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  1. ND¢

    Sugared Lace

    The tobacco blends so harmoniously with the champaca, which itself so nicely compliments the vanilla... This honestly smells so good I'm surprised it's legal. Words like 'delicate' don't do it justice! And I feel like a classier person when I'm wearing it. Love.
  2. Funny thing is, dry on my arm it's a light, cute version of Hod. Just minus the somewhat strident Carnation but... *shrugs* it's really nice.
  3. For me the vanilla is a dead ringer for the fancy baking vanilla and the sandalwood is very subtle, initially smoky and with a very organic twinge to it on the drydown. I can't stop smelling it.
  4. ND¢

    Martial Arts

    I think this might smell great on someone who can deal with the really vigorous drydown stage but it is murder on my skin chemistry. Very interesting, close, subtle scent once the PHWOOOOOO wears off.
  5. ND¢

    An Assortment of Spring Pleasures

    It's beautiful and it didn't smell like I was expecting it to smell. For me it is firmly in the (beloved) camp of original Hungry Ghost Moon, FFSZ1, Tamamo-no-Mae. I suppose I expected the cocoa and cashmere wood to ground it, round it out a bit more.
  6. ND¢

    PSL: Pumpkin Snake Latte

    Adding this review before this scent goes down: if you feel the Snake Oil variants during the Great Snake Oil Scare Ongoing have not been hitting the mark, I recommend you get a bottle of this at the minimum. It's by far the closest to Snake Oil As We Know It, with the guttery dark-pumpkin and coffee smell others have mentioned (which amps the Snake Oilness of the blend.) I would have sworn that this was made with Snake Oil™ and after getting this upon its release and sitting with it, I've decided to get some more.
  7. ND¢

    Cognac-Stained Sheet Ghost

    This blend is not overhyped. The hype is absolutely deserved. I blind-double-bottled this and I am absolutely coming back for another serving to give as courting gifts to my hypothetical future soulmate. So smooth that no one note stands over the others. Got a faintly Old West vibe, like Al Swearingen would be sporting it during an episode of Deadwood. This perfume is a SOUND. I love it.
  8. ND¢

    Triumphant Vulva

    This is a cool, sweet scent. I feel like the blossom is a touch indolic? or maybe the lotus root has a bit of a bite? Not smelling any tea rose from this, but it's fresh from the mail. The almond blossom and lotus root are the most notable for me, from the get go. I can tell the amber will come into play. ETA: There's the tea rose, a little, on the drydown. And the vanilla lending some depth... yes... yes... so elegant. so gorgeous.
  9. ND¢

    The Death Grapple

    The high note ('frozen' or fuzziness of the labdanum?) is a little sharp for me, but this is still a pretty, unique scent.
  10. ND¢

    Chaos Theory VII: Oriental

    Got an unknown # bottle... I'd say this is resinous and sweet, with some labdanum and a gentle almost dried flower note. It's a soft, gentle, fuzzy and sweet skin scent, like Antique Lace if it was utterly without vanilla.
  11. ND¢

    Tobacco Honey

    Honey with a strong, high top note that's aggressive and unusual but not unpleasant.
  12. ND¢

    Zonked in Paris

    Perfect authentic sweet, fresh strong coffee.
  13. ND¢

    A Little More Tea

    Corn chips? Dog feet? Skin chemistry can be brutal.
  14. ND¢

    Black Amber & Sugar Cane

    Had to search high and low before I was able to get a partial of this. What a dolt I am for not having snapped it up when it was live. You know what this reminds me of? Part of the gorgeous appeal of Snake Charmer. Nowhere near as complex and doesn't contain many of the needed elements but it's a whiff in common and I love it.