3. Soupy Twist

    Bon Vivant

    my beloved FIZZZZZZ! in the bottle. goes on as FIZZZZZZ! with some sweetness. Gorgeous. Dries to strawberry Pez. Which, all things considered, is not a bad scent.
  4. Soupy Twist

    Cafe au Lait & a Wool Blanket

    this is so incredibly faint on me I had to test it three times over three weeks. All I get is the faintest breath of damp wool. No coffee at all.
  5. Soupy Twist

    Coffee, Brown Sugar, Cream, & Honey

    something went deeply wrong with this one on me. I tested it three separate times, weeks apart, to be sure it wasn't menopause or hormonal shifts, but no, this is coffee and vomit. I'm very sad. I really, really wanted All The Coffee Things from this line and my skin has just destroyed them all.
  6. Soupy Twist

    Black Forest

    Woody juniper in the bottle. Goes on as a sticky pine with definite ambergris notes. Refreshing, actually. That light, pretty note fades by the time it’s dry and it’s just a menthol-y pine. This then starts to sour, and I’m done.
  7. Soupy Twist

    White Gardenia & Vanilla Cream

    Completely redoing this because Travel Shock Is A Thing. Gardenia in the bottle. Slightly screechy gardenia on application, but once it's dry, it's much nicer. The gardenia note continues to sweeten, with a creamy overlay developing. It's not vanilla per se; just an overall smooth sweetness. I get little wafts of it every now and again as I move my hand. Very pretty.
  8. Soupy Twist

    Waltzing Matilda

    I have no idea why this was such a fail on me. I searched through my entire perfume database. The Lab's fig and the Lab's vanilla bean both work fine on me in multiple blends. This was gross dry slightly brackish grass with a little Fig Newton in the background. No vanilla at all. The cause is important, so I don't regret buying the blind bottle, but why, skin, why? Why you gotta do me like this?
  9. Soupy Twist

    Hymn to St. Brigid

    Starts as butter and cream in the bottle. Goes on as oooh! perfumy honey! This gets slightly more foodie as it dries but doesn't quite turn cloying. Not much throw, but very pretty.
  10. Soupy Twist

    Black Coffee & Cinnamon Buns

    Strong sweet black coffee with just a dash of cinnamon in the bottle. Goes on as coffee with cinnamon, but soon the coffee starts to fade and turn into that "coffee burp in the back of the throat" note and I’m getting stale, faintly sweet bun dough. Sort of like I had coffee and a cinnamon roll for breakfast and this is what’s left on the diner counter an hour later.
  11. Soupy Twist

    Cola de Mono

    Coffee candy. Sweet, milky, cinnamon-dusted, coffee-flavored hard candy. A gorgeous scent.
  12. Soupy Twist

    The Moon's My Own

    I’m not entirely sure what “mugwort” smells like but this is sticks and lemon cleaning fluid on me. Like I was washing the floor with lemon Lysol yesterday and dumped the bucket outside on a thicket of twigs when I was done, and this is what it smells like today.
  13. Soupy Twist

    V'al Hanissim

    The beeswax tries so, so hard, but mostly it’s just amber doing the Powder Stomp, as it does on my skin.
  14. Soupy Twist

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    alas, U&R has both leather and oudh, neither of which work on me.
  15. Soupy Twist

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    oh man, if there's anything that resembles B&BW's cashmere note, PLEASE hit me up. I would buy gallons of it if the Lab made it.