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    orris, white musk, fruits, cologne, evergreen, and blends that smell like commercial fragrances. favorite BPALS so far: dorian, abalone vulva, black pearl.


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  1. stainedglass_siren

    Recommendation for a Masculine Nag Champa/Patchouli scent

    i’ll look into these, thank you !
  2. stainedglass_siren

    Black Pearl

    I would have never picked out the coconut in this if i didn’t already know… it has a sweet meatiness to it, like the meat of a coconut, without the “tropical” smell i expected. (thank god!) i also get a subtle floral note, which must be the iris. very round smelling! it morphs as it dries on me and becomes simpler and more musky.
  3. stainedglass_siren


    elf is super pine-y in the imp which i love and wasn’t expecting. there’s also a good amount of citrus, but it’s not sharp, and i can’t pick out any specific florals. someone above said that evergreen note is actually the aspen, which is interesting as it dries on me, it loses the pine but it remains fresh smelling and woodsy, a very nice clean skin scent… i’m considering getting a bottle.
  4. Looking for a nag champa/patchouli heavy blend that my dad could wear! When I first read the notes of Blacklight Reactive Poster, it reminded me so much of my dad in the 70s, not to mention the actual Blacklight posters he had as a teen. Anyway, I’d like to get him a BPAL fragrance for fathers’ day but i’m not sure he’d like to smell of actual weed smoke these days … so i’m looking for something weed-free/wearable, masculine, and most importantly with nag champa and patchouli.
  5. stainedglass_siren

    Giant Vulva

    giant vulva~ in the bottle: pink/purple floral in the front, then something warm and almost a tiny bit nutty immediately afterwards. dry on skin: this hasn’t changed too much which i’m glad about, the nutty base has faded and it has gotten more lemon-y …however the top notes are reminding me of some body spray i had in 6th grade and i just can’t shake the flashbacks it gives me!
  6. stainedglass_siren

    Blue Unicorn Moon

    boozy blueberry bubblegum… and cinnamon? it’s very in-your-face upon sniffing the bottle, and pretty much the same on my skin. During the dry-down that warm spice that was in the background comes forward a bit and the harshness fades, which i like. I don’t really get any vanilla.
  7. stainedglass_siren

    Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat

    I don’t get melon at all, just a very bright, fizzy, and sharp lemon/lime. It’s not soda-like though, it reminds me of yellow hand soap. My boyfriend says it smells like potpourri.
  8. stainedglass_siren


    in the bottle: fresh and sweet yet herby, wet grassy, i’m getting the sweet dandelion too wet: the same dry: hmm. the wet freshness has gone and i’m left with what must be the opoponax. it’s not really reminding me of cola, but i see why people are saying that. it’s not bad, but i wish it had stayed more fresh and grassy on me. edit: i’ll probably keep this bottle to sniff, i like it wet, but it just doesn’t sit right on the skin for me.