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  1. cherrycherry

    Pumpkin Spice Perversion

    I'm a long-time fan of Perversion so when I saw this on the 'pumpkin spice' list on this year's update, I had to have it. I've noticed very slight variations in bottles of Perversion over the years. The first bottle I ever had was overboard with the coconut and as I adore coconut, I fell madly in love. Other bottles have been more heavy on the tobacco or the leather but my favourites are always the coconutty ones. Pumpkin Spice Perversion is very coconutty (score!) and so I am one very happy cat. It's spicier than usual (duh) but it enhances the warmth of the blend and really lifts it. I'm over-the-moon with this. I need more.
  2. cherrycherry

    Pumpkin Spice Snake Oil

    I see 'Snake Oil' and my reaction is 'shut up and take my money!' Combine Snake Oil with anything even remotely Halloweenie and I'm all heart-eyes and wiggling with impatience to just sniff and wear and hoard. This one is fresh Snake Oil in the bottle but the spices aren't shy once we're reached drydown. It's going to be amazing when it's had a couple of years to mature. It's not going to be easy, but I'm going to let my bottle sit in a drawer for perhaps a year or two before I start slathering. I want to get the absolute best out of this little beauty and it goes without saying that it's going to SING given some time.
  3. cherrycherry

    Bobbing for Apples

    An apple and water perfume. Sounds a bit underwhelming but believe me, it's very delicate and beautiful. A perfect apple scent (not your run of the mill apple shampoo or soap experience but rather the actual scent of a crisp green apple) mixed with a true aquatic. Smells a lot like Sea Of Glass mixed with sweet apple. Exceeds all of my expectations. Totally unique, a banger of a unisex blend, and more than just a bottled concept. This is incredible. EDIT : So I've been reaching for this one a lot and I needed to come back and waffle a bit more. I keep thinking how when I put this one in my basket on the site, I (foolishly) underestimated what it would truly be like. I thought it would be something like a single note apple. I don't know WHY I didn't consider the aquatic aspect of it. It honestly didn't cross my mind, despite the concept the blend is based on : apples + water + Halloween = apple bobbing. Duh. I guess I thought that even if there was a watery element, the apple would totally take it over and it would be just apple, apple, all the time apple. And it's weird, because if I had been told that the aquatic note was strong, I don't even know if I would have gone through with the purchase. If someone I know had tried it and said to me 'it's water and apple', I'm sure I would have thought 'yeah, I don't need that. Why would I reach for that with all of the other Halloweenies available?' I'm so used to reaching for richer and more complex gourmands. Cakey and buttercreamy and pumpkin goodness. Or musky scents, which I adore. And so colour me SHOCKED and utterly delighted that Bobbing For Apples has become a total hit with me. It's the autumnal perfume I never knew I needed. The apple is crisp and the water is crisp, but together they are soothing and uplifting and refreshing. I've been working hard on one of my novels recently (about eight hours a day of solid writing) and wearing this has kept me awake and focused without being too sharp. I'm honestly so surprised that it's become a favourite. I thought, out of all the bottles I ordered, this one would be something I'd layer with and maybe leave to age, to see what would happen. But I keep going back to it, and not always to wear it. Sometimes, I just want to sniff the bottle because I just love it so much. It's scents like this that make me so glad I discovered Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and the sister companies because what they create for us is so real and so evocative and special. You don't get stuff like this anywhere else and even if you find something similar, it's never, ever quite as good as what Beth does.
  4. cherrycherry

    Chocolate Blood

    Oozing dark chocolate syrup with a kiss of pulsing musk. Divine.
  5. cherrycherry

    Cinnamon Chai Cupcake

    Unf, this is really good. Buttercream top note with oodles of spice and a nice, heavy, cupcake undertone. It's the perfect blend of cream/spice/chai/cake. The scent of an autumnal tea party. Yes, mama.
  6. cherrycherry

    Cardamom Cream Pumpkin Cake

    Very prominent cardamom note from the off. At first sniff (in the bottle, not on my skin) I was slightly concerned. But when I apply it to my inner wrist and let it settle, the pumpkin comes out to play and so does the cake note. This is super delicious. Also, it's nice to have a gourmand pumpkin blend for Halloween (or autumn in general) where the main spice note isn't cinnamon. Cardamom offers a little something different and I'm pleased with it. Very nice.
  7. cherrycherry

    Apple Butter Rum

    Apple notes are 99% of the time an absolute win on me and as rum is my favourite tipple, I had to insta-buy this one. Glad I did. It's very creamy and boozy but the apple cuts through that with just the right amount of juicy sweetness. Gorgeous.
  8. cherrycherry

    Pumpkin Brownies

    A very nice mix of chocolate brownie and pumpkin. The pumpkin isn't spiced at all but it does add a rounded, fruity note to that baked-good chocolate goodness. Looking forward to this one developing even moreso over the next so many months. A very nice and comforting Halloween blend.
  9. cherrycherry

    Vampire Princess

    Despite having a ton of musky, dark-floral perfumes from BPAL, I couldn't resist this one. I get patchouli (smooth and whispery), purple florals (mournful), and lavender/vanilla (silky and sweet). Floral offerings in the bedroom of a vampire child. Baby Countess Bathory. Or even a first-time perfume choice for a vampire maiden, reaching for the darker shades of her future. I am in love.
  10. cherrycherry

    Snowball Fight

    I expected this one to be much like Go To Sleep, Darlings or Snow Bunny or perhaps a mix of the two : softer snow, sweeter snow. In fact, it is quite a sharp snow when sniffed from the bottle. Happily, as I absolutely adore Beth's snow blends, I don't much mind that sharp bite. On the drydown, it lessens somewhat and then we get the fluffy vanilla from the ice cream note. Happy with this. I only need the one bottle but I am happy with it.
  11. cherrycherry

    Baby’s First Con Panel

    Double-chocolate-fudge-cookies with a kiss of pretzel salt. A delightful and hedonistic gourmand perfume.
  12. cherrycherry


    Coconut TKO. I bought this because although I use lavender essential oil all the time for a variety of reasons, I found myself wanting a really good solid lavender perfume to reach for when the fancy took me. THIS fits the bill oh-so perfectly. The lavender is louder than the coconut but together, along with that bit of vanilla, they make a snuggly and soothing and just creamy-dreamy blend that I just know will be finding a new home on my bedside table rather than falling in line with the rest of my BPAL scent wardrobe. This is absolutely heavenly.
  13. cherrycherry

    Gas Masks and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

    Straight-up candyfloss with bright, fruity, jellybeans. Unf. I get the sugar cookie note and the vanilla frosting more later on but for the most part, it's the perfect mix of candyfloss and jellybeans. I need more of this!
  14. cherrycherry

    Vampire Seraglio Atmosphere Spray

    Fans of red musk rejoice! This is surely the red msk-centric room spray you've been waiting for. I know that for me, as a huge fan of red musk, this is perfect for my room/fabric scenting needs. It is so unbelievably sexy and musky. The scent of a vampire's boudoir, for sure. Also, I love the label.
  15. cherrycherry

    Pumpkin Brittle Atmosphere Spray

    This is a really unique BPTP atmosphere spray in that it has such rich toffee notes that I'm sure I haven't smelt before, even after buying dozens of sprays over the years and many gourmand ones too. I get toffee, sweet pumpkin, a sort of caramel creaminess and spice. Amazing.