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  1. krazyanjel

    Eve's Big Apple IV

    So Apple IV smelled SO familiar when I applied it wet, but it was like I couldn't place it... Lightbulb moment!! Remember when Black Lace got rereleased, and somehow had apple the second run of them? ( It's since aged off in my BL but it really was lovely.) Anyway, this is exactly as I remember that having been. It's as though it could be one of the Laces. It's beautiful. Love.
  2. krazyanjel

    Honeysuckle blends

    If you can hunt down some Joyful Moon, that is painfully pretty. A soft vanillaish honeysuckle.
  3. krazyanjel

    Beaver Moon 2011

    Lavender honey cheesecake. I don't usually review, but since nothing was up yet for this and I know people are curious, I figured I'd dive in. In the bottle: Buttery, almost like Boo with a hint of lavender. Yum. On the skin: Gloriously pretty. Honey is a death note for me, so this lunacy was an act of faith that ended in WIN!! Starts like a softened TKO. Creamy with a touch of light lavender. This isn't the strong, herbal, medicinal lavender of TKO... it's much more similiar to TKO when it's been on your skin settled in for an hour. Smooth lavender with a creamy base. I know I keep saying creamy, but it's all my mind can wrap around. This is smooooooth. Honey didn't even show up at all on me (shock!) except to support the cream with a touch of powder. Not too much. It's pretty perfect, actually. Just enough. Dry: Lavender fades pretty quick, leaving a soft hint of cream. It's very light. Like getting out of the shower after using shower gel. Close to the skin. This isn't something people will say "Your perfume smells good", it's a "You smell good scent". Very light. It's really nice, and I'm hoping once it has the time to settle, it will strengthen up a bit. Overall: LOVELY!!! So gentle, this is a scent you can wear around people that have sensitive noses, or a baby shower/wedding where you want to smell gorgeous, but not stand out because of it. Fades fast, but hoping that will change a bit. Really, REALLY glad I chanced and snagged a bottle. This is incredibly pretty! Edited because I can spell. I swear I can!
  4. krazyanjel

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    I have a stumper.... I have 2 bottles of Black Temple Burlesque Troupe, and one has lemon in it? Like, lemon pledge. Its weird, dude. I've tried it on multiple occasions, wondering if it's a skin chem. thing, but nope. Definately heavy lemon. Crazy.
  5. krazyanjel

    Licorice Bats

    I really, really like this. There's no real morphing, from application through drydown. It's warm black licorice and a slight sweetening of cocoa. This smells like those scented markers you can buy, or remember those pencils you could get in the early 90s that had the scents to them? With the scented erasers? I know that sounds strange, but if anyone else remembers those, as soon as I sniffed this, I was taken back to being 10 years old and wanting to gnaw on my plastic retractable pencil. Sooo good. Sweet, without being overly so. I do wish it lasted longer on the skin, but it's amazing while it lasts. I actually find myself craving this scent now. I'm sure I'll grab a backup before these go away, because I really do love this scent. I'd give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars.
  6. krazyanjel


    Samhain '10 Ok, I don't normally do reviews, but this....Oooooh, THIS needs a review. Samhain is glorious. I was always drawn to the idea of it since I started collecting BPAL, and yet I never chased after it. I wish I hadn't wasted so much time not rolling around in this. This is exactly what I've been craving, but nothing was ever quite right. This is perfection. Wet, this is cider apples, mixed with slight spice and a wisp of patchouli smoke. I get nothing medicinal that some others had found...for whatever reason, this just loves my chemistry as though it were born for it. Warm and thick without being heavy cider apples. This. Is. Autumn. Dry down, the patchouli fades, and what this becomes is apple pie baked apples dipped in honey. Honeyed spicy baked apples. How this can be, I don't know, because my skin HATES honey notes. All honey notes go nasty on me. Somehow Samhain has tricked my chemistry into behaving with the warm, delicious honey drenched apples. I'm in heaven. At some point late dry down (est 1.5 hours in) this starts to really amp the sweetness of the apple... almost to a sickening degree, but never quite getting there. It stays just under the red alert level of "too sweet". Dry: The honey has pulled back, and I'm left with sweet apples... Kind of like when an apple becomes just over ripe and falls to the ground of an orchard. It's a ghostly scent, because if I put my nose to my skin, I can't smell it, and yet somehow I still keep getting rather strong phantom wafts. Beautiful. Just beautiful.
  7. krazyanjel


    Hod (Res.) was basically pure Carnation. From the bottle, to the skin, to the drydown. Wet, I got a soft background of vanilla, until the carnation had to go and stomp it out. 10 minutes until it faded away 2.5 hours later, it was like a carnation SN.
  8. krazyanjel

    Monster Bait: Closet

    I was super excited to try this one, and it fell flat on me! Wet, it's very much like Beaver'sary. Rich, creamy with a deeper berry kick. Like the older, cooler sister of Eat Me. Upon drydown, the buttercream dies away, leaving me with sharp, tart blackberry that hates my skin. Curse you, chemistry! Curse you!! This pretty baby is on its way to a great new home. It was just too pretty to sit hidden in my box. On someone else, this will be incredible. On me, sharp berry and not a whole lot of anything else. *sigh*
  9. krazyanjel

    Great Grey Witch

    This is very smooth and dry. It is identical to Staged Moon Landing on me. Strong orris. It's very pretty, but I don't know that I'll keep it when SML and GGW are both the same drydown on my chemistry. I do think that I might prefer GGW to Staged Moon, as the chamomile is nice and soothing. I could use this as a nice sleep scent. If you liked Staged Moon Landing, go for GGW!!
  10. krazyanjel

    Chaos Theory VI: Recursive Self-Similarity v7

    #192- Gooooorgeous. Smooth, light vanilla with Plumeria. There is a smidge of sweetpea as well, but not enough to be overpowering. As it dries, the plumeria really blooms and takes center stage. Very, very pretty. I have got 2 other incredible CTs, but Im waiting to review them until they age out a bit. Right now they smell identical to one another...you'd think I'd bought a backup. They're the same thick vanilla as Closet and Eat Me. No other notes come forward, just hardcore thick yummy 'nilla. They are lovely, but until they get some age to them, there's not much more to report....perfect for layering, or wearing on it's own. I think they'll age amazingly well.
  11. krazyanjel

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    LOL, ain't that the truth? How recently did you buy your backups of BL that didn't have the apples? My question above that'd found the answer to was actually inquiring on if DD was still selling the apple version, because I want one without the apple...I looked in the BL reviews, and a most recent post of about a week ago mentioned apples again...so Im thinking the apple version is the one they still have. (Dangitt.) Good for you, bad for me! Ha! BTW: to people who DID get the apples version...pull it out and give it another test drive, if it's hiding in an aging box. The apple seems to be mellowing! Im holding on to mine, just to see what happens down the road, like a science experiment. The vanilla is starting to peek out from the over powering uber apple, becoming more of what I was hoping it might be. Just FYI.
  12. krazyanjel

    Staged Moon Landing

    I'm right there with the other 2 lovely posters. If you're down with Silver Phoenix, this may be just the thing for you. Starts out clean, almost metallic. I didn't care for it wet, but decided to stick it out. Wet, it just seemed too sharp. Like WD40 on metal. Upon dry down/within 15 minutes: This really smoothed itself out! The dusty vanilla emerged to sand down the sharp edges, resulting in a lovely, soft, dry vanilla that reminds me of a spoon that was used for eating vanilla ice cream, that's been left out through the night. Cool spoon, dried vanilla ice cream. It's rockilicious. A nice, light scent. You could slather this, or dab it and for some reason this seems that either way, it's going to come out just right. This seems to dry down to a "your skin, but better" vanilla. Well done, Beth! Very, very nice.
  13. krazyanjel

    Skytyping with Chemtrails

    Love, love, gonna need a vat of it, so I can backstroke it in....love. Plainly put...remember those powdered sugar covered lemon balls you'd eat as a kid? And lemonheads? This is THAT. It also reminds me of a candy necklace...when you would nibble some, and the ones next to the candies you bit off get a little wet, so your neck smells like sweet and tart sugar? Yea, it's that good. Get some...heck, get two. This one is going to be a hit. Ok, now that my love is expressed properly, allow me to give you some more helpful details. In the bottle: Pledge-ish. Do not be afraid. Fear not, little one. Press on. Wet on the skin: Super tart lemon, with a slight herbal hit. Almost tart enough to pucker your nose. Drydown: Within minutes, the lemon softens and the herbal edge fades away. The sugar seems to emerge to round it all out, leaving your skin in a lemon sugar candy glow. This isn't bagged 1.99 a pound sugar.....it's that powdered coating on candy. Crystalline. Shimmering sugar. The light herbal is still there, hiding, grounding it all. Beautiful. If this is mind control, I'm all for it. Take me to your leader.
  14. krazyanjel

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    *found the answer myself* Sorry...nothing to see here. Continue with your regular programming.
  15. krazyanjel

    Beanman & Beanwoman Prepare to Attack the Vagina

    This one was tricky to pin point how I felt about it. It was more of an experience, so sorry if this seems a ramble. I was uber excited to get my hands on it, ripped open the packaging and found: In the bottle: Sharp. Green. Def. not what I was expecting. On the skin: Some strange background flower that is playing on my subconscience. I can't quite place it, but my mind keeps coming back to the idea of dandelions. Its not floral, more the crisp green of a dandelion. Then came the suntan lotion. Pure suntan lotion with the bite of dandelion juice that squeezes out of the stem when you pop the head off. Not what I was expecting at all..... I set it to the side feeling really "Meh. Bummer" about it, and decided since it is a glorious day, Id ride up to the store. With my order, I had also gotten some Eat Me, and now I was craving cupcakes. I hopped in the car and rolled the windows down, threw on my sunglasses and started to drive. Sun pounding, arm out the window, radio playing. I drove a little while, and White Stripes were on, so I cranked it up....and then it hit me. Holy crap, this is summer. Summer in a bottle. What started "meh, suntan lotion" magically became "Holy crap, this is SUMMER!!" The sun had warmed my arm so that the blowing wind tossed the scent all around, and the combination of suntan lotion, dandelions, and some sunglasses transformed a scent that was going to the "maybe someday I'll try it again" pile, to a "you will only pry this from my cold, dead hands" scent....to me it is flip flops, BBQs, and tanning in the sand. Tank tops and beach balls. Dry: Sweet, sunkissed skin after a day at the beach. Sunken in sun lotion and warmed skin. Holy moly. I will never part with this. ETA: layered with Snow White is... *sigh*. I think I need a moment.