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  1. bambi

    Winter Scene in Little Russia

    This is not at all the type of scent that I usually go for. My partner requested a decant of this from the Winter collection and graciously let me try it, and it is the only scent from the Winter collection that I absolutely need a bottle of. In fact, this will be only the second scent that I've bought a full bottle of. This is a soft, very herbal lavender. Some lavender is more floral, and some is more herbal, and this lavender skews heavily toward the herbal. I can smell both the pine and the smoke, but they're somehow separate and the same. There's pine smoke, but there's also the smell of freshly crushed pine needles. The white tea is herbal, but slightly sweet to me (or maybe that's the snow note?), and it really just ties this all together. This honestly smells like a crisp winter wind. The kind that kind of burns the back of your nose a little. But there's something soft and slightly sweet about this, too. It's irresistible, and I love it.
  2. bambi

    The Icebergs

    In my decant, this smells like you just took a bite of a fresh peach, fuzz and all. There's a faint hint of apricot and the tiniest earthy hint of moss. On my skin, the peach is still the star, but I can smell something slightly green. It might be the fir needle, the moss, or the sap, but it's not distinct enough to place. As someone who amps rose, I was really worried that I'd get the rose out of this, but other than the slightest hint of something floral, I get none of it. The peach rescued this for me by being so strong. Toward the end, I'm getting little puffs of amber, and the scent as a whole has gotten muskier. This is in turn a warm and cool scent, and it matches the painting perfectly.
  3. bambi


    This is so lovely. At first the lavender is quite astringent, but it ends up softening considerably. I'm not sure what the sweetness is that I'm smelling. Sugar, tonka, marshmallow? Honestly, this smells like lavender-infused sugar or lavender marshmallows. It's so cozy and relaxing. It also lasts a long time on me. I put it on an hour before bed and woke up still smelling it on my skin after 8 hours.
  4. bambi

    Midnight Mass

    I'm not sure what version it is that I have, but this smells exactly like going to midnight mass with my grandparents when I was a child. It's nostalgic. It's woody, smoky, incense-y, with that lemony hint that some church incense has. It's thick without being heavy, and I'll be keeping my decant purely for nostalgic purposes since this isn't a me scent at all.
  5. bambi

    Happy and Dauntless and Sagacious

    Oh my goodness. In my decant, this is tart and bright, with both the beautiful raspberry and red currants shining. On my skin, this smells like I took a fresh raspberry and just *smooshed* it against my wrist. It's tart and fresh and so realistic. This is my first perfume with goat's milk as a note, so I'm not sure what it smells like, but there's a very slight creamy nuttiness happening here that I'm assuming is the goat's milk. It's not the star here, but it's giving the tart fruits something to rest on. I like this a lot. It's very refreshing and simple.
  6. bambi

    Cheshire Moon 2013

    In the decant, I get tart citrus, guava, and a soft floral. On my skin, I get a lot more herbs. The citrus is still present at first, as are a few more sharp fruit smells. The flowers stay soft at first, but then they start to smell soapy and get stronger. I'm not sure what lunar blossoms are, but whatever they are, they and the cherry blossoms take this scent over, and the fruit is barely discernible. It's disappointing that even with all these fruit notes, I get flowers instead.
  7. bambi

    The Ghosts of the Year

    In my decant, I get an herbal, musky, lemony scent with a slight nose-tickle from the pepper and a hint of earthiness. On my skin, this smells like musky lemon-scented floor cleaner, but not in a bad way. It smells like freshly washed wooden floors with the window open to let in the sunlight and breeze. It kind of reminds me more of a summer scent than an autumn one. Or maybe very early autumn. It's light and airy, and the musk and amber gives it a bright, fuzzy feeling. I end up mostly with lemongrass and woody notes, and I really like it.
  8. bambi

    Bleeding Walls

    At first, this is a very sweet cherry scent with a more bitter note lurking in the background. On my skin, there's a moment of cough-syrup smell, but it fades fairly quickly and turns sweet again. There's something with a fuzzy and musky quality; it might be the velvet-flocked wallpaper, whatever that's supposed to be. This isn't a bright, fresh cherry scent, but a fuzzy, sweet cherry plus almond that has a bitter note hiding out waiting to jump on you from the shadows. Definitely appropriate for the season and befitting the name Bleeding Walls.
  9. bambi

    Circe Invidiosa

    Upon opening my decant, I was very confused. Why does this smell like salted peanuts??? And then I remembered that both salt-spray and bitter almonds are components, and it all made sense. This smells completely different on my skin. With that number of notes, it's no surprise that this is a complex scent. One second I get salt and aquatics, the next I get pear and blackcurrant, then florals, then earthy notes of moss and cedar. It's beautiful. As it dries and settles, I get more of the florals. They're soft and almost creamy. Fully dried, the aquatics and florals makes this smell a bit like laundry detergent, but in the best way. I really like this.
  10. bambi

    Peppermint & Pine

    This is much stronger in my decant than it is on my skin. I get a sharp pine in the decant with a small amount of peppermint. On my skin, I get an explosion of almost-mentholy peppermint and very woody pine before it quickly settles and fades quite a bit. This is very airy and dry smelling. It's not at all sweet, and definitely smells cold. Since my skin devours this, I probably won't wear it, but I'll find other uses for my decant because I do really enjoy the scent.
  11. bambi

    Pomegranate Sufganiyot

    Wow! This is so RED. In my decant, it's bright, tart, and sweet red fruits mixed with a lovely soft dough smell. On my skin, these fruits are amazing. It's half fresh, half cooked fruits, and they are very bright. As it dries, this really smells like a jelly-filled doughnut, heavy on the jelly. This is probably my favorite suf I've tried so far.
  12. bambi

    Lan Yueliang

    This one is confusing to me. All those notes sound beautiful, but they don't seem to be working on me the same way they do in other perfume oils. In my decant, I get the blueberry, citrus from the lemon peel and bergamot, and an herbal edge from the bergamot and white tea. It's lovely at this point. On my skin, the white tea takes over a bit, pushing this into a more unisex/gender-neutral scent, and the lemon peel edges it closer to masculine. Unfortunately, the blueberry smells a bit like play-doh. I've never had this happen, so I'll be retesting this a few more times, but I was so sad.
  13. bambi


    In the imp, this is bright and tart with a small edge of earthiness. On my skin, it's largely the same. I can pick out the green tea and mango, but the fig and patchouli merge into a soft earthy note that gives this an edge. Unfortunately, this fades within minutes on me, so it isn't something I'll be wearing.
  14. bambi

    Drink Me

    This is wonderfully foodie, but not spiced, for those who are looking for such things. In the imp, I'm getting the toffee and custard very strongly, with the cherry and pineapple in the background, along with a very strong buttery note. On my skin, this doesn't morph all that much. The pineapple gets a bit stronger, but this stays a butter-toffee-custard forward scent. I love the cherry in this, though it isn't very strong. It's more of a memory of a scent that an actual note. When I lift my wrist to my nose and sniff, I smell everything EXCEPT the cherry, but when I pull away, the note that lingers in the back of my nose/throat is the cherry. Honestly, this smells like butterbeer to me.
  15. bambi

    Santo Domingo

    In the imp, this is a very strong, sweet tobacco with some spicy-smelling flowers. On my skin, it's still very strong, almost overwhelming. A very small drop will do for me. It's sweet and spicy and sexy, and the rum brings out a tiny bit of sharpness to balance it all out. Something about the sweetness of the tobacco says brown sugar or maple syrup to me, and this ends up a sweet, unisex perfume. It's definitely mostly sweet tobacco on me, but it's still very nice.