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  1. Allison93


    Soft minty and vanilla. Very soft. The mint is very subdued even wet. It almost smells like many of the others do after they've been on the skin for 6 plus hours. Like a skin scent, vanilla mint. This has been described as how those buttermint candies smell by some. I would agree. Even though I dont get any butter.. its like a light Powdered sugar with just a touch of vanilla. What I smell like the day after Christmas wearing Lick It, where all the peppermint is pretty much gone. Im not sure what type of mint is used in this but I dont think its peppermint. More of your generic "mint" thats kind of a combo of all mint. Or how the mint in chocolate chip mint icecream smells like. This is a very dainty mint vanilla.
  2. Allison93

    Monster Bait: Tokyo Stomp

    More gourmand than Snowblind. Also stronger than Snowblind. Not as intense mint as with Lick It. I get a strong butter creme vanilla. . But it's the second most intense one. This faded really quickly on me. Maybe it's because of how old it is and mints sometimes can age badly. This perfume focuses more of the vanilla gourmand side than the mint. But the mint does temper it out from being full out gourmand. This would be a great perfume if your not crazy about mint but want to test the waters
  3. Allison93

    Lick It With Consent (2016)

    Wet it's very peppermint like, and JOLT is the right word! Way more so minty than the other ones (Mother Shubs Unmentionable Peppermint Cremes, Snowbling, Tokyo Stomp). This smells like liquid candy cane and is the most spot on peppermint smell of all of them. This will always be my HG Minty Vanilla and I have worn many of the Lick It's on Christmas. I'm so glad a version of this comes out so often. The Peppermint sugar is just amazing in this. The peppermint smell lasts the longest of any of the mints. Its simple. Uncomplicated. And great! Easy to find, and a BPAL Christmas Classic. must try!
  4. Allison93

    Recommendations For These Very Particular Notes

    One I don't see anyone mentioning is Morocco. It does have cassia in it so maybe that's why? But it's a great scent and I don't get any floral from it. The intoxicating perfume of exotic incenses wafting on warm desert breezes. Arabian spices wind through a blend of warm musk, carnation, red sandalwood and cassia.
  5. Allison93

    Joy Buzzer

    In bottle: All of the Prank LE collection looked great to me. I'm kicking myself for not getting Whoopie Cushion. Smells like 7 Up! Wet: tickles my nose if I get too close! And it still buzzes after I've taken my nose away. Wet smells like I just spilled 7 Up on myself. Bitches Love Unicorns is sprite Remix... this is 7 Up. Lemon lime soda. No grape or honey. I think the silvered honey might be giving it a light floral nectar sweetness? Dry: These types of scents never last long. It just fades but keeps the same notes as the beginning. Wishing I would of got Whoppy Cushion! I already have a lemon lime scent I love and Bitches Love Unicorns beats this for me. Overall really pleasant scent, but I don't get grape or honey? 3/5 Nice scent, nothing great. Short lasting. Destash.
  6. Allison93

    Chattering Teeth

    In bottle: I love BPALs minty notes and I love their cherry as well. From the reviews people said cherry slushee and that's what it smells like! It's not minty but it smells cold? The cherry is artificial but I love it! How does BPAL make something smell cold? Wet: Cold Cherry slushy. Still not getting any mint, just cold. Pretty true to description! At Burger King you can get a Cherry Slushy with vanilla ice cream in it. Sounds weird but it's great, try it if ever at BK. This is that in a perfume. Cherry icy with vanilla ice cream! Dry: light throw, short longevity. These types of smells are not meant to be powerhouse. This will make a great scent for hot summer days! Keep! 5/5
  7. Allison93

    Antique Lace

    In bottle: Damn this smells amazing. Of course I'm going to end up falling in love with a perfume that goes for 100$ plus a bottle! I was counting on using this as a great Oil to have to swap for really rare LE oils I want. But I'm guessing it will be a keeper... just my luck! Wet: Such a nice vanilla. This is not a gormaund vanilla. It does smell like what an antique vanilla perfume would smell like. The lace is not fabric softener at all. Wow, this is great. Dry: Lasts quite a long time, medium throw. I never smell anything floral. This is def a Antique vanilla perfume. Smells so comfy. I really hope this comes back! Should of ordered more bottles. The lace in this is different from the Lace inn Black Lace. It's not fabric softener at all. But it does smell like cotton. Old Vanilla perfume spilled on a Lace wedding dress 100 years ago. Keep. Sell my first born child for. Long lasting, decent throw. 5/5
  8. Allison93

    Velvet Unicorn

    Velvet unicorn Wet: Sharp sugary fruity. Can't tell what berry notes I'm smelling Dry: I smell a bubblegum note while drying down. Sharpness is gone. Not getting cotton candy like other posters. Maybe because this is aged? Don't smell Pink Sugar by Aqualina (sp) either It smells like Black Lace when dried down.. which is weird. It's got this cotton kind of note. Im going to take out Black Lace and compare the two on different arms. Don't think it's worth the 100$ plus price tag personally. But I'm glad I got to try it!
  9. Allison93

    Delight in Disorder

    In bottle and wet on skin: It almost smells like snake oil in the bottle, I think the musk might be similar to the musk in snake oil. I think it's the medicinal smell of snake oil that's reminds me of this, Dry down: I smell a bit of the berry. But to me it is not as cherry its more red berry like and a bit of cherry. Its nothing like the cherry note in Yipe!, if you were worried about that. This is not a medicinal cherry at all like it is in the bottle. Dry: All snake oil like smell has gone away. The red musk is coming more and more. Pretty much completely red musk now, with no cherry left. Maybe a teeny tiny bit of cherry, but only if you put your wrist next to your nose. I do think that whatever is left of the cherry is letting the red musk keep a bit of sweetness to it. Medium throw and medium lasting time. The initial cherry stage is very short.
  10. Allison93

    Nasty Woman

    All the notes listed are things I love, so buying this was a no brained to me. Let's see how it works... Wet: patchouli and maybe fig? But I can't tell it's fig. I mean smells nothing like the figs I get off my fig tree but maybe that's what perfume fig smells like? Also a spicy note in there. So far not a bad fragrance Dry: Ok I'm getting more of a real fig. I can't yet tell if I like it or not? I mean I don't not like it. I'm getting potpourri from it. Darn. Well at least the money from buying it went to a good cause! Sell/Swap or give to grandma (huge Hillary fan, and at every pro-choice/women protest ever) Edit: After many people saying to let this one age, that's what's I'm going to do and then try it again. Just yesterday I took it out and it already smelled differently in the bottle. Fingers crossed! I want to love it!
  11. Allison93

    My Baby and a Baby Goat

    I have 3 little girls goats so I had to get this one. There is nothing like the smell of baby goats. Wet: vanilla cream from far away. Close up I get creamy rice with a little bit of musk. It's a dainty smell. It doesn't smell like goat for those worried about that! (That would be a plus in my book...) Dry: I don't love it, but it is the perfect scent for work. It's not at all offensive. I would describe this as a spring scent. Dry it is goats milk covered rice with musk (non goat musk) so pretty true to the description, at least on my skin. I will keep this one for the name and because it would make a good scent for when my normal powerhouse scents are inappropriate. I think it would be a great scent to mix into a hand lotion. For those wondering, is smells nothing like Depart pour le Sabbat
  12. Allison93

    Départ Pour Le Sabbat (Aufbruch Zum Hexensabbat)

    Wet: Patchouli and I smell something nutty every few sniffs Dry: I think the nutty bit is actually honey. Didn't love it at first but in the drydown I'm getting Vanilla that helps round it out. I'm also getting a spice quality This smells like some type of off brand incense I used to use. And because that brings back bad memories I'm probably going to swap this one. Too bad because it is a nice scent
  13. Allison93

    French Vanilla

    Wet: Harsh and sharp plastic. Dry: this is not a warm vanilla. This is a cold vanilla that actually hurts my nose if I inhale it. Darn I had so much hope for this one. After many hours pass and I smell close to my wrist I do smell a bit of the vanilla from Black Lace. But by the time it gets there it's almost faded completely. My skin reacts very weird to certain vanillas. Darn I had high hopes that I could layer this with things. Might try it with something else before I sell it.
  14. Allison93

    White Chocolate, Marshmallow, Honey, and Goat’s Milk

    Wet: Strong chocolate. Can't smell individual notes just chocolate Dry: just smells like chocolate to me with a bit of a spice. I never get any honey or goats milk. And no marshmallow. Just chocolate. It does morph more into the white chocolate. Super super gormaund. If you like chocolate you will love this. Not a fake chocolate scent. But too gourmand for me to wear
  15. Allison93

    Fake News

    In bottle: Almost smell like Snake Oil? I get the people who say this smells like an expensive perfume, like a Tom Ford or something Fresh on skin: I inhale, and as I take my nose away from my skin I smell chocolate? I get the spice from the pink pepper at the end. I think the gold note is what gives it the expensive smell, so this gold is not a metal smell. The patchouli is sure there but melds well with the tobacco. The white tobacco and gold make this perfume stand out Dry: Let this one dry on you if you think you won't like it. It smells familiar, yet not. Like something I've smelled at a department store. But can't put my finger on the exact perfume. I feel like this is the scent of the "idea" of a department store perfume. What we expect when we first go to a department store perfume counter and hope to smell, but sadly don't. Drying out I don't know if it's the white tobacco or the gold, but I'm getting a tiny tiny bit of metal? Or dryness? I think it might be the white tobacco. And while I normally hate metal/dry notes, it's actually ok. Because it still has the warmth from the patchouli. This is defiantly a great perfume and going to become a signature scent I feel for lots of people. Not a summer scent, IMO it would be to heavy in a hot or humid environment. But a great scent for fall. Going to buy a few back up bottles since it's LE. And I have a feeling it will also be great to have on hand to swap with people for in the future.