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  1. stainedglass_siren

    Blacklight Reactive Clown Poster

    this perfume is a bouncy, red, strawberry clown nose! i don’t get any weed (not surprising as i never can smell weed notes) or roses (which i’m not mad about). this is all about the sweet strawberry candy on me, like those hard strawberry candies with the red and green wrappers:) not a lot of throw, and i don’t see myself wearing this often, but it’s very cute💕🍓
  2. stainedglass_siren

    Blacklight Reactive Alice Poster

    (disclaimer: i couldn’t smell any weed in the original BLRP.) this is a pleasantly tart and feminine perfume! the tartness is an equal mix of grapefruit and rose that stays at the forefront through the drydown. i’m not sure that i know the smell of currants, carnation, or opium well enough to identify them here, and i’m still not getting any weed at all 🤷‍♀️ it evokes a traditional ladies’ perfume vibe, while also staying playful. very fitting for spring/summer. good throw and staying power as well❤️
  3. stainedglass_siren

    Penis Bound With Gold Ribbon

    i second the above comments about the amber and musk appearing after the drydown. i find it plenty sweet and girly. one thing i wasn’t expecting is how “dairy” the cream is in the bottle. upon hitting the skin it instantly begins to calms down. i was afraid to put this on at first because of how sour that cream was. this note must be the same one from Cerberus’ish - and with that one the sourness faded after a bit of time to settle. hopefully that will be the case here as well.
  4. stainedglass_siren

    Flickering Lights, Fluttering Curtains

    Yep, this is what i had imagined and hoped Antique Lace would smell like (the re-release). It really has a fabric/paper feeling to it in a way i can’t really understand! Super complex. Not the strongest throw, however, so I may not reach for it very often, but it’s lovely.
  5. stainedglass_siren

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    please help! Is there a known difference between batches of rerelease Dorian? I got my first bottle from the fb group, and I love it so much. it has a lemon astringency that is beautifully balanced by the sugary pale musks and it dries down to a sweet skin-like scent - that’s the best i can describe it but it’s very complex. I don’t really get any lavender and it lasts a long time on me. The seller said she believes it’s from 2015-2017. Now, I recently swapped for another bottle, year unknown, but likely ‘16-‘18, which very different. I get more lavender in the bottle, and then a sort of Antique Lace ‘17 play-doh-y note. It’s sweeter and rounder smelling and the drydown is very close to Paper Phoenix. I also have an imp and a sniffie of Dorian from unknown years, which both smell like this version. Any info is appreciated! What does Dorian age like? is it possible that one of these bottles is actually much older than the other??
  6. stainedglass_siren


    I had high hopes for something closer to Dorian, but Jareth is a little lacking. I prefer strong throw, and Jareth is quite faint on me. In terms of the blend, I can’t place any notes in particular, by which I mean it is very well blended. Alas, all it evokes is this: the steamy aroma of walking into a bathroom that had just been showered in, probably by a man. I can see why people like this but as a Dorian lover it’s just not close enough 😢
  7. stainedglass_siren

    Ghost Milk

    ghost milk is an exact dupe for an old febreeze scent called “sleep serenity” milk and honey from like 2013! I used that spray frequently when I was in middle school before bed but had since forgotten its existence entirely. now i need a bottle of this for the nostalgia, and the sleep-inducing milkyness ☺️
  8. stainedglass_siren

    Sugar Cookie Snow White

    Preconceived notions/hopes: Starbucks iced sugar cookie latte🥰🥰 Disclaimer: I’ve never sniffed Snow White OR Sugar Cookie by themselves. I was hoping that Snow White would turn Sugar Cookie into an iced sugar cookie. In actuality this was a warm, browned, and spiced cookie, and some warm florals, too, but barely there. Reminiscent of chai, or floral nutmeg. Not for me, but that’s my fault for blind bottling!
  9. stainedglass_siren

    Erotic Sake Bowl

    fizzy grapefruit and yuzu that tickles the nose! INSANE throw and staying power.
  10. stainedglass_siren


    Ozonic, clean, and gender neutral. But thankfully, it isn’t soapy (at least not compared to the only other aquatics I’ve tried: Cthulhu, Bayou, The Sea Foams Blood, The Waters of Notre Dame) Ariel smells very green, and it conjures memories of rain, rather than the beach. This is actually a dead ringer for The Garden of Good and Eva from Benefit Cosmetics, which is long discontinued I’m pretty sure. It has a sharpness all the way through the drydown that could definitely be interpreted as cologne, so if you’re looking for something overtly feminine this may not be the one for you, despite the name. I came to BPAL initially for the Lovecraftian and oceanic themed perfumes because I was drawn to them conceptually. But, I was turned off by how clean and soapy those ones were in actuality, and so my tastes made a sharp left turn into vanilla/sugar/foodie territory. Ariel is more like what I had hoped those other aquatics would be, and I’m very glad to have it in my collection☺️
  11. stainedglass_siren

    blends containing that coveted lemony vanilla?

    I have this! It doesn’t give me the same vibe as Dorian but I do really like it in it’s own way
  12. stainedglass_siren

    Traditional Sheet Ghost

    In the bottle it’s frankincense followed by *warm* linens. i don’t pick up on marshmallow but i’m guessing that it’s there contributing to the coziness factor. On my skin i get a little more of a “clean laundry” note, slightly less marshmallow, but still cozy. Unlike in the bottle, when i sniff my skin, i get a powdery cotton tinge in my nostrils afterwards. My brain is really associating this with a high school girl without even seeing zankoku_zen’s comment, lol - like a cool older sister or babysitter’s pajamas fresh out of the laundry. Throw and longevity are MUCH better than average on me. I can smell it while typing at my desk😁 Overall a very comforting smell, and very evocative and complex for a clean linens type of blend.
  13. stainedglass_siren

    blends containing that coveted lemony vanilla?

    i’ll add these to my list, ty!
  14. So, the only BPALs that have been absolute winners for me thus far are dorian and silkybat. They’re both out of stock due to supply issues with that special vanilla, right? To me, it’s a got a lemony aspect to it. I also know that snake’s kiss ‘18 has that lemon sugar note, but not the more recent versions. My question is, can anyone provide me with a longer list of lesser known blends containing that vanilla that smells like lemon? I’m head over heels in love and need more. Thanks!!
  15. stainedglass_siren


    preconceived notions: woody marshmallow? in the bottle: DAIRY. like opening a container of yogurt. this is really intense😬 on my skin: okay, the scary dairy is immediately gone and now i can pick up on butter, something lightly floral, and woodsmoke following afterwards. dry: no more floral, just an extremely savory, lightly spiced, buttered cream, and only when i put my nose on my skin do i get the burnt note. it’s fleeting and fades away fairly quickly, but i find the sweetness left on my skin to be much more comforting and wearable than the wet stage. edit: late dry-down: spices and cream 😋