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  1. dnagirl


    I'm having a hard time figuring Paris out. In the bottle it is harsh to my nose, with a very odd undertone. I mostly smell lavender. Then, I put it on. What a strange smell. Lavender and something sickly sweet. I've worn this two days in a row now and it sets my allergies off like crazy, making me sneeze. I know it isn't the lavender, as I've worn plenty of other lavender oils. Weird. As it dries, I still don't like it very much. It still has that strange sickly sweet undertone. Dried, now it morphs on my skin into something beautiful. The lavender comes back to the forefront, the sweetness has mellowed and I get a wee bit of spice. It has taken almost an hour to get to this point though and my nose is still running. Ultimately, I don't know if Paris is worth the trouble. I'll probably stick with Yvaine for my lavender kick. In the swap pile she goes.
  2. dnagirl


    I'm so bummed. This smelled so lovely in the imp and when I first put it on. After five minutes it turned to floral soap. The kind you wash your hands with. It makes me sneeze. Oh Amsterdam....why??!!!
  3. dnagirl


    I don't get much of a mandarin scent out of Carnal. However, I do smell fig which is lovely, syrupy and warm. There is a bit of zing to it though, which may be the orange coming out to play. Really a lovely fruity scent. It's luscious and warm.
  4. dnagirl


    Buttery sweet cake with a hint of spice both in the bottle and on my skin. After time, the sweetness fades just a touch, leaving behind a pleasant spicy almost-but-not-quite vanilla scent. I kept smelling my arm over and over, it was that good on me.
  5. dnagirl

    Strawberry Moon 2005

    Sugar-crusted strawberries. A little on the fake side, but nice. It stays the same on my skin all the way through drydown.
  6. dnagirl


    On me, this is mostly cinnamon...but sweet cinnamon tamed by the orange and cherry blossom. I was surprised that this stayed true on my skin, as I usually turn things powdry.
  7. dnagirl

    Pink Moon 2007

    This is really a gorgeous, light scent. It's slightly spicy and very sweet floral. It reminds me of the scent of a shampoo I had once...but I can't remember which one. It's very light and it does fade quickly, but while it's around it is wonderful. Time to find a 5ml of this.
  8. dnagirl

    Milk Moon 2007

    Sweet and fruity but with a major tart zing from the pomegranate at first. It mellows down into a lovely light fruit scent on my skin with just a hint of cream in the background. I really like this one, it's a beautiful scent on me.
  9. dnagirl


    Faith is just lovely on me. Wet, she's violets and sugar. As she dries, the florals burst forth, but in a delicate way. Six hours after application she's a beautiful, creamy, sugary floral. I'll definitely wear this regularly.
  10. dnagirl

    Pumpkin V (2007)

    I was a little concerned when I cracked this open and sniffed. All I could smell was butter, butter, butter. However, once on my skin, it bloomed into a lovely spicy vanilla. The ginger is really prominent and so is the vanilla. There's no trace of butter at all and not much pumpkin either. As it dries, it remains spicy and vanilla. Definitely a keeper, I just wish there was more pumpkin!
  11. dnagirl


    This was nothing but Vicks Vap-o-Rub on me. It would be great if I'm sick, but normally I would rather not smell like mentholyptus. Oh well, in the swap pile it goes!
  12. dnagirl

    March Hare

    Apricot and clove. Very nice at the start, but does remind me of a candle or potpourri for the fall season. After a while this turns kind of nasty on me, and gives me a headache. Not for my skin, but would be good in an oil burner I think.
  13. dnagirl


    In the bottle and wet on my skin, this is exactly like Double Bubble bubble gum. When it starts drying, a cinnamon note comes out along with the gum. Not unpleasant, just different. Now, three hours later, it's a sweet floral that smells really nice. Reminiscent of mimosa. This one is a keeper for me.
  14. dnagirl

    Tiger Lily

    In the bottle this smelled very feminine and lovely. On my skin, it turned into something just plain awful. Sour and nasty. I can't tell you what it smells like to me because it will gross you all out, so let's just leave it as this was not the scent for me. I'll be swapping it.
  15. dnagirl


    In the bottle it smells like melon...that fake, syrupy sweet melon that you find in candy. Wet on the skin, still the same. Sticky sweet melon. As it dries, the fruit disappears and leaves behind a spicy floral, which is just slightly sweet. Very strange to go from blatant fake fruit to floral in a matter of minutes. I still haven't given a final verdict on this one. The floral is nice, but nothing that makes me say wow. ETA: Ok, one hour after application, the spices have gone to the background and the sweetness has come back up. At this point, this is really nice. A lot less grandmotherly and more light summer floral. Unfortunately, three hours later, it's gone powdery. Light floral with a strong baby powder scent. I think I'm going to have to give this one away.