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    Favorite notes: ROSE, patchouli, spice, tobacco, leather, incense, vanillaFavorite blends include: Harvest Moon 2013, Harlot, Rose Red, The Rose, The Bow and Crown of Conquest, Whitechapel, Rose Cross, Mr. Ibis, Ile De La Tortue, and Elizabeth of Bohemia (Lupercalia 2012)Or, basically, all the roses. Anything with rose. Rose forever.

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  1. UncommonTart

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    Has Windward Passage been discontinued? It’s listed on the site as “out of stock” but it’s also got that “in memoriam” under the listing in its keywords. I really love it and I’ve emptied my bottle.
  2. UncommonTart

    Rose Red Hair Gloss

    Ohhh, this is gorgeous. If this could be available every year I'd be a happy tart indeed. I love all the Lab's rose scents but Rose Red is one of my very favorites, so when I saw this I just had to order it and I am so glad I did. It smells like Rose Red, of course; it's a gorgeous cold rose with an edge of sharp green sap. I usually use five or six sprays on my hair when it's still damp from washing and the scent lasts through the next day.
  3. UncommonTart

    The Queen's Croquet Ground

    It's just so wonderfully rosy! I don't really get "grass" with this one- there's definitely a strong, sharp green note but it smells more like crushed stems and leaves than grass to me. And of course there's an absolute profusion of red roses. It's a really gorgeous scent and I agree with the others who've said it first- it smells as if my beloved Rose Red is moonlighting as an atmosphere spray. I've been using it on my bed linens and it's like drifting off to sleep in a sunny rose garden. I'm going to have to keep a careful eye on this bottle because it's one that I absolutely do not want to run out of.