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    EOS/Gennivre combination. Dublin (I love it!). Eve, The Lady of Shalott, Shattered, Lyonesse, Embalming Fluid, High John the Conqueror, The Ides of March 2005, Wilde, Regan, Black Lace Notes: Pine, Apparently Tonka b/c it's in a number of those blends Least Fav: Super vanilla-y, patchouli (ew ew ew), Foody scent are kinda unfun on me. Rose is a crap shoot

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    I used to be really active 2007-2012. I'm back!


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  1. readiness

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    No that's the only one. Due to the volume of emails we get, it may take a little while for someone to get back to you, but everything will be answered. Ok! I've just been super lucky before in terms of response time Things are probably a little crazy at the lab right now though! thank you for answering my question
  2. readiness

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    is there a better email address then answers@bpal? I still haven't heard a response...
  3. readiness

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    I had the same problem ordering CT yesterday! It said return to merchant. I email the lab last night ... no answer...
  4. readiness

    Walk into a florist's shop, inhale deeply...

    If you can nab a bottle I would suggest Poisson d'Arvil (an LE from April). To me it seems one of the most flowery, bright scents.
  5. readiness


    I could have sworn I had a review here but oh well. This is "teh sex" on me. It starts out kinda food almost nutty - what I wanted gluttony to be but very foody. Luckily on dry down it goes away. It lasts forever, has great throw and the sea moss and musk dominates but not in a stinky way. much more subtle and sexy. Honestly this scent makes you edible.
  6. readiness

    Happy times!

    today was one of the best days ever. good enough to warrant the huge grant butt dance. I went to lunch with Bonnie *my old nurtionist*, met with her as a mentor and as the surrogate mom she's always been. God it was so wonderful. I really love her. Two hours plus of great conversation. she said I taught her more than any other of her other clients ever Then I went to coffee with Maria Pollia. What a joy. She is just light in person. Just one of those amazing people. And she actually thinks I'm pretty sweet as well (which makes me blush). Two hours of conversation. God I'll miss her Dinner with mom and the kids. Got a check that will cover rent. happy. oh yea and I got two job calls.
  7. readiness

    Hunger Moon

    Earthy woodsy with a hint of something more - almost fruity. it's amazing and one of my favorites
  8. readiness

    Black Dahlia

    in bottle: magnolia wet: still magnolia but softened dry down: Magnolia with a touch of roses 30 minutes later - it's roses and sugar with a magnolia hint Classic floral blend but definitely not an everyday scent. this is a dressed up with pearls scent.
  9. readiness

    Traveling with BPAL

    I'm glad I found this thread! I'm moving to NYC in three weeks and I need to move all my Bpal. I'm terrified of the mail because I just KNOW something will go wrong right?! So in the luggage it goes.
  10. readiness

    Delousing Powder

    Instant cleaning solution - it actually smell similar to me of real delousing shampoo *wrinkles nose*
  11. readiness

    Holding Pattern

    It feels like I'm in a holding pattern continually circling The. Big. Move. I feel like have so much left to do and people to see and no time anymore. Yet I do. I have time to go to work and do chores. Like today. I have this afternoon. But I still have stuff to do. But it's all the boring empty and refilling boxes. I need to find out if greeting cards count media mail. I am so fucked if not. I need a job in New York for what feels like yesterday. But it's hard - esp in my back up retail, to be like yes I'll move out in three weeks. hozaboutthat? But not having a job definitely makes me nervous. My mom, dad and Tom have all said they will not let me starve for that first non-job (maybe) month. So no real worries right? Well should not be. But I worry. But then on days like today I'm like ho hum. I need to make money. how can I do that. hate telefund. And I was just told that the will call for next month is going to be the day after I leave. *severe and SAD pout*
  12. readiness

    Mad Hatter

    in imp/wet: peppermint, lovely wonderful peppermint. drydown: the mint is still there but with something darker/stronger on - almost chocolaty. (maybe the vanilla) I think this is going to the swap pile or maybe to the maybes...
  13. readiness

    The Apothecary

    Oddly enough in the bottle and wet it smells exactly like Baothian Sith - the ginger probably but it smells orangey Dry down - it's over six hours later and I can still really smell it. Now the orange is completely gone it's an herbal, mossy maybe even almost rosey smell. Very unisex
  14. readiness


    very clean and ozoney - but I'm not a fan of ozone
  15. readiness

    Robin Goodfellow

    for me I was disappointed - I think I wanted more like Jersey Devil or Dublin. Very herby with a sour undertone. on it turns soapy