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    I am a proof reader by trade (sometimes copy editor) and love to read! I recently discovered Neil Gaiman and have been reading his everything. I also enjoy Renassaince, the Crusades, Elizabeth I, Celtic history, mythologies. My newest affliction is all-things bpal! Fandoms has been extended to include: A Song of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones, Firefly, Dr Who
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  1. samarablackcat


    I'm trying to test with reading the notes, and all I got at first was maybe patchouli? After checking notes, yes, patchouli and something else? Smoky? Dear goddess, don't let it be vetiver. Nope, just a hint of cedar with wisps of pungent smoke. As it dries, the patch sweetens up and the smoke still stays snarky. All I could think of is yep, take that you jerk, trying to dragonsplain the dragon. In your face! I may need to hunt down a partial bottle, for those days when I'm feeling don't f#ck with me. Perhaps I'll smell offputting enough that the powers that be will stay away. It could happen...
  2. samarablackcat

    Eldritch Bloom

    So I chose this before knowing the notes and I am glad I did; this is beautiful. Wet, this reminds me of Our Lady of Pain. It does share opium tar (accord here, not in OLoP), orchid (not black here), and patchouli (black vs Sumatran). It gives me the same vibe...sultry, sexy, and sophisticated. I get the plum and orchid first, with the other notes balancing out the bottom. Plum tempers the opium tar for me, as it can be a tad sharp (but not here). It's a 90s goth girl, and instead of cloves, fishnet and stompy boots she's wearing black silk hose, glittery purple minerals and can finally afford Kambriel. Probably vaping.
  3. samarablackcat

    Eve (With Sage Fuck Up)

    I wish I could express myself as eloquently as the two above posters, but suffice to know that Eve WSFU is as if you were wearing Eve, went to your favorite metaphysical shop or botanica, and got properly smudged. Eve with calming sage billowing around you, permeating your aura. Yes. Good. So glad this f#$k up was shared!
  4. samarablackcat


    Golden rose, frankincense, and vanilla bean. Ooh, creamy frankincense!is my first impression wet. Drying, the rose becomes noticeable. It's difficult to put into words the golden aspect of the rose...not quite amberesque, not quite gilded and while I'm searching my memory banks for a description, the vanilla bean pops out, and the the world turns soft and dreamy. It truly is the bean, not foody at all. The rose is more forward than it Dix, but it's not the star. Everything melds together and I'm left with a gorgeous, womanly scent, like a flirtatious wink. I am really enjoying the atypical roses used, and am thankful for these in perfume form.
  5. samarablackcat


    White rose, gilded carnation, brown oakmoss, and velvet oudh. Smooth, soft, and stays close to the skin. As it dries, I can smell each ingredient taking its turn to come forward. First is the rose; I can tell it's a light-colored rose, not necessarily white but pale in color. I get no discernible Carnation but instead something golden. Next comes oakmoss. I was worried that the brown would be stronger and overtake everything but this is not the case. The oudh is very soft and smooth. They all blend together to create a seamless skin scent. Occasionally I get a nice soft waft of rose but it isn't overpowering and continues to stay close to the skin. On my skin this is a more masculine scent it would be great to snuggle up next to someone who smelled like this.
  6. samarablackcat

    Gently, Gently Bath Oil

    Such a beautiful scent, all carnationy and clovey. Stays close to the skin. I don't really get the snow-dusted partof the carnation, but there is a little something that binds this together in the most gorgeous skin scent. It pairs well as a layering base with anything that has carnation or clove. Or chrysanthemums. I've been wearing this with Delightful Visitors perfume and hair gloss, and it makes me feel as if I am wrapped up in a snuggly-but-not-too-heavy blanket, all safe and secure. I am hesitant to post this, because I don't want anyone else to know how fabulous this is. I feel like a child who does not want to share. If you are reading this and Gently, Gently is still available, and if you remotely like carnations or sweet clove, do yourself a favor and buy a bottle. Or several.
  7. samarablackcat

    Sensitive Folk Music Dragon Hair Gloss

    Oh myy! This is just as advertised, a great balance of all three ingredients, none overpowering the other. I wish I had gotten more than one bottle as I would love to spray this on all the things! all the time. Smooth, sleek and making my hippie heart full of joy, eyes welling up with tears from the joyous sounds wafting from this sensitive folk music. This is the scent I wanted for AG Sam, as it fits her perfectly (in my mind). eta: Many thanks again for my wonderful fairie, proving again that, in bpal-land, wishes do come true.
  8. samarablackcat

    Low Key Lyesmith

    Wet, and in the bottle, this smells really gross; acrid poisons dripping on embers, plumes of vile smoke filling the air. But after it dries, smooth clove. I want to wear my stompy boots and smoke a clove cigarette. I miss my black clove candle. This will be perfect for autumn.
  9. samarablackcat

    Buck Moon 2017

    This Full Moon marks the time of the year when the new antlers of buck deer emerge from their foreheads, coated in soft velvet. This is a time of vigor, thunder, balmy nights, glorious sunlight and hot winds. Buck Moon is an animalistic, deep scent: an amplification of one’s natural musk coupled with forest herbs, pine pitch, deer fur, a hint of clear, warm evening air and a crystalline spark of lunar oil. I don't have my bottle of the first Buck Moon anymore, but this does not disappoint. Same gorgeous musk, a small whiff of greenery, a smidge of pine. Standing at the edge a forest on a clear, early summer night; the earth still warm from the sun, a gentle breeze, just enough to stir up the surrounding area into a glorious scent of life, rebirth, and renewal. I am enjoying this stage now, and can only imagine it will deepen with age. Shine on me, Buck Moon, and The Lord of The Forest, for he is the keeper of the fire in my soul.
  10. samarablackcat

    Keichu Nyoetsu Warai Dogu

    Another fan of Golden Champa accord here, but not so much of leather. I don't get any leather or coconut but rather a warm, snuggly and golden champaca. The sandalwood and coconut, I'm guessing, sweeten this a bit, making Keichu a skin scent, golden and ethereal, glowing in the aftermath of copulation.
  11. samarablackcat

    Campfires, bonfires, fireplaces, burning wood and leaves...

    Moai, from the Tikis in 2008. Smoky, smoky, smoky. Volcanic ash and Easter Island palm. No leaves but smoky.
  12. samarablackcat

    Peach VI (2016)

    Peach and blackcurrant with sandalwood and pink pepper. Peach and blackcurrant sitting in a tree K I S S I N G (and by kissing, I mean a kiss that's so deep it's hard to tell where one person starts and the other ends. Yeah, like that). While the sandalwood holds them together in a scentastic threesome, pink pepper comes along and insists on taking pictures, sprinkling just a bit of herself in the mix, nipping them ever-so-slightly, to remind them to exhale occasionally.
  13. samarablackcat

    Peach IV (2016)

    This is so gorgeous! Thank you fairy, for procuring for me. I really like this oudh, or maybe it's the combination of peach with it, but it is drop-dead sexy. At first, I only get the peach, then a little oudh. Only later do I get the orange blossom, which isn't cloying at all; it reminds me of spring in Florida when the orange trees are blossoming and you get a whiff in the air. After it's dried, Peach IV is a very dreamy and a hazy scent; it's like looking through of piece of gauze billowing in the wind while the censor is spiraling expensive incense.
  14. samarablackcat

    Unicorn and Ram

    I really didn't know what to expect, particularly since leather can be problematic for me. I fretted unnecessarily. The leather reminds me C. Auguste Dupin, well worn and soft. At first, that was all I could smell, as leather usually overtakes everything. But as this dries, I keep getting an almost sweet scent, or maybe it's a gentle, musky sweater. The cardamom gives just a nod of spice. It stays close to the skin and I think this will be perfect for fall (or winter in Florida). Bottle worthy for me; that wooly musk holds it all together.
  15. samarablackcat

    The Virgin and the Unicorn

    When I read the notes for this, I thought "white". It sounded so pretty and I don't have any scents that read white to me. The first thought that comes to me is Luper; this smells like a spring scent; fresh, light green and a little pink. Wet, I get mostly moss and perhaps due to the rose being "mist", I get a slightly aquatic feel. While this dries, I am reminded of A Passionate Shepherd To His Love (moss, rose). I get a little of sandalwood mixed with a light incense wafting with rose and moss as this dries. In my mind I see spring, pale greens just popping out of sleeping trees, and pale pink buds ready to burst open. Very innocent, fresh and awakening. It stays close to the skin, changing from mossy to floral incense and back again. Not what I was expecting, but quite beautiful, innocent and fresh.