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  1. starfish327

    The Listeners

    I do my reviews on facebook first, and I test without the note list first. Orris, violet, and white musk almost never work on me. I had no idea I owned this and don't even recognize the name This is where a bad skin fit still is a great perfume In the imp: oh redacted what is that. No idea. Chemically but obliviously deliberately that way Wet: white musk and lemon Dry: it reminds me both of a hospital and J Horror. This is truly evocative and truly not me. There’s wood in there, and something base With notes Ok. There’s the musk, the lemon is yuzu. I can tell the amber and lilac now that I know. The orris and violet are the baseness I was getting. sometimes it shifts into a really nice lovely spring perfume and sometimes it shifts into all the ways these notes can go wrong on me.
  2. starfish327

    Blood Pearl

    In the imp: oh god Orris root or violet. Like nose wrinkling bad. Not notes I love Wet: nothing. Then restrained orris. It’s not the worst on me but I don’t enjoy it either Dry: musky orris. And a floral, maybe rose? I'm guessing that's trying to be the coconut, or something that makes up blood musk. This isn’t ‘meat violet’ but this isn’t a blend I -like- either so it’s in the enabling bag even before notes
  3. starfish327

    Yule Cat

    2020 vetiver likes me but it likes me a little too much. Once if ages it calms down and lets the rest of the blend play. right now this nothing but a new vetiver single note. It’s a very green almost mentholy vetiver. I’ll let this age and the vetiver calm down before I make a call
  4. starfish327


    In the imp: Rose and I think Apple Wet: rose and fruit Dry: classic rose. Tea rose. What’s sometimes called old lady rose. Pink rose. There’s enough fruit to keep it from going powdered My scent interests have shifted to where I can appreciate a rose when it’s not stomping everything else into oblivion. This is rose, and one or the combo of the fruits are making this work. It’s not a weak rose though and I can see this getting the old lady perfume criticism out of some people but if you like classic perfume types and can ever find this one do it.
  5. starfish327

    Dead Leaves, Tunisian Amber, and Smoked Balsam

    This starts as smoked pine, almost as a single note. It’s not burning pine, it’s smoked pine which is distinction I’m not sure I’ve come across before. It does hit a smoked amber state, and eventually settles into dark amber. I’m not getting the dead leaf note at all. i like smoke, pine and amber so I’ll keep the decant but this isn’t a bottle upgrade.
  6. starfish327

    Doleful Pipe Organ

    My mod team for the Halloween group I modmin for asked me to review this one it’s clear with black blobs in the imp: almost minty with woods and smoke. It smells like cork grease wet: cork grease with smoke dry: cork grease with woods and a distinct motor oil note. It settles into an incense with the oily woods and cork grease it smells like the inside of my old clarinet case and Halloween. I wouldn’t call it pretty but it’s very wearable and I really like it
  7. starfish327

    Cruising Through Bedlam

    skin scent: citrus, spices, dark. reminds me of a yule energetically: I work in a highly chaotic and intense industry, one that sounds more staid and balanced on paper than what often works out. Things go sideways so frequently I almost function better in high chaos than 'normal' calm days because I don't know how to just...move forward in a calm manner. 2020 threw us specific challenges and changes that caused a near 180 shifts in some situations. When I pull energy, and it really gets moving, I sometimes laugh, and this gives me that feeling. it's like being on a roller coaster or a haunted house. It definitely feels like a boost in energetic movement, but in a very calculated way. This feels like one of the darker TALs I've worked with, though that's certainly not a negative and definitely has its place in my box.
  8. starfish327

    Amber & Cardamom

    This came in less than 24 hours ago, and this one still needs to settle *dark oil when applied in the bottle-sort of dusty/stale cardamom and slight amber wet: absolutely nothing (not rare for oils that need to settle more on my skin), then a gorgeous sugared style amber. dry: this is my favorite style amber, and it’s beautiful. Nothing here yells cardamom right now with my chem but it’s also not a straight up amber. Something is sort of warm and spicy hiding in the background. I’m hoping age pulls the cardamom forward a little but even if it never does this is a pretty enough amber that I’m still happy with this blend
  9. starfish327


    (Unsure if this is a repeat review for me, my imp is new as of 2021) In the imp- Pom with something keeping it from being a single note. I don’t think I would call it a rose but the pom isn’t alone in there wet- yup that’s a pomegranate. It’s actually a gorgeous almost winey pomegranate dry-pom, pom, pom, HI I AM THE ROSE YOU ORDERED. it’s one of the better roses I’ve tried wearing but it is absolutely dominating this blend, it might as well be a spicy rose single note. I rarely if ever want to smell this plainly of rose but I have a friend who wants to test this so it already has a new home.
  10. starfish327

    Red Lace

    I didn’t even know there was a red one. I found it in a grab bag. In the imp-something woody, spicy and sweet. Immediate impressions, the old fashioned candy store at the top of the hill Wet- oh I like this. This is my favorite lace so far. Red sweet candy grounded out so it’s not foodie or youthful. Wine if you took the booze bite out. Dry: BIG. Big red fruits and resins. I get the lace feel more than the normal vanilla that comes through. I think it’s helping warm this. I don’t get the musk or the patch other than a sort of dirtiness other than again there’s a solid base that’s keeping this from being a foodie. Longer dry: the wood and the tobacco start showing up in the sillage but not on skin. This hasn't hit a phase that I haven't liked. This is truly very nice.
  11. starfish327


    I work in a fairly high stress fast paced industry. This is a very centering but not necessarily grounding oil, it's good for moving energy forward and finding the best usage of that energy. My personal review elsewhere was that it's the type of feeling you get after a good strategy session. It's not necessarily an oil I would reach for as a perfume oil, it's pretty dry and too woody. It's not unpleasant however.
  12. starfish327


    In the imp- hello vetiver Wet- the vetiver would like you to know that the rumors are true, it can in fact smell like bbq and creosote Dry down-I like vet blends enough to know to ride it out. Eventually the vet calms down to a murky greeness in the background and the blend becomes surprisingly light. It's very vegetal and I suspect a black resin in there somewhere. Heavily masculine and probably would do well in a body product. I honestly don't hate it but I'm not sure I'm ever going to want to smell like this straight up but I'm in a 'try layering everything with amber' stage and this might be fun to dirty up blends.
  13. starfish327

    Apple Butter Rum

    I get nothing of the apple or even the rum. It's straight up pastry, maybe oatmeal cookies. Something very close to skin is going plasticy. At least this cookie is baked, unlike my issues with gingerbread notes reading as raw on my skin. It's actually very comforting though I will try layering it with an apple dominate blend.
  14. starfish327

    High-Strung Daisies

    Overbearing pink gum and something that smells like that pink antibiotic they gave kids in the 80s.
  15. starfish327

    Père Noël

    Almost single note citrus, straight through. The longer on skin, it warms up a little. It's a wet, juicy orange, not like cleaner. This is another blend that goes a little flat on me alone but will be nice for layering to boost other orange blends.