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  1. starfish327


    In the imp- hello vetiver Wet- the vetiver would like you to know that the rumors are true, it can in fact smell like bbq and creosote Dry down-I like vet blends enough to know to ride it out. Eventually the vet calms down to a murky greeness in the background and the blend becomes surprisingly light. It's very vegetal and I suspect a black resin in there somewhere. Heavily masculine and probably would do well in a body product. I honestly don't hate it but I'm not sure I'm ever going to want to smell like this straight up but I'm in a 'try layering everything with amber' stage and this might be fun to dirty up blends.
  2. starfish327

    Apple Butter Rum

    I get nothing of the apple or even the rum. It's straight up pastry, maybe oatmeal cookies. Something very close to skin is going plasticy. At least this cookie is baked, unlike my issues with gingerbread notes reading as raw on my skin. It's actually very comforting though I will try layering it with an apple dominate blend.
  3. starfish327

    High-Strung Daisies

    Overbearing pink gum and something that smells like that pink antibiotic they gave kids in the 80s.
  4. starfish327

    Père Noël

    Almost single note citrus, straight through. The longer on skin, it warms up a little. It's a wet, juicy orange, not like cleaner. This is another blend that goes a little flat on me alone but will be nice for layering to boost other orange blends.
  5. starfish327

    Bobbing for Apples

    In the imp-perfumy apple. Not fall candle apple, but closer to that than orchard apples Wet: apples and water. Definitely smells like the bobbing tub Dry: it keeps alternating between a pure sweet aquatic and the wet stage I wish there were slightly more apple with this, but apple is currently one of the notes I'm hoarding so I'm sure I could layer it
  6. starfish327

    Rose Recommendations - which blend is for me?

    I've been out of the loop for awhile now. If I like Eve, which is rose, apple blossom, honey, and something else I don't remember off the top of my head, is there something I should be keeping an eye out for?
  7. starfish327

    The Fox Sisters

    In the imp-I get apple and something woody Wet-all apple Dry-apple and vanilla with something like a wood, but may not be a wood, in the background. It's not terribly complex on me, but I've bought three or four blends like this since Yule so this is definitely the type of oil in into right now. It's actually very pretty.
  8. starfish327

    Daphne Honey

    In the imp: honey with a floral I don't recognize Wet: it smells like honey cough syrup. The floral is still there but it smells like an herbal, like herbal tea Dry down: the longer it's on the more complexity it picks up. The honey gets very rich and sticky, and I can see the candy comparison. There's something in this that reads as red fruit but I suspect is actually a flower interacting with the honey. This is the best of the plant + honey blends I've tried. Sensual though I wouldn't necessarily call it sexy.
  9. starfish327

    Phoenix Steamworks

    I worried a little about this one, metal often turns to screaming and headaches on me In the imp: high pitched citrus Wet: sage, citrus, and amber. Not navel orange, maybe orange and lemon? Dry: the amber pulls back and is just the citrus and the sage. The sage starts fading and I get a nice sweet citrus. I rather like it.
  10. starfish327

    Fortuna Liberum

    I bought a bottle when first released and it was a very dry honey dominant blend. It has aged into a lovely, creamy orange and strawberry blend. I don't necessarily get Creamsicle from it, the honey is still fairly dry and keeps it from going that foodie on me.
  11. starfish327

    Al Azif

    In the imp I get a vaguely sweet sharpness [i'm still getting my note awareness back] Wet on the skin: ...nothing. Absolutely nothing. It's actually disconcerting. Dry: I eventually I get something like the long dry down of a floral incense with a smoke note. If I try I get the maple note, but it's the way sap smells when being boiled. Either I'm completely nose blind to this one or my meds are doing it no favors.
  12. starfish327

    Belle Vinu

    This one will require another testing but I think I like it? Something in this is trying to go sour on my skin but woods as a whole tend to work well on my skin and are keeping this fairly stable. The vanilla and the peach push this to the sweet side. The longer it's on skin the sweeter and warmer it becomes. It had been slightly powdery, but both the softness and the powdery feel are burning off. I don't know if I'm going to want this to wear alone but as a layering blend it has space in my box.
  13. starfish327

    Has No Hanna

    Hmmm...another white floral that smells slightly off on me that turns to soap. -However- this is a ritual oil of a type [i'm sure there's a better word, the coffee hasn't kicked in yet] so I'm interested to see if it works as intended.
  14. starfish327


    I'm retesting and re-reviewing everything I own due to medical/medicine changes. In the imp-I would have pegged this as a white floral, but I sometimes get that from lilac Wet: Oh gods what have I done. Something in this does not like me at all. I would have definitely put money on there being white musk in this blend. Dry: Meat. It smells like meat. And hairspray. Sometimes violet on me is great, and sometimes it's meat. This is a meat blend. into the frimp box you go.
  15. starfish327


    I get a blast of the lab's almond note, which goes to syrupy fake cherry on my skin, then it's layered with stale coffee cake. As it settles that combo burns off until I'm left with a sort of generic Halloween candle vibe. The longer it's on skin, the more it settles and the more I like it, but I don't see myself reaching for it either.