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    Current favourites include Banshee Beat, Antique Lace OG, Snow White 04/05, Silver Haired Bat, XCDL13, MB Underpants, Boomslang, Death Adder and of course Snake Oil.. that's just the *now* list. Anything with creamy or bourbon vanilla and/or cacao/ dark chocolate, orange, amber, sandalwood, patchouli, dark resins, oudh, myrrh is all good to me. I like my BPALs to throb. If it smells like a debaucherous opium den, Led Zeppelin's tour bus or Jimi Hendrix's closet, I'm almost certainly gonna like it. I am anxiously awaiting the announcement of a BPAL that smells like Jimmy Page and Robert Plant backstage in 1977.

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    Sun.. sea.. sumptuousness. Sparkly things. Purple sparkly things. Shiny sparkly things. My pussy cats. Led Zeppelin. Messy hair. Vintage jewellery. The ocean. Smelling damn good.

    I am a proud member of BPAL's official Stinky Hippie family!!
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  1. sunshinedaisybliss

    Sweet Orange

    On me, this is fresh orange + orange peel, with a slight duskiness - almost musky vibe - behind it. Very low throw, and limited longevity, but a good orange for those who don't want a sweet citrus.
  2. sunshinedaisybliss

    Annurca Apple Blossom

    This is a beautiful sweet green apple... not really much more to say! It's very 'fresh' smelling, juicy. There is a slight shampoo-y tone to it, but it doesn't turn to soap on me. Update: Pretty much completely disappeared after less than an hour 😕
  3. sunshinedaisybliss

    Zorya Polunochnaya

    OK so this is pretty much exactly how you would think the lady herself may be fragranced. On me, this one is kind of fleeting - my skin just eats it up! But while it lasts, everything about Zorya P is soft and clean and pure and pretty. It really does have a very calming feel about it, and a gentle touch that leans almost musky but not quite. It's one of those ageless, classic style perfumes that could never offend anyone because it's just nice. If you're scared of "tobacco" don't be - this isn't your usual tobacco note. And if you're scared of ambergris don't be - it's here to add a silky softness rather than a scent, although if I breathe in deeply I can definitely pick up that salty ambergris tang. If you like Antique Lace and similar olde worlde style BPALs, this one's for you. I actually prefer They Shut Me Up In Prose, which has a very similar vibe, but only because that one sticks around much longer than Ms Z.
  4. sunshinedaisybliss

    Kimi Ga Dai Wa

    Do you like your sandalwood all snuggly and dusky like your favourite blankie? Does saffron make you swoon with its gentle spicy warmth? Are you a fan of amber when it has a gentle sweetness that reminds you of pure sunshine? Yes? YES?? Well stop fucking around, and go buy this. That is all.
  5. sunshinedaisybliss

    They Shut Me Up in Prose

    This is one of those "pretty" ones... soft, gentle, delicate. On me, it's mostly vanilla with a hint of sandalwood and mallow flower. A marshmallowy vanilla, but it doesn't read as foody and it's not overly sweet. It's the kind of perfume you would wear on your wedding day if you're the big white dress kinda gal, or for a game of croquet with Mr Darcy. Or for seducing a vampire. Very olde worldey. If you like things along the lines of Antique Lace, Zorya P etc - you will like this.
  6. sunshinedaisybliss

    Muddy Armadillo

    This little fella is totally a whole mood - dark and naughty, mean and menacing, but also strangely seductive. This is not for the feint hearted - it's stompy and in your face. This is the armadillo that gives no fucks. If David Attenborough ventured into the Texan desert hoping to find a cute little fella to film, this armadillo would not smile and invite him in for a cup of tea - he would tell him to GTFO and chase him off, nipping at the back of his ankles as he desperately tries to run away. He would then go back into his burrow, lay on the couch and put on his favourite Bon Jovi album because although he's a badass, he has terrible taste in music. My first impression is a blast of strong hot coffee, but on closer inspection that's the cocoa and tobacco combining into a rich smoky syrup that has a strong boozy tone (like a good woody bourbon liquer). I'm not really picking up any cream here - the tobacco is definitely the most forward note on my skin and ultimately the cacao almost disappears completely, leaving behind the rich tobacco and a hint of wood. For anyone who thinks this is going to be all sweet creamy chocolate - nope, it's not. But is it good? Hell yes. ETA: there's no sludge, bloops or flecks or sludge in my bottle, unlike others have mentioned in theirs.
  7. sunshinedaisybliss

    The Sun Rising

    Dirty jasmine with dull beeswax and polluted smoke all wrapped up in some kind of nasty furniture polish. I don't often write a review like this, but my skin does not like this one at all.
  8. sunshinedaisybliss

    'Tis Not Madness

    This one is like an olfactory version of Cluedo. It's orange blossom, sweet and sultry, on the balcony in the sunshine. It's sweet patchouli, in the den, with a velvet blanket. It's vetiver, in the garden, with a bag of dirt. It's sandalwood, in the bedroom, with a dusky lampshade. It's each note on its own, then combined, then on its own again - like one of those ensemble shows where each character sings a solo then the group comes together in chorus, then back to the solos. It's like whack-a-mole - one note pops up, then goes away and another one pops up and goes away and so on etc etc. Could I use any more metaphors? No, that will do. This one just doesn't work for me - it's too cacophonous, it never settles comfortably and doesn't really smell very nice on me at all. Boo!
  9. sunshinedaisybliss

    Meigetsu Ya

    The frost note here is not really "cold" feeling - it's a nice sweet snow-like note, not the fir needle/pine kind of snow, but on my skin it leans warm rather than cool. The mandarin is stronger than I thought it would be - more like a blood orange, it's quite a deep dark citrus. Balanced with the sweetness of the frost, the mandarin really shines although every now and then I get a whiff of bathroom cleaner-ish orange which I don't love but that is fleeting. It doesn't quite cross over into candyland for me, but it's very close to the border. This one would be interesting to layer up with a rich vanilla to pimp the sweetness, or a nice dark patchouli to make it more earthy... and I think it would be amazing with some Snake Oil to add some musky spicy goodness. Definitely a good one for layering experiments! Overall this is a nice, simple blend that's exactly what it says on the tin. Over time, it dries down to pretty much just the mandarin - the frost doesn't stick around for the duration.
  10. sunshinedaisybliss

    Peach Vulva

    This one's interesting, because although it says "Peach" on the tin, it's a different kind of peach flavour due to the influence of the sweet apricot - the two together combine into something more rich than the standard peach, with quite a heady syrupy tone, and feels like it can't decide what it is... Hi! I'm peach!! No! I'm apricot!! Wait, I'm peach!! and so it goes. Let's call it peachicot. So the other problem with this peachicot is that - being so rich - it's drowning out everything else. I really wanted sugared amber. and I was looking forward to a nice rice milk too, but nope - there's really nothing else here... just all peachicot. And not a trace of any frankincense or cardamom. I waited a while before writing this review, hoping that the other notes would come forward, but they just didn't. Having said all that, this really is a lovely smell but on me it's essentially a peachicot single note. So... I'm disappointed this isn't working on my skin, but I'll put it away and see how it ages.
  11. sunshinedaisybliss

    Alleviate the Frenzy

    This is really beautiful - the peach is quite sweet and a bit full on at first, but within a few minutes it mellows down into a lovely soft musky peach and retains a gentle sweetness. But the standout here is the sugared amber.. gorgeous, dusky and just the right amount of sugar - this, combined with the peach - could have easily tripped over to candy land but the musk + amber together balance the sweetness perfectly. Unfortunately this doesn’t stick around for long on me - my skin just eats it up - but it’s lovely while it lasts 🍑 🧡
  12. sunshinedaisybliss

    Shadows and Light

    White musk is usually nasty bitter sourness on me, but not here! Yay!! This is quite lovely - the cognac is warm and rich, and the lavender doesn’t really stand out on its own, it’s just snuggled up nicely with the musk and cognac. There is a smokey vibe but it’s not a burning smoke - it’s more like a foggy, hazy, clean smoke. Everything here just works beautifully together. Definitely something different from the usual lavender blends, and a different take on cognac as well - it really is shadows and light 🙂
  13. sunshinedaisybliss

    2020 Aesthetic

    If only 2020 had actually smelled like this.. maybe we would have had a year of sunshine and rainbows, instead of a year of dumpster fires. Artificial cherry and raspberry that turns plasticky on me, and too much candy sweetness for my skin. If I could dial this down to maybe a 3 or 4 then perhaps I would enjoy it.. but this one goes to 11 and it’s just too much, I want to get off of this ride please, it’s not fun. Hmm.. very 2020, now that I think of it 😳
  14. sunshinedaisybliss


    Holy smokes, this is an interesting one! At first, I get a blast of sugar cookies (reminding me of Mr Nancy) and a smack of cassia-like spice. Whoa, I say... whooaaaaa, sugar cookie overload! But wait.. here’s the leather! On me, it’s a hot, dark leather but it’s not sharp or rude - it’s old leather, not the new and shiny kind. The lavender? Well.. I know it’s there, but it’s very subtle. This is is like Monsterbait Underbed with leather. Interesting, but not for me.