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  1. alicia_stardust

    REMINDER: Image Size Guidelines

    Lately an increasing amount of time has been spent dealing with image size violations. Please remember the following whenever your post includes any image or photo: Forum guidelines state that images wider than 480 pixels should be either resized or posted as a link rather than an image. You can quickly tell if your image is too large by looking at the top edge of the image in a post or preview. If it has a gray bar that says 'Resized to x%' then it is too large to be posted. Thanks, Alicia
  2. alicia_stardust

    Is There a Lavender Dominant Atmosphere Spray?

    I agree with the others that the rose is not dominant. It's soft, on the edges. It mostly comes across as a gentle lavender with a hint of vanilla. I can't get enough of it for bedtime!
  3. alicia_stardust

    Chocolate Espresso Gingerbread

    To me, this smells like brownie batter with a swirl of gingerbread. It's the best foody scent I've ever tried, and that's saying something. AMAZING!
  4. alicia_stardust

    The Waltz of the Snowflakes

    I was most hopeful about this one from the first Act of The Nutcracker, but it smelled so different than I imagined. I was picturing a cool vanilla snow with lots of dark evergreen. However, the evergreen is barely present and the juniper ends up smelling like a mint-menthol amidst the vanilla. It's a light, fluffy, fuzzy vanilla mint with menthol. It's nice and is highly recommended for those who love Snowblind, but neither of those works on me.
  5. alicia_stardust


    This is a very fluttery scent to me, meaning that it has a soft and feathery quality that almost tickles my nose. It reminds me of grey-white fuzzy paper wings. On my skin the egyptian musk is dominant, and the vanilla is warm and smooth but not a sweet vanilla. I get cardamom in there, but it's not spicy to me, just warm and fuzzy. There is just enough sugar in there to give it a dusty sweetness, but it doesn't turn this into a sweet blend overall. Very lovely, and somewhat subdued and comforting. I think this is going to be a hit for many.
  6. alicia_stardust

    Paduan Killer Swarm

    On me this is very creamy, almost cream-soda like; but it's not quite foody. It has a sweet, rich vanilla-tonka vibe with lots of coconut husk. While the coconut is definitely prominent, it doesn't take over the blend like most other coconut blends tend to do with my skin chemistry. I do get hints of the ginger in there, and I smell the black licorice on the drydown but not so much after that. As time passes, the blend gets more "dry" and I can smell the bite of clove over the sweet-tonka-coconut. Overall, this is very warm and enticing with just the right amounts of spice and coconut. This is probably my favorite of the new honey/bee line. Definite keeper.
  7. alicia_stardust

    Thriambus Atmospheric Spray

    This is at the top of my atmo spray favorites, up there with Thousand Pillar, Snow White, Samhain, and Erebos. I missed out on Thriambus at Bat's Day, so Puddin gets extra smooches for allowing people to order it from him. To me, Thriambus smells just like a fresh pack of Djarum cloves. That semi-sweet clove scent seems to be the most dominant part of the blend, followed by the red wine (smooth and sexy) and tobacco (just a hint). The accent notes seem to fill in the spaces between the clove, wine, and tobacco so that it becomes a very well-rounded, smooth, sexy, goth club scent. This blend has a strong gestalt to it, and it's truly a work of art. Off the top of my head, most of BPAL's clove scents that I can think of are more of a sharp, spicy dry clove. In Thriambus, it is sweeter and smoother, probably because of the notes that are paired with it. This blend brings back so many good memories of my crazy twenties, spent in dark and sexy goth clubs on weekends, smoking cloves, and making the most of my weekend nights to counterbalance the intensive college weekdays. And it's just so sexy.
  8. alicia_stardust

    Illuminati Cotillion

    This has a very magical feeling to it, dark and mysterious and yet not heavy or strong. It's not just the scent of resins, but also of tiny wisps of light incense on the air and a smattering of wood and rose petals. It is very well blended, and a must for anyone who likes resinous, incense, and/or occult shop blends. I should also add that this very unique, so even if you have a lot of resinous blends in your collection, you don't have this one.
  9. alicia_stardust

    Pink Snowballs

    I can't add anything profound that hasn't already been said here, but I will divulge my thoughts anyway. Pink Snowballs is a must-have for this year's Yule series. It is a no-brainer if you love any of the Lab's snow notes, and especially if you love Snow White. It is still a must-try for anyone that's iffy on rose notes. It's just that good, and that unique, and the rose takes a backseat to the vanilla softness and the powder snow. I get Snow White as a base for this, and Pink Snowballs stays on my skin just as long and with almost the same level of throw. Pink Snowballs comes across as creamy and soft, and it brings to mind a swath of fresh powdered snow with a soft pale pink tint to it. Vanilla softens the rose which is already light and pale and blushy pink to begin with, and both those things are accents to the Snow White-like base. Soft, rounded, delightful, playful.
  10. alicia_stardust


    Dreamland. It's a past LE, but was revisited for a DD Trunk Show a year or so ago and shouldn't be terribly hard to find if you put up a round of ISOs. I can't recall if tuberose is listed in the description for Dreamland, but to me, that's nearly all I get from the blend, and I LOVE it! Very soft, waxy, and classic tuberose. It smells exactly like Illuminations' Tuberose candle that they sold each spring.
  11. alicia_stardust

    Peach Moon

    Peach Moon is a surprise hit. It doesn't smell like the peach fruit, but it smells peach if that makes sense. It has a dominant white tea note, followed by the peach blossoms and white musk. I only get the barest hints of jasmine and ho wood. This one is a major keeper. It's very smooth and rounded and the pitch is neither too high nor too low. Stunningly elegant.
  12. Seconding The Snow Storm. It's an amazing unisex pine forest and snow blend. Probably one of my favorites after the unobtainable Skadi.
  13. alicia_stardust

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    Black Phoenix Trading Post has a bath oil in the Wanton Voluptuousness section the Limited Editions page that is specifically honey and orange blossom. I know many forumites who use the bath oils as an after-shower moisturizer.
  14. alicia_stardust

    Trick or Treat

    When I compare Trick or Treat 2005 to Trick or Treat 2009, they are overall very similar. However, the former is more smooth and sweet, and the latter is more warm and has just a tiny hint of autumn spice in it. And yes, it's a little more "corny" as Beth said in her update. I really do love both, but I think the 2009 version would win out over the older version.
  15. alicia_stardust

    Scurvy v1

    Fresh lime, lime popsicles, key lime pie, a twist of orange, and lots of salt! Love this!