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  1. internetxplorer

    The Elephant is Slow to Mate

    doods, I have to preface this by saying this is my first ever bottle of bpal ~noob here~ but I feel I couldn't have been more happy with a first blind bottle. This blend is gorgeous, deep, sultry and very sexy. such a YUMMY blend of juicy, fruity reds cushioned by something deep, dark and incense-y, with just a hint of sweet, real mouth-watering vanilla... smells as though I'm walking into a old and cozy occult shop with lots of sweet incense --- not burning incense as I don't get too much smokiness, but un-lit, sweet, resinous incense in the bottle- sharp and fruity wet- juicy cherries/berries and red musk, patchouli and rose notes begin to make an entrance dry- the fruity notes have taken a back seat on me, this is when the that faint tobacco note becomes noticeable and the sweetness being to amplify and that hint of delicious vanilla bean really comes out to play other thoughts- the tobacco note is fairly subtle and more of a faint supporting role. I can tell it's there but just enough to give a smokey, incense-y type of vibe. Not too much experience with exactly what opoponax or lanbdanum smell like separately, but I'd have to assume they are the culprits for that sweet, resinous-y chew. I'm honestly so so happy to have found this gorgeous gem and couldn't be more happy with my first impression of bpal. she's delicious.