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  1. Wolfie79

    A Little More Tea

    The first thing I smell is cream, then cookies. I don't really detect any tea, which makes me a little sad, but this is still a nice cookie scent. I might have to see how this one ages before I give up on it.
  2. Wolfie79

    Autumn Cider

    Fermented apple juice, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, clove, lemon zest, butterscotch liquor, and orange slices. Cinnamon is almost ALWAYS a note-of-doom for me, so imagine my surprise when I was testing my sniffies and realized that I was enjoying an oil with cinnamon among the notes! I don't really smell the butterscotch, unfortunately, and when I apply this it is a crisp, clean sort of apple scent with only a hint of that cinnamon spiciness that usually goes so wrong on me. Definitely NOT a 'craft store in autumn' scent as I worried it might be. And the bottle art is SO precious that I would keep this one even if I couldn't stand to wear it.
  3. Wolfie79

    Pumpkin Princess

    I love that there is nothing at all cinnamony, pumpkin-pie-spicy, or buttery about this pumpkin blend! It's all sweet pumpkin, fruits and florals on me. It fades pretty quickly, but I love a good slater. I don't get any of the chocolate, and the guava and tiara are nice and subtle (I was worried about them as I don't 'do' tropical notes well), and they go surprisingly well with the pumpkin! Love this one, and will be keeping the back-up I bought on a forum-whim. ETA: The label is adorable!
  4. Wolfie79

    Sonnet D'Automne

    At first whiff after application, I have this weird olfactory deja-vu sort of feeling and get whiffs of vanilla and something herbal and just an eensy bit minty reminding me of Waltz of the Snowflakes, only way less heavily vanilla and way less 'woody' than WotS. The primary scent is that lovely, soft white musk note Then the vanilla/cocoa bit starts to creep out. It's a sweet, clean 'white' sort of smell, and then a faint, comforting sort of foodie. Finally, I get just the barest whiff of something *autumnal* smelling which I guess would be the leaves. I absolutely love this one, am certainly keeping my blind-ordered bottle and am considering a back-up when my weenie decants arrive and I place my real halloween order. I wore it yesterday and both people who were within sniffing distance of me commented positively. The white musk is stronger than I'm used to (not heavy - I like this) and lasts longer than white musk usually does on me. I applied it and was still sniffing white musk and a sort of cocoa-y vanilla more than two hours later. I wouldn't call it foodie, and I wouldn't call it musky. It just seems 'white' to me, and I LOVE it. It's not that leafy, spicy halloweeny kind of autumnal, it's colder like the first frost of the year.
  5. Wolfie79


    Rootbeer with just a teensy bit of tea and champaca on the dry-down. I'm hoarding this one.
  6. Wolfie79


    This smells just like buttered popcorn jelly beans to me.
  7. Wolfie79

    Blue Pumpkin Floss

    I get sweet cinnamon, and buttery pumpkin from this. Not a whiff of the blackberry. Thank goodness I ordered a sniffie first - now I can sell my bottle unused. (I shouldn't buy bottles unsniffed! Lol!)
  8. Wolfie79

    Blackberry Jam & Scones

    Very thick sweet blackberry jam, and the pastry is seriously *buttery* smelling. I would love to eat this!
  9. Wolfie79

    Lilith's Tea Party

    I agree with Kaylee - this reminded me of Teatime in Roswell. When I apply this first I smell strawberries + faint rosewater. Then I smell the cake note plus just a whiff of something like roasted coconut which I guess is the macaroon. A creamy note softens it all down to a lovely blend that fits perfectly with the idea of an imaginary tea party. I love this, despite not generally being a fan of foodie scents. I bought a second bottle after my first one arrived!
  10. Wolfie79

    Harvest Moon 2010

    In the bottle, I smell mainly the apple and the plum notes, I think. Once I apply the oil, I start to smell the apple + mulling spices (no heavy cinnamon, though, thankfully), and then the pumpkin. Not buttery or spicy pumpkin, just natural pumpkin. I'm not detecting the cedar or fir notes, but I do detect just a hint of something 'plant-like' in the background.
  11. Wolfie79

    The Unsteady Governess

    The white tea is really crisp and clean smelling, and the violet scent is definitely violet leaf, not the more purple-smelling violet flower. I do detect a sort of lemony note that I am 'blaming' on the white tea. Over all I like this scent, but I agree with an earlier poster who suggested it smelled more 'springy' to her than like a fall scent. I think I'll age mine til spring and try again.
  12. Wolfie79

    Green Tree Viper

    In the bottle: I smell the snake oil, but it is softened by a sweet mint. I don't really detect the green tea when I sniff the bottle. On my arm: Holy mintyness, Batman! I ADORE sweeter mint scents, and Snake Oil has that musky vanilla scent, so this is intense, sweet, sexy mint. After that initial sniff, I can detect afterthought of green tea, and just a teensy 'citrusy' whiff on the dry down. This is one of my ALL.TIME.FAVORITES. I must buy all rogue bottles of this scent, and purchase a 5ml of it everytime I place an order from the lab!
  13. Wolfie79


    Olive blossom, cardamom pod, amber, morning star lily, bergamot, and a well-aimed snowball. This is my favorite Shunga! Olive blossom and neroli are what my nose picks up. After wearing it for a few minutes, I start to detect the 'snow', but the olive blossom is the star of this one.
  14. Wolfie79


    This is my favorite shunga! I get the chesnut and rice immediately. On my skin, a honeyed, creamy sort of note comes out, too. It's like a creamy nutty musk. The slightest hint of geranium is lurking around in the background, but I do not think 'floral' when I smell this one. I just bought a bottle!