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  1. sth0

    El Segundo Blue

    There is something about most BPAL aquatics that smells like a gourmand or cloying dryer sheet perfume. I have had luck with Shunga aquatics smelling fresh and clean. This one is unfortunately a lot like Mermaid, Oceanus Procellum, etc. It smells like salty (almost almondy) dryer sheets. Oh, it makes me so sad I had high hopes. If you want a cleaner, less cloying scent from this collection, Echo Azure is my winner!
  2. sth0

    Cave of Treasures

    This is an expertly mixed scent. It is my Luper Winner. Wet, it is gloriously lilac, a bit foodie and sweet, but wow. Just gorgeous if you love lilac! It only gets better as it dries. It matures...It is almost like one of your grandma's perfumes bathed in the blood of virgins and was reborn young and sexy but sweet and adorable. Lilac lovers MUST TRY IT.
  3. sth0


    Wet: Smells just like ferret "poof" (when they release stink from their anal gland) and cat/ferret pee. I miss my ferret but I am also turned off. Initial dry: Less stinky (I am guessing it is oud, but it is quite a potent oud) and now I smell the rose. Rosy ferret... Dry: Yes. Rosy ferret. Fancy lady ferret. I dunno if I can go out in public smelling like this!
  4. sth0

    Like the Flashing of Light

    This is one of the most golden, gorgeous, uplifting scents I have ever worn. This is instantly a top 10. I feel utterly enraptured by it. It doesnt change much from wet to dry on me at all. It is magical. If you love warm, orangey, bright scents or you need something to lift you up, get this. I am already buying a backup.
  5. sth0


    I stupidly sniffed this imp and, despite immediate dislike, went ahead and tested it. Because RPG. And for science, yes. I think the "urban musk" must have the rank, nasty patch BPAL sometimes puts in stuff or the oudh used is nasty. Whatever it is, I smelled like dirty, skank nasty something. Maybe a gross plant or tree. Not skunk, skunk smells pleasant compared to what I smelled like. Maybe it is my chemistry but whatever it was, it was all kinds of wrong on me. To the point I was upset thinking people could smell it even after I scrubbed it off my wrist. It left a psychic taint. This was not how I wanted things to go down! Honestly, this was more like straight up Orc or Goblin Butt. My quest to find an RPG scent that suits me continues...
  6. sth0

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    Elegba, Tiki Princess
  7. sth0

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Maybe Eve or Poisoned Apple? Eve is one of my favorites but an aged version makes a huge difference.
  8. sth0

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I also wanted to add this comparison I just did of Morgause and Poison by Dior. I have a tiny tiny bottle of Poison esprit de parfum from many moons ago that I used for this comp. Morgause (2009 vintage) vs. Poison by Dior In bottle: Virtually the same! Really hard to tell the difference. I held both bottles up uncapped and sniffed each one in turn. Wet: Poison goes a little sweeter while Morgause gets a little sharp; must be the incense. There is a woody element to Poison that Morgause does not have. Morgause is definitely way more floral. Drydown: Morgause keeps its strong floral (mostly violet) and incense-y aspects and Poison gets very sweet and dark. Additionally: Horreur Sympathique vs. Poison Wet: HS smells nothing like Poison when wet! HS is sickly sweet as the honey and fruit notes are out swinging. Drydown: Rather sweet smelling compared to Poison. It has a subtle darkness to it but is still an aged sweetness with a hint of floral and resin. NOTES CHART: ________Poison by Dior (1985)____BPAL Morgause___BPAL Horreur Sympathique PLUM_________X___________________X?__________________X TUBEROSE_____X________________________________________ INCENSE_______X__________________X____________________ BERRIES_______X__________________X___________________X WOOD________X________________________________________ OPOPONAX____X______________________________________X HONEY________X_______________________________________X JASMINE______X__________________X?___________________ RESINS________X_______________________________________X FLORALS______X__________________X____________________X My verdict: The wood is an important component that grounds the scent of Poison and gives it its "oriental" (I hate that term) qualities. Layer if you want something similar to Poison from the GC, is my opinion. If you have a woody tuberose fragrance, use that with Horreur Sympathique. When I layered both Morgause and HS together, it did get a little closer but I still think it needs the wood to tie it together.
  9. sth0

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Unsure if anyone has made this comparison, but... The closest I can find (description-wise) to Nina by Nina Ricci are the Halloweenie Apple fragrances from a few years ago, namely Silver Apple of the Moon, Green Apple of Venus, and A close second, Coral Snake. The one issue is that there is no woody note in Coral Snake. Maybe Croquet, as well? I wish I could do this one
  10. sth0

    Notes That Don't Work, Blends That Do

    I can't find a vetiver that doesn't smell horrid on me. :/ I think maybe I just hate the smell. There was one scent I liked with oude in it, but I can't recall the name. Everything else has been overpowered by it. I thought I would love rose and oude together but it just smells dirty and unsettling. Oude also reminds me of scents that people wear around (department store scents I suppose) and I am not sure if those brands use particularly stinky oude but it is one of those notes that I pick out right away and gag over. Literal gag not fabulous gag. Oh, oh, one more! Berries. How I adore berries in anything but fragrance! Alas, they are really weird smelling/artificial in scents (Hollywood Babylon, Lady MacBeth, etc) and I don't know if it is my chemistry or just my tastes, really.
  11. sth0

    Notes That Don't Work, Blends That Do

    Elegba. I love the crap out of that one. I do love coconut, though, in general.
  12. sth0


    Even though I am sick right now, I can smell this so strongly. What a beautiful melon scent! It is matured and deepened by the tobacco note and the slightest bit of juniper to it. It remains a very fresh and light scent for awhile but doesn't last long on me.
  13. sth0


    Wet, Hymn has a biting resinous quality. It is difficult to smell the rose but the lily is there. I believe the myrrh is the element that smacks one in the face and makes itself known. When first applied, it is much the same as when wet only the rose sneaks out. It is rather unpleasant, in my opinion, for about an hour. Then the more noxious elements recede and it becomes a resinous rose. I am not willing to get through the long dry-down process to wear it again.
  14. sth0

    Her Voice

    I am so enamoured of this fragrance that I cannot give a true review. It is all honey and rose and beautiful flowers. This lasted over 10 hours on me. I got this as part of a PiF and I am utterly in love. It is about as amazing on me as Eve is. I adore BPAL honey-rose florals and this is one of the best. I am simply over the moon and desperate for a 5mL because the thought of my decant running out saddens me to no end.
  15. sth0

    Ariadne Brunnell

    Wet, this is way more subtle of a fragrance. Languid and floral, the peat and moss notes remind me of humidity (a connection in my memory) and the wet gardenia hints at that stereotypical Southern scent. As it dries, the gardenia appears. This gardenia is powdery and like neroli. Very much like it but without the sweet citrus tang. The lilies are a soft edge but do nothing to blunt the overpowering gardenia. Poppy blends into the gardenia note like a fraternal twin sister; just different enough but complimentary. I might try this in a scent locket but it seems that the gardenia is very amped on my skin. I feel like a Southern vampire prostitute