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  1. LaurieB

    Ill-Mannered Dragon

    So rude! Dragon’s blood resin, coconut, vanilla bean, and neroli. In the bottle, the vanilla and neroli combine to a sweet pastry, but--what a lovely surprise--this pastry has scales! Once on, the blood resin morphs slowly, bringing with it a whiff of fresh-smelling young coconut. After a few minutes, the neroli comes into its own, intwined with the now richer (almost) golden vanilla. This scent has excellent throw and is quite long lasting.
  2. LaurieB

    Reptoid Dominion

    I agree with the reviewer above. In the bottle, it has the same smoldering asphalt smell as "Sky City After" but the dry-down is much smoother and sweeter. Personally I love this scent--and I'm not a psychopath or a serial killer --Fairynymph, you made me laugh today!! In my locket, the dark, herbal quality is more pronounced, with a freshness that reminds me of a stream in a deeply shaded forest. The wet herbs and shrubs provide a dark enclave for our reptilian masters. It is a power scent, but like a slithering reptile, it's quick, beautiful, and subtle.
  3. LaurieB


    This was my surprise love of the C2E2 offerings--Really, really unique, and so unexpectedly lovely. Red musk and amber strike me first, but the gleam of metal is intwined in the fragrance so deeply it's impossible to overlook. To me, it reverberates like tin, with a sharp and clear note that slices through the rich amber and frankincense. I would say refreshing, but it's not; it's unsettling, but in a very good way. This is one that will elicit compliments, and will absolutely kill in a scent locket!
  4. LaurieB

    Sky City (After)

    This is my dream scent. Move over Oblivion--Sky City After is so dark and gritty you can almost taste the tar-smoked clouds and burning wood. Yep, I love that sort of thing, but lest you think this scent is unappealing, nothing could be farther from the truth. The charred wood bonfire fades into a wisp of clove smoke in the distance, and the burnt pavement mellows to a soft, worn stone. It is a beautiful, but poignant scent. There is a haunting sense of loss--as well there should be--and Beth and Co have captured it perfectly.
  5. LaurieB

    Gun Moll

    I love gun moll; there's something tough, yet nostalgic about it. Skin musk and red amber combine to form a very sexy base, while the tarragon, and, at the very end, the hint of gunpowder add a touch of menace. The fragrance is beautifully balanced; the dark fruits make their brief appearance last on me and the scent lingers for hours. I think this one will age wonderfully, and will prove to be as classic as blood-red lipstick.
  6. LaurieB

    Sky City (Before)

    SKY CITY (BEFORE) Urban paradise: fresh air, lush green parks dotted with dandelions, blooming gardens, glossy marble, shining metal, and a hint of asphalt. This scent is beautiful and direct--it smells like a fountain with wildflowers growing around it. A lovely spring day captured in a bottle. I get dandelions and cut-greens, along with a subtle nuance of water (but it's definitely not an aquatic) and wet stone. It has staying power for a scent so delicate--I've worn it all day at work and I can still catch a whiff of a freshly-mown lawn. Perfect for spring (or summer, or fall, or winter...
  7. LaurieB

    Are bpal blends all-natural?

    Hey everyone--We CAN make it stop!! --Let's go stalk the lunacy update--tonight should be the night!
  8. LaurieB

    Scent for Halloween?

    Ended up wearing Plunder, but it seemed oddly appropriate.
  9. LaurieB

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Oh, wow.... now I want them all. Thanks for posting!
  10. LaurieB

    Snow Scents!

    WOW!! Great list--thanks!!
  11. LaurieB

    Scent for Halloween?

    Thanksgiving I'll wear a hopeful, compassionate scent like Zephyr or Aureus. X-Mas I'll wear something from the new collection, Snowball Fracas if it's gray and slushy outside, Pink Snowball if it's mild with a light dusting of snow. And maybe In Winter In My Room (Drat! I hadn't even considered that one but the reviews sound super!) if we luck out and get a nice winter in the Midwest! New Year's Eve I ALWAYS wear New Years Eve in Dogville in my scent locket and get lots of laughs... Valentine's Day is too early to tell--we haven't seen the new Lupercalias yet!!
  12. LaurieB

    fizzy, sorta carbonated, sparkling blends?

    Y'HA-NTHLEI is way fizzy, at least to my nose. It's like drinking an ice-cold Seven-Up at the beach!!
  13. LaurieB

    Scent for Halloween?

    And for the day after Halloween--The Last Squished Jellybean!!! Yesterday (Halloween) I wore Count Dracula for a late-night showing of Paranormal Activities!
  14. LaurieB

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    I just tried The Lights of Men's Lives--pure, glorious beeswax! If you love the subtle smell of a burning, unscented wax candle, this one is for you! Oh, and the layering possibilities!!!
  15. LaurieB

    Looking for the scent of a cave...

    I've been a caver for many years, been in some caves in Florida too, and the closest I've found in BPAL to "wet cave" is The Clod and the Pebble, which should be relatively easy to find a decant of. Black Opal has the scent of a very dry, dusty cave, but some up in the panhandle are really dry. Oddly enough, because of the cave-spring connection in FL, some of the aquatic scents might work!