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    Do I have to choose? :) So many scents, so little skin! I'm one of those lucky (unlucky?) ones that can wear pretty much any scent. Love amber, oud, sandalwood, frankincense, jasmine, vanilla, myrrh, musk, yuzu, pikaki, gardenia, rose, lilac, lily of the valley, neroli, lavender. Always seeking the elusive SN (single note)! Loves: Monster Bait: Underpants!, Anthelion, Antique Lace, Baobhan Sith, Cheshire Cat, Chimera, Dana O'Shee, Dark Delicacies, French Creole, Hunger, Mata Hari, Panacea: TKO, Pumpkin King, Rapture, Snow White 04, Snake Oil, Storyville, Thalassa, Yuki-Onna

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  1. VenusFlyTrap

    Marshmallow Poof

    I Marshy Poop! It's just like the smell of the melting marshmellows atop your hot cocoa! (Of course, sans cocoa!) Vanilla and white sugar. YUM! Thank you, Beth and Puddin!
  2. VenusFlyTrap

    Thirteen (13): July 2007

    This is a nice version of *13* that seemed particularly fruity to my nose. I think it was the massoia having its merry morphing way with all the other components in this blend. There was a bit of a faint coconut like scent but without the sugar in it. It smells somewhat like a tropical fruit compote. I do like this oil but one bottle is plenty for me!
  3. VenusFlyTrap

    A BPAL like my shampoo, conditioner, gel & hair products

    Welcome to the Madness that is BPAL!
  4. VenusFlyTrap

    King Cobra (2006)

    I really love King Cobra! It's a great combination of incenses, resins and sugar. Delightful!
  5. VenusFlyTrap

    What should I expect at Will-Call?

    SueDonym! Very impressive description!
  6. VenusFlyTrap

    Swallow's Blood

    A soft powdery and light floral scent. Nice and subtle. I would definitely be wearing this for its intended purpose rather than for scent. All in all, a very sweet and lovely oil.
  7. VenusFlyTrap


    Incredibly difficult to describe! It smells like some 70's scent but I can't exactly place my finger on it. It's not really what one would normally call sweet or floral but more on the lines of a soft metallic and citrus sort of sex scent, if there is such a thing. Interesting and evocative.
  8. VenusFlyTrap


    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I really this scent. Something about the red patch and orange blossom combine to make it much, much more than only those two components. It's very sexy!
  9. VenusFlyTrap


    OSTARA The Vernal Equinox. Also called Alban Eilir and the Festival of Trees. At this time, we welcome the reawakening of the Earth after winter's long sleep. Sap flows, flowers bud, the world itself is exuberant, and the vitality of the universe's life-force is palpable. This is a day of rebirth, but it is also a day of balance. Equal parts masculine and feminine, light and dark, mercy and severity, surrender and contemplation. Our springtime celebratory perfume is crafted with orris root, bergamot, frankincense, daffodil, orange pulp, attar of rose, jonquil, strawberry leaf, benzoin, violet leaf, copal, honey cakes, sweet cream, and the blossoms of springtime. To my nose, it's a gorgeous, deeper, sensual but also spiritual fragrance. The bergamot gives a citrus lift to powdery orris root in the top notes while the frankincense lends an uplifting higher vibration. This is a very lovely and well blended fragrance with floral (daffodil, attar of rose, jonquil), honey (honey cakes), hint of fruity (strawberry leaf), citrus (orange pulp), green (violet leaf) and spice/resin (benzoin, copal) notes. It reminds one of when spring has burst in full celebratory bloom with all the scents mingling with an innocent intensity. Yes, spring is officially arrived but also trailing the scents of winter, summer and fall not far behind. I would not say that this is a particularly light flowery scent but a rich, multi-layered lightly powdery/lightly resiny floral. Honey cakes and sweet cream lend a hint of lasting sweetness in the drydown. A lovely scent and very appropriate for the vernal equinox!
  10. VenusFlyTrap

    Bliss Soap (by Silk Road Trading Company)

    I Bliss soap! Very creative and interesting wrapper. It's looks like it's something that you would find hidden in a long lost sea chest as a stowaway from a far off land. And *you* are the very lucky one to find it! A treasure! The bar smells wonderfully of cocoa butter and cocoa powder. It's not sugar laden like chocolate but a fuller and more rounded cocoal fragrance. Nice lather and the bar doesn't immediately melt away. It's not skin stripping yet you do feel like you're clean. I really like the texture of the lather and how the soap itself feels. I did have a slight brownish residue on the first soaping due to the cocoa powder. But that rinsed away very cleanly. If you are a cocoa fiend, you'll love this soap! I would definitely purchase this again! Very, very nice, Macha!
  11. VenusFlyTrap

    The Ecstasy of Infatuation

    I have to say that this is one charming and light hearted scent! It's not really fruity though there is the presence of black cherry. The pink grapefruit and lemon verbena lend citrus tones to the mix with the pikaki, plumeria and Hawaiian ginger giving Infatuation a decidedly carefree, positive and slightly tropical island note. Upon drydown, it's sweet, lovely and a very happy fragrance with the scents of fruit, citrus & floral blending together to create a very uplifting scent. I can definitely see wearing this in the summer and even in spring. All in all, a very wearable and pretty fragrance!
  12. VenusFlyTrap

    Quietude (fizzyBOOM)

    I really adore Quietude fizzyBOOM! In the tub, one is immediately calmed with rose and sandalwood with a slight hint of something citrus. It's quite soothing and relaxing; wonderful after a stressful or not so stressful day to balance out one's energies. It does have the fragrance of Quietude in the oil form though softer. As with the other fizzyBOOMs, Quietude was a hefty size and did its job of moisturizing and lightly scenting the water. And no *ring around the tub! I appreciate the aromatherapy aspects of this wonderful new addition to the BPAL family of fragrant wonders. Definitely one of my favorite fizzyBOOMs! If you have to get just *one* fBOOM, I would recommend this or TKO!
  13. VenusFlyTrap

    Bitch (fizzyBOOM)

    As it is *that time* for me, it was time for a Bitch fizzyBOOM! Really calming, soothing and relaxing effect. I love the spicy floral of the geranium oil and it was sort of citrusy as well. Evening primrose oil is said to be very good for skin health and healing. Witch hazel is calming. I felt better after being in the tub with my fizzyBOOM. As usual, no bath tub ring, lots of fizzing. Moderately moisturizing but I always moisturize after bath anyhow. And actually, I don't like the water to be overly oily/creamy or however the bomb moisturizes. This fBOOM is in the top 3 for me along with TKO and Quietude. I definitely would buy this again! Thank you, Beth!
  14. VenusFlyTrap

    Seduction (fizzyBOOM)

    Lovely, lovely fizzyBOOM! Seduction is one of my favorite Panacea scents and the fBOOM definitely matched this scent! The water was tinted a pretty pink from the red sandalwood powder. It did require a tub swishout afterwards to remove the color. As usual, this fBOOM was great in the fizzy and moisterizing departments wafting ylang sensually during my bath. I enjoyed using this but prefer TKO and Quietude.
  15. VenusFlyTrap

    Ugh (fizzyBOOM)

    Muscle ache relief. Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, shea oil, coconut milk, dead sea salts, oat straw extract, witch hazel, rosemary essential oil, and Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Elixir blend. After a vigorous bodywork session, I definitely was in need of muscle ache relief. UGH was wonderfully fizzy as well as moisturizing. And it's HUGE! The rosemary was quite soothing to my aching body/muscles and quite did the trick. This is the 2nd fizzyBOOM that I've tried and so far, both have down what they've touted. TKO knocked me out for the night and UGH helped release the muscle aches. My tub afterwards is not full of glitter, tub ring or harshly strange colors. All in all, I'm really enjoying the aromatherapy and moisturizing benefits of these fBOOMs. I that they do not contain artificial colors and extra ingredients that aren't needed. No naughty bit issues with these! A big !!! Thank you, Beth!