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  1. ND¢

    Womb Furie

    Agree with the Womb Furie love. Mine is 2010 for what it's worth, smoothly blended but the Snake Oil spices and (almost) incense match so well with the (almost) honey dust/setting powder vibe so well that it's an experience all its own. I love wearing this one out. Lasts a good long time but is mostly honey powder and ghosts by the end.
  2. ND¢

    2004: Paper Phoenix

    I think it's lavender that punches up first, but a very refined blend that isn't all over the place. The tea note, I think it is, is quite strong, and reminded me of my beloved Severin. Something about Paper Phoenix set off my deja vu super strongly. I like it.
  3. ND¢

    Albedo v5

    Initially sharp, it dries into a cute, bright sugary lemongrass cream with hints of complexity. Very light.
  4. ND¢

    Carry Me

    A very TKOey Dorian, that's for sure!
  5. ND¢

    Nagarjuna v2

    Very atmospheric. Reminds me at first of a high-end mainstream designer perfume, but quickly acquires some ineffable aura of dissolution, dissipation. I'm glad it stays pretty on me; it inspires a powerful sense of nostalgia.
  6. ND¢

    Hungry Ghost Moon 2006

    Light, green sweet fruit and tea. It does have that bit of sandalwood shoring it up. Perfectly blended, nothing eclipsing any other note.
  7. ND¢

    Blood Moon 2005

    Super musky with an overtone of Atomic Fireball. This blend is so aged, there's no way to describe the notes, it's too complex and incredibly evocative.
  8. ND¢

    Walking My Daughter to Class

    Love the bergamot, which is good because there's a lot of it. Severin, more than Dorian, is what this reminds me of a while in... Alas my beloved Severin, we hardly knew you.
  9. ND¢

    Frankincense & Ginger Root

    So this goes on SCREAMIN' HOLY MOTHER OF GOD sharpness (I think both components are just like that on me), goes through an interesting brand-new pencil smell phase on drydown, and then it's a faint scratchy/cuddly little poof of frankincense close to the wrist.
  10. ND¢

    Honeysuckle & Patchouli

    For a second on application this is the brassy younger sister of Badgers. I love Badgers. Then it has a vague stanky weirdness under the honeysuckle for a while, and it sort of trails off in a cute, slightly more complicated honeysuckle manner.
  11. ND¢

    Burnt Sugar & Blackberry

    I so wanted the blackberry not to go synthetic on me. I wanted the high note not to be so shrill (my assumption is that my skin is to blame for this one; I've experienced it where a fruit note to others is like a scented pen version of that fruit note on me.) Le sigh....
  12. ND¢


    I think what others have referred to as anise reminds me of fennel. Kind of an orange bran spice muffin with a bit of fennel in, and maybe a slightly overclocked lemon sugar topper.
  13. ND¢

    Snake Smut

    Cardamom's coming on a bit strong when paired with the red musk; wish it was more Snake Oil (I still like it)