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    Lavender Coconut Cream Pie

    So it's night time here in ND¢towne and thus you're going to get a review of a lavender scent. If you are like me you have a collection that includes Lavender and White Chocolate Madeleines, TKO, Two Frames, Daybreak, and generally regard any new scent in that constellation as a potential member in the gang. I am pleased to say this one delivers. What I was worried about was this would just be a lav coconut scent, but you know that would never happen. The Black Friday release really allows the buzz to develop for this scent, doesn't it? Basically a free sample of a Yule? Well, the 'pie' aspect of this is the make it or break it and it is letter perfect, uncannily WTF like coconut creme pie almost. I agree with amoray that throw is light and it doesn't stick around, but that's the only 😕 and honestly I don't think you could just turn up the volume on this scent without it collapsing on itself like the ephemeral, yummy thing it is.
  2. ND¢

    Vampire Milk

    Unfortunately the combo of goats milk and clove bud has done what other BPAL cream scents have done on my skin, which is to smell extremely gross and animalic in a bad way, like pee or??? (had this with Young Pine Saplings too, and Chibi Skull, which did not have clove.) So frustrating, skin chem fail, just posting in case others get this reaction-- not alone.
  3. ND¢

    Vintage Ghost Blow Mold

    The initial wet smack was a bit stronger than I expected. It dries down to the sort of light, sweet, liltingly gorgeous sugary warm smell that no one would ever complain about. ETA: you definitely must get this. I find the opening/initial overtone that many have mentioned to have eased up/integrated into my understanding of this scent and it is fabulous. There's something about the drydown that's so compelling (it's the 'initial wet smack' and WoolyBee identified it as a 'clean overtone') but cannot identify anything close to the notes) I can't stop hoping for more whiffs.
  4. ND¢

    To a Wreath of Snow 2023

    It's a beautiful and haunting four-note chord, slightly dissonant... a classic left long, and long missed. Spectral, slightly twisted, aching vibe. Sooooo atmospheric. If you don't have it you really must. I would say it is for fans of Vision of the Courtesan, Zorya P., the lavender note from A Place Of Seeing maybe? So, very good.
  5. ND¢

    Batty Lace

    I would say that initially the caramel musk and leather do make it seem less like the precious, but that it also smells very good. The caramel musk and leather are very reserved and not at all overpowering. Quickly as it dries down I discern the resemblance coming out. I feel like the drydown is considerably Antique Lace like... it is definitely not identical but I am surprised at the similarity. Okay, I've matched OG and Batty. OG is very... brittle? Fragile? It's much more 'faded perfumes' dominant. The caramel musk and leather (extremely well balanced) provide a sort of here and now feel that Antique... well, hence the name obviously. Antique Lace has the high note of Pediophobia, Batty is definitely a gourmand style tribute with some sugar and a firm base that AL lacks. ETA have had it for a week and am thoroughly pleased. This is a scent that stands on its own, opening a warm and beckoning door into BPAL current and past, at the same time it pleases those of us who miss days gone by.
  6. intrigued by the reviews though generally not 'a floral lover,' I grabbed a bottle. you know what, I almost get the comparison to apricot. it's such a unique floral, not at all brash or overbearing. I think I remember this from They Shut Me Up In Prose, but I prefer the simpler chord this combo strikes. Fuzzy apricots, heh, because of the benzoin. I wish the vanilla were a bit more dominant, but there's time.
  7. ND¢


    One of my favorites. Was difficult to find and I'll always be grateful someone decided to pass this on to me. There's a definite orange blossom floating delicately over the sensual mix that is honey and brown sugar with saffron sprinkled recklessly atop. There is something to that 'tonka and tobacco leaf' and I think it's another leg of this stool. Adding the nonvanilla of tonka and the tobacco's bright note to the honey et al.
  8. ND¢


    wet: this is fuckin' sassy. drydown: this is a lace. I like this. Tom mentioned the sass on another SMS, and it's here. There is an element of definite 'frill' that keeps this scent right at the front of your consciousness. You wear this when it's a big day and you're a big deal. It's not a strong rose. I say this as NOTTTTTT a rose wearer. I can bring off this amount of rose when other players are carrying their weight-- it's just so often they don't. I feel like....yeah. It's sweet, and the satin note/musk/fougere chord may be a bit high, but I feel like it goes overboard in precisely the way the art dictates. And a good vanilla as the wearing continues--really more of a lace cousin since it hasn't got the lace components and is using the fabric notes, silvered frill, musk/fougere base instead. A good representation of the art.
  9. ND¢

    A Girl Knitting

    The opening was a bit brasher than I was prepared to handle (not sure why as the word 'battle' is in the description.) I compared it to a white tea scent or something herbal.
  10. ND¢

    They Shut Me Up in Prose

    so this is a very unique primarily floral perfume. I wanted to say, when it was on wet, that it was sexy in a demure-but-very-up-close way. Very intimate, very sweet, and about 45 minutes in giving me an impression of a perfect rose, carved in lipstick. There's just this light layer of unreality about it.
  11. Initially this made me think, 'huh! Ghost Milk!' and indeed it felt like a simpler sandalwood version, but dried down emphasizing the very smooth sandalwood. If you are like me and don't know your sandalwood, this is not the same as And Though They Are With You. It is equally lovely in its own right; a bit brighter or more textured sandalwood.
  12. ND¢


    Another 'power trio' winner. Beth knocks it out of the park really consistently with three-note blends if you haven't noticed. Vision of the Courtesan, Kitten With Shamisen.... Rope Pulley... matter of fact go down the Luper reviews and you'll see what I mean. This is like Vanilla Husk, Nutmeg & Hay Absolute and Zorya P had a baby, and if you love those you will love this. I will say the sandalwood/tobacco smoke upon drydown as the oil warms up on my skin are really something special. A delicate but absolutely sexy blend.
  13. ND¢

    Sleeping Cat

    In the bottle oh my, spiced? amber? wet on skin... Definitely sweet. There's a high 'note' or aspect to this... I want to say labdanum? It reminds me of amber with a labdanum spritz... a very simple seeming scent, and it will age brilliantly I'm sure. Quickly dries down and calms down. I was surprised by the zing. This is fresh from the mail. Lots of throw. ETA this drydown is SMOOOOOTH AF. and I stand by my original assessment of spiced amber.
  14. ND¢

    Autumn Lace

    I feel like this reminds me of Black Lace with a subtle dead leaves note and Dark Lace with a little less soil? I love it. It lasts and lasts on my skin and smells *expensive* and dissolute and so good.
  15. ND¢

    Pink Lovebird

    Definite agree the new version is a primarily white cake and cotton candy scent. Sugary light cardamom on application, basically all cake on the drydown (I am enjoying this scent, my first BPAL cake perfume!)
  16. ND¢

    U Strip

    U Strip is very fresh and cute. I want to say this is not a very vetivery vetiver? Smooth, well-blended, and I'd say the word lace is chosen carefully. It's not a 'Lace' note but it's absolutely delicate and very fine. I keep wanting to say, 'green?' 'green?' but not herbal or forest. A very fresh, non-suntan coconut. A very light layer of sweetness over it. Something holding it all up.
  17. ND¢

    Kon Kurabe Tama No Ase

    OK so I'm expecting a cinnamon clove blowout but this is a foodie delight. The obvious two spicy suspects do die down a little as they dry down a little... custard is a good way to describe... faint green cardamom puddingy.... there's a lot of creamy richness rounding this out. Verdict: absolutely yum
  18. ND¢

    Highest Quality Vagina

    Floral whoop? no, it's the incense (this is a significantly more incensey incense than Dried Cherry Incense and Spun Sugar) I have the feeling the sweet almond and incense are overwhelming this blend right now. I wouldn't weigh in one way or another until it's rested, as it's a bit of a cacaphony right now.
  19. ND¢

    An Introduction to Illustrious Kabuki Actors

    it's the And Though They Are With You GOAT sandalwood or something very like it going on smoothly and instantly blending with the vanilla bean and buttercream! MMMM, round and sweet and the ooo... so the fig froth! and the sandalwood! This is a sassy combo! The fig rides right in, HELLO, and it's a perfect choice with the sandalwood lending it that firm bottom note (heh 'firm bottom') if you like And Though They Are With You but would like its jazzy, richer, slightly flamboyant bro... Verdict: absolute keep this ROCKS.
  20. ND¢

    Dried Cherry Incense and Spun Sugar

    Fresh from mail. Wet, toned down reminds me of Cherry Red, but quickly I see the understatedness that is dried cherry... okay yes this broadens to a less billowy CHERREH and then I see where the... if this is incense this is an extreeeeeemely high quality incense, not brash, just a little curling up of the scent at the end to indicate that you are smelling incense not dried cherries. It is well blended. It doesn't smell like F**K but could be a cousin. It's... light? Cute? Doesn't smell so much like cherries at all after a bit. Definitely unburned light sugary dried cherry incense, resting in a polished wooden cup as your hands trace the engravings on the display while you're thinking about how sweet and richly sexy the atmosphere will be in your home after you light it. Verdict: definite keep and suitable for immediate wear!
  21. ND¢

    Pink Silk Peony

    Fresh from the mail. Goes on kind of a jumble with the rose strong. This is definitely a silk rose... There's a 'I'm smelling a rose scent' VS 'actual rose' vibe... Beth is a genius... slight sharpness from the 'silk rose' but the sillage is already pretty and delicate. Initially a light bit of cotton candy... Okay, the 'jumble' I smelled was rose and peony tumbling. Now it's smooth, rose is dominant, cognac is very understated and not like a hard shot of cognac. A little jammy? Verdict: pretty and worth aging but must love roses for this blend. Not a 'cotton candy' scent.
  22. ND¢

    Clown Footstool

    Knew the tuberose was going to be the difficult sell on my skin. It billows out, sort of elaborately, and gives (along with the buttercream) a really funny and accurate feeling portrait of clown antics, all caked up and sugary and a little fake. Which I sort of knew. But you know, I really do like a good gardenia note, and this is perfectly blended to tone down into something more pleasantly smooth, kinda coasting along on a gardenia-sugary cream sandalwood. The tuberose is there, still being a little too brightly cute, but it's not dominating the drydown.
  23. ND¢

    Haunt 2021

    I get the hype. My only dead leaves scent is the original October and this does a good job of being a 'fresh' dead leaves scent, not cologney, opening up into mostly a Snake Oily amber and fire smoke. Touch of gentle lavender, ghost of Dorian maybe. Edited to add: This has aged beautifully. It quickly becomes something not dead leaves, not Snake Oil, not Dorian... entirely itself, and very beautiful! So glad I have it.
  24. ND¢

    Strawberry Buttercream Sufganiyot

    Hmm, I could see buying a backup. Light, sweet strawberry, richness, dough. Just so warm and fun. I would say this is going to be one you'll wish you collected!