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  1. bambi

    Scheiterhaufen Vom Boskop Apfel

    I really, REALLY wanted to love this scent 😭😭😭 I specifically saved it for last for testing out of the decants I bought from a seller here on the forum. But, this goes completely chemical-y on my skin. In the decant, this is everything I wanted it to be. It was cinnamon and cream and beautiful tart fruit notes. As soon as it touched my skin, it went sharp and chemical-y. I have no idea what could be doing it, but I smell very strongly of cinnamon and chemicals. I'm so sad that my skin ruined this one for me.
  2. bambi


    This scent is unexpectedly complex on me. In the decant, I get a bright blueberry and a somewhat cold smattering of flowers. On my skin, I get a flash of the tangerine before it disappears. The blueberry, cold note, and florals all seem to blend together, ebb and flow, and I end up with something reminiscent of a very fancy popsicle. You know, those fancy instagram ones with whole blueberries and flowers inside. It's very pretty and sweet, and I like that all the notes blend together so nicely.
  3. bambi

    The Robe of Pomegranates

    I have to agree with Kytha above me: this is largely honeyed incense, oudh, and an impression of fruit. When I opened the decant, I could smell the pomegranate, and something just this side of... ehem... poopy... I knew that was the oudh, though, so it didn't phase me. I also got a strong impression of honey before I put it on. Wet, I was hit with a wave of something that smelled like pine. Like, very much of pine. Maybe the oudh mixing with the sandalwood? Drying down, I get some of the floral from the carnation, but it was largely woody and incensey. The pomegranate was nowhere to be seen. Fully dry and rested on my wrist for a while, I got faint honey, and the slightest edge of fruit. Overall, this is a very mature, grounded scent. Absolutely beautiful on the right person, but not for me.
  4. bambi

    Mouse Circus

    This scent evokes exactly what it describes for me. In the decant I get a big whiff of popcorn, some sugar, and vanilla, and on my skin I get more of the same. It smells slightly salty, and very sweet, and it reminds me of walking around a circus or fair holding cotton candy in one hand and popcorn in another. Drying down, the scent is primarily of kettle corn. I don't get much wood from it, but it blends together so much as this point that it could be there and I wouldn't know. I actually watched Coraline recently, and this is honestly perfect. It's not something I'll wear on myself, but I'll probably keep this decant around.
  5. bambi

    Lady MacBeth

    In the imp, this is lovely. Very berry-forward, fruity goodness. When I applied it, the thyme really came out for a few minutes. It added a layer of herbal loveliness that made the berries a tiny bit grounded. The wine came out a bit, too, and the overall impression was of a sweet sangria made with berries and thyme. Unfortunately, the berries start to get a waxy smell, and this devolves into a bubblegum-y, fake berry scent. I wish it had stayed the way it was in the wet stage 😓
  6. bambi


    In the bottle, this is a beautiful, sweet and tart golden apple. On the skin, the birch comes out a bit, giving a green woodiness that actually smells a bit like acetone at first. Thankfully, that passes quickly, and it starts to dry into a crisp, sweet, bright, slightly-floral apple. The apple and apple blossom weave in and out of each other in the dry stage, and the birch is just hanging out there in the background. It's an absolutely lovely spring-time scent.
  7. bambi


    In the bottle, this smells like straight up bubblegum. It keeps that bubblegum on the skin, and starts off sour before turning very sweet. The florals amp up throughout the process, and it ends with a very sweet, floral candy scent.
  8. bambi

    Bon Vivant

    So BUBBLY. In the bottle and on my skin both I get very bubbly, sparkly champagne. There's a whiff of strawberry, but it devolves into a generally fruity, almost skittle-like scent. The bubbles stick around, and I think this would be perfect for New Years or a birthday party.
  9. bambi


    This is pretty. In the bottle I get a very perfume-y orange. It's not quite a fresh or natural orange, but it's nice. When I put it on my wrists, the orange gets more natural, and I can't make out the fig, but I know it's there, grounding the juicy orange. The overall scent is like a citrus-scented candle. A little fresh, a little earthy.
  10. bambi


    When I opened the imp, it gave me the impression of chocolates filled with cherries and cherry liqueur. It smelled so good, and I hope that that scent would translate onto my skin, but it was not meant to be. When this hit my skin, the orange blossom began its takeover, and the chocolate turned bitter. While the chocolate eventually softened and sweetened again, the cherry completely disappeared, and I was left with orange blossom with a hint of chocolate. It's pretty, but not what I expected or wanted.
  11. bambi


    This is such an amazing fruity scent. Banana and coconut are the first things I smell upon opening the imp, followed by a nose-tingling wave of chili pepper. As soon as I put it on, it goes through a phase where it smells like generic tropical hand soap, but then the notes start to separate and blend together in more harmonious ways. The red apple makes a strong appearance, backed by a soft, creamy, sweet coconut. I never do get much pomegranate, but I suspect it's there in the mix somewhere. I end up with a lovely, sweet coconut and pineapple scent with medium throw and good wear length. It's very energetic, and it will make a lovely scent in the summer.
  12. bambi


    When I opened the imp, I was hit with a wave of clove, oranges, and cinnamon. It gives very holiday-season-incense vibes. When I put it on my skin, it got suuuuuuuper earthy, which would be the spices and the patchouli. Just enough orange remained to remind me of an orange pomander tea I once had. Drying down, I start to smell like Big Red gum as the orange fades off. It ends with a very heavy, intense, spiced scent that would be lovely in a diffuser around the holidays but, unfortunately, isn't for me.
  13. bambi


    My first impression of this in the bottle was that it was sharp and spiced? Maybe that was the chrysanthemum. On my skin, it turned floral, but not particularly jasmine-y, and a powdery note crept in. This didn't morph very much on me, and I ended with a sharp, powdery floral musk. This was not at all sweet, and I did not get any sort of berry note from it.
  14. bambi


    I did not actually expect to like this one. All those flowers had me concerned. I opened the imp and was hit with a wave of pure jasmine. It smelled amazing, like actual jasmine flowers. I love the smell of jasmine in theory (like the real flowers), but in a perfume it has the potential to smell like an expensive hand soap. When I put this on, a tiny bit of fruit came out, though it didn't smell distinctly plum-y, and the overall image was one of late spring. It ended with a very jasmine-fronted floral that was quite bright and sweet. It's not something I'd wear often, and a little goes a long way, but I'll probably be keeping my imp.
  15. bambi

    Fortuna Huiusce Diei

    Oh goodness. This one took me on a rollercoaster ride. When I opened the decant, all I could think was, "why does it smell like a pickle???" I was prepared to be disappointed. It smelled sour and herbal, and really off-putting tbh. When I put it on my wrist, it morphed rapidly. At first, it smelled like the taste of a plant I once ate a bit of just to see if the plant in the centerpiece was real or not (I was a grown adult at the time, and I make bad decisions sometimes, but I figured out that the plant was indeed real). It was sour and and distinctly green. Both the plant and this perfume oil. After another few seconds, I was hit with a wave of apricot. Ok, so apricot and something green. It still didn't smell nice. But then the apricot sweetened. The green scent distinguished itself as a green citrus, which would be the bergamot. There's a tiny hint of the floral from the orange blossom, but it's barely there on me. Suddenly, this is very pretty and fresh. It doesn't have great throw on me, but it lasts for forever.