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  1. Amorphous Red

    Herbal, resin, dry and bitter

    I know it's not a perfume, however Rocky Mountain Goats hair gloss is a very strong herbal dry sage. I recall Shakarri being delightfully bitter and personally I did not find her aquatic nor sweet- the bitterness was very refreshing. General catalog scents you may enjoy: *Thorns *The Coiled Serpent *Bram Stoker Another option would be Twilight Alchemy Lab's Antehelion. Very herbal, astringent, slightly metalic and bitter. Combined with Blockbuster which is a dark and smooth herbal vetivert. I love the TAL oils for their ritual purpose and for their satisfying herbal qualities. Good luck!
  2. Amorphous Red

    Rose Recommendations - which blend is for me?

    ~Harper and White Rose are very sweet and innocent roses on my skin. The other notes in White Rose don't pop out here for me until extreme dry down; and even then it is a whisper of frankinscense blending seemlessly with the spice of the rose~
  3. Amorphous Red


    ~Quintessence of Dust and Jareth~ Edited because Bloodkiss does not contain leather but I recall it having a leather like quality to it.
  4. Dragons milk- Once my body warms the oil and burns off the dragons blood this becomes a gorgeous vanilla plume Golden Priapus- My skin really amps the vanilla in this. It is smooth, fuzzy, and comforting. A more masculine scent
  5. Amorphous Red

    Pumpkin Ice Cream Bath Oil

    Surprisingly aquatic, soft and spiced, slight sweetness. Like an autumnmal candle. There really is not a foody aspect to this . I was hoping for the fresh pumpkin of white pumpkin extrait paired with rich vanilla ice cream, but I do not sense pumpkin in this nor ice cream for that matter. This does smell very autumnmal without smelling like pumpkin pie spices (if the spice concerns you). This has incredible throw and lasting power.
  6. Amorphous Red

    Western Small Foot Bat Hair Gloss

    Western small footed bat HG is entirely the labs Aquatic Patchouli on me. No sign of a floral in sight. This is pugently aquatic with massive throw. For those who enjoy classically 'masculine' scents I think you would love this. If you are looking for a deep and dirtied rose, or a sepia toned rose this may not be your jam. Time to find this little bat a new home.
  7. Amorphous Red

    Rocky Mountain Goats Hair Gloss

    I really really wanted Rocky mountain goats to work for me. Unfortunately, it is all sage. It is like spraying sage essential oil all over my hair. Upon late drydown there is a clean note that peaks through the initial blast of sage, but nothing else. I was really looking forward to smelling of the woods. Alas! It will find a good home elsewhere.
  8. Amorphous Red

    Cabbage White Caterpillar Hair Gloss

    Firstly, I was ever so pleasantly surprised to see a reference to the genus loci. This deeply resonates with me...🐛🍀🍃 I absolutely adore Cabbage White Caterpillar hg. I can see the references to trix cereal now that my bottle has aged. When first acquired Cabbage White was sugary lemon and mounds upon mounds of marshmallow fluff. Oh joyous joys! Marshmallow heaven! The lemon sugar was present upon initial application and dried down into predominantly marshmallow. Given a few months my bottle has aged to include the mint and Cabbage White has become more herbal overall but still heavily marshmallow. I would also like to note that I get a slight cola vibe upon first application. I love both presentations!
  9. Amorphous Red

    Dead Leaves, Apricot, Ambergris, and Tobacco

    Clean Ambergris, salt, a rounded sweetness from the apricot, bitterness from the dead leaves, and perhaps a perfumed whisper from the tobacco. On my skin it settles into a spicy, clean, and sweet scent. If you are looking for a more masculine or unisex scent don't be thrown off by the sweetness in the bottle. The scent really morphs once it hits the skin. I would also note that this is not your stereo typical cologne smell. This is a classy unisex scent. Edit: Ahh... So sad. Perhaps it needs more time to develop. But it's dried down into a very strong throwing somewhat screechy classic lady perfume.
  10. Amorphous Red

    Puppet Kitty

    Puppet Kitty is a very intimate scent. When I first received it I was really taken aback, it truly smells like someones personal 'musk' in a bottle. It is a clean, spicy, round and sweet smell. But it does not smell foody at all to me. At first put off, I found myself picking this up again and again. It dries down to a very strong clean scent when applied to my skin. Regardless, the initial application is so comforting I find myself indifferent to the way my chemistry changes it. I never would have sought to smell like this but the smell is so comforting and heart warming. If I find myself feeling far away or alone I reach for Puppet Kitty. A warm embrace in a bottle. Edit: I have tested this several times and had the scent evolve into a very clean soapy leaning musk. However, something about my chemistry has changed and this time around the scent has dried down in a linear fashion, staying true to the scent I get when first applied. Yay! 🙌
  11. Amorphous Red

    Happy and Dauntless and Sagacious

    Strong perumed raspberries! This has some staying power. Very juicy (the 'perfumed' is ever so subtle) I do not detect any milk- whether that be musky, nutty, or pungent. The goat has pranced away! This is all raspberry on my skin.
  12. Amorphous Red


    This is for Ghoulish 2018 in HG format Applied to skin: a strong astringent cherry with nutty undertones. The cherry dissapates very quickly, as does the nuttiness. In this stage there is an ever so slight creamy whisper, for the a brief moment then my skin devours everything. What is left is a very very faint smartees candy scent. A very light powdery candy. When sprayed on fabric the exact same dry down. It does not stick around as well on the fabric however (on skin it is faint but still present) Over all it comes out swinging, quickly loses fervor and quietly retreats into the background.
  13. Amorphous Red

    Absinthe-Laced Candied Apple Hair Gloss

    I wish I was getting some sort of sweetness from this whether it be sugar, caramel, anise, or apple. Instead, first sprayed, it is a blast of shampoo and absinthe tinged hair spray. There are hints of lemon here and there, but this is predominately soapy and clean. A nice clean scent, a curious scent- just not what I had been hoping for. On another note the Post's hair gloss is wonderful for my hair and greatly enjoyed! Edit: on the extreme dry down this is softer with a wisp of apple peeking out and now has settled down into an slightly clean absinthe scent. Further editing!: This has lasted in my hair for days! And has grown on me. Combined with a sweeter, foodie caramel apple HG I like more