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    I like almost everything boozy,musks, florals(dark & white), fruity, foody,dark/ heavier scents. Red Musk, Rose, Hyacinth& Orange scents are a fewfavorites! I'm not keen on anise, pine, spruce,or grapefruit. I'm allergic to eucalyptus. I amp cypress, lemon, lavender& sandalwood.

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    Reading, traveling, concerts, outdoor activites, going for motorcycle rides, collecting things that are childish for my age (high end NIghtmare Before Xmas stuff, Uglydolls, frogs, Kermit is the best! The more adult things are vinyl records & music in general, teapots, oils, books ect.......
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  1. The Planet Queen


    Hmmm maybe UOH34, I'd imp you some but I traded it. I'm gonna dig through my imps. I sure there is something close to what you are looking for. Not all rosewood is sharp it depends upon several things like is it a base, what it's blended with, and time. Us girls will have you hooked up in no time! That's three snaps and a twist!
  2. The Planet Queen


    I really love this. To me it starts off almost smelling somewhat like brood xlx. It's spicy, but not too much. I just can't put my finger on it. All I can say is I wish I had more than half a bottle.
  3. The Planet Queen


    I love it. Actually more than her sister Hope which would usually be my pick of the two seeing I love rose. It smells just like sugary purple goodness. I can't explain it. If it was edible it would be a favorite candy. Perfect!
  4. The Planet Queen

    Tattered Lace

    Vanilla tea with a hint of coconut. I'm glad I bought the bottle. The only downside is this scent is fleeting. I wish it had more wear length but it probably wouldn't smell the same then. I've had the same problem with pink lace.
  5. The Planet Queen

    Mourning Lace

    Vanilla and clove....I love it. I'm in search of a bottle.
  6. The Planet Queen


    Um...I don't get the mint or chocolate that many people seem to pick out. To me it's snake oil, patchouli, and juniper berries it smells wonderful. I'm glad I got it. Btw my bottle has the male wolf on it.
  7. The Planet Queen

    Brood XIX

    In the bottle: almond and hay Wet: almond blossoms and rice milk are in front with hay splaying behind it. It's sweet but not overwhelming. Dry down / Dry: it doesn't change very much it just becomes softer and it's as if you are out in a field on a warm summer day and the sun is beating down on the hay that has just been bailed. I really like it. It's a good oil to wear in summer weather . I think it would also work in the fall as the last of the harvest is gathered .
  8. The Planet Queen

    Thirteen (13): April 2012

    In the bottle: very floral, it reminds me of wild flowers. I do detect a hint of chocolate.Wet: to me I smell fresh picked daisies, mums, peony, and a hint of chocolate mingling . When I close my eyes it's like I see predominately yellow flowers and a few white. I love white chocolate so I'm sniffing my wrist endlessly it seems to be playing hide and seek with me.Dry: the chocolate finally steps forward and the wild flowers have been tamed. They turn softer, sweeter, less crisp that just picked or cut smell is gone. There is a slight powdery scent that is secondary but pleasing.Overall: I like it . It has medium throw and wear time. Im glad I got it.
  9. The Planet Queen

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    To be honest I would try to keep them together and possibly try to find #1. Even if you use some they will probably be more attractive to swappers. Decant some of what you like. You could probably swap for your "holy grail" whatever that may be. Cheers!Tricia
  10. The Planet Queen

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Oh gosh NO!!! I wouldn't EVER pay that much!! I saw a while back someone paid $450 for Storyville that BPAL listed!! This was just the set of 4 bottles!! Got a great deal for them!! Awesome!! Thanks so much...yep...this is the set. I have one bottle from 2007, so I knew these weren't those...I found out I have bottles 2-5!! Hi,Oh thank goodness you didn't . I didn't even notice that listing. I have more and more " senior " moments all the time. Congrats on getting your oils for a great deal. Enjoy them. I'm too scared to wear mine but I open them up from time to time to smell them! Luck and laughter,Tricia
  11. The Planet Queen

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I have the set from 2005 also. The pic posted is #3 of the five. Please tell me you didn't pay $350.00 for the set that has been on eBay forever. That person should be ashamed for trying to sell them for that amount of money.
  12. The Planet Queen

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    OMG!I know this is off topic but that baby turtle is the cutest thing I've ever saw. I love animals. I donate monthly to The Humane Society of the US, WWF, our local SPCA , my family volunteers at our city's animal shelter, all of our animals are strays or adoptions, when we go away we take our brood to a non profit rescue/kennel etc. I have always wanted a turtle though. Do you raise them or is this just a random picture? If you raise them I'd love to hear more about it. Do you mind if I copy this picture to keep on my iPad if it's possible?Thanks,Tricia Sorry I hijacked your post. If you put a picture of them up I could possibly identify them for you.Good luck,Tricia
  13. The Planet Queen

    Daffodils, Narcissus, Paperwhites... and Hyacinth

    Unfortunately no, the cat's just a picture that I found online, but it does remind me of my own cat (who I have little luck photographing). All of my pets came from similar situations - two dogs and a cat from shelters/rescues, one cat who was a stray who arrived on the doorstep with a kitten in her mouth. Ended up bringing four under the guest room bed. Only had room for two of the kittens though, the others ended up with friends. eta: Also just saw your other topic, and Fire Phoenix does have beautiful red musk, so if that's the component you love so much, it's definitely worth hunting down. So let me get this straight fire Phoenix has red musk and hyacinth ? If it does it will probably be my all time favorite. Is it hard to come by? Could you point me in the right direction?Awe, I can't believe how cute but sad it must have been to see the cat with a kitten in her mouth. I'm glad you found homes for them. I just love animals. I'm a real advocate for adoption especially older animals that usually get overlooked.Thanks for the great story and the heads up on the oil. Luck and laughter,Tricia
  14. The Planet Queen

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    Oh thanks for the tip. I will be on the lookout for both. When I do I will let you know how I made out with them. I need some absolute favorites. Luck and Laughter,Tricia I have Hollywood Babylon. I really like it a lot. It was one of my first purchases. Thanks,Tricia
  15. The Planet Queen

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    OMG! I got my Marianne yesterday and tried it. I think it's like liquid crack cuz I can't get enough of it! I don't do crack or drugs in general for that matter but I just think it was a good analogy cuz they say crack is highly addictive.I think it might be the red musk, idk.So, I'm looking for other oils that smell similar, or other oils with red musk in it seeing my bottle of Marianne is just under half full and my skin just sucks up oil like crazy.Thanks in advance posters!