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  1. Alethia

    Vintage Ghost Blow Mold

    Thoughts before testing: This was almost a blind bottle when the Weenies dropped last fall, but the plastic in the description worried me and I decided it would be prudent to wait for reviews. After reading through this thread though, my hopes are sky high for a new favorite. Wet: Sweet, sweet vanilla amber. This smells good enough to eat. Dry down: For about 5 minutes, there was a weird screechy floral smell that made my nose crinkle up but it disappears and goes back to that beautiful sweet vanilla amber candy. Dry: I can’t detect any candy corn or mellowcreme, but that’s completely ok because this is absolutely gorgeous vanilla amber all the way through into the next day. Final thoughts: This is unreal. I’ve never smelled amber and vanilla like this. Even my husband, who tends to be neutral verging on dislike for most perfume, requests this one by name. Stekk and Antique Lace are the only other perfumes he’ll do that for, so this ghostie baby is in great company. Verdict: Hoarding.
  2. Alethia

    The Serpent in the Carnations

    Thoughts before testing: I am an absolute sucker for BPAL’s carnation. To date, I’ve burned through 2 bottles of the original Hod and one each of Hod Res and the Spanish Carnation single note. I like Snake Oil decently and my hopes are high for this being primarily carnation and spice with some snakey goodness in the back. Wet: strong Snake Oil with a really lovely hit of floral spice. Dry down: the carnation and spice are in equal measure with Snake Oil’s patchouli. This is really doing it for me. I keep getting whiffs of it and going “ooh!” Dry: I’ve never really gotten a lot of vanilla from SO, but after about an hour of wear the patch backs off and the vanilla comes to the forefront and melds really beautifully with the carnation and spice. Final thoughts: this lasted well into the next day on my skin, which is a rarity for me. Out of all the SO variants I’ve tried, this is far and away my favorite. Definitely my favorite of this year’s Lupe’s as well. It’s an immediate bottle, and I’m tempted to get a backup.
  3. Alethia


    Thoughts before testing: I really, really love buttery, creamy scents and amber. Unfortunately after having my daughter in 2022, my skin throws anything with honey into the next town. So we’ll see how this goes! Wet: Ooh, this is a really pretty and warm floral amber. Sweet but not gourmand. It’s not smoky at all but kind of reminds me of a floral Light of Men’s Lives. Dry down: This definitely honey but it’s not overwhelming on me and the throw is reasonable. I’m thinking the amber is grounding it. This feels like Valentine’s Day to me. Dry: This is so beautiful. I get no butter at any stage but it’s so pretty I don’t even miss it. Final Thoughts: This definitely feels like a Luper instead of a Yule to me. It’s warm and comforting and just pretty. And it lasted forever: a solid 10 hours later I could still smell it. This is my favorite from the 2023 Yules.
  4. Alethia

    Marshmallow Snow 2023

    Thoughts before testing: marshmallow is my forever love and I’m hoping this will be a Snow White marshmallow love fest. Wet: A big ol’ blast of pine and Snow White! Dry down: The pine is really taking over and is quite chilled smelling, making it reminiscent of Skadi to me. Dry: This eventually settled into a pretty Snow White with a heavy dose of chilly pine. It’s pretty, but no marshmallow. I’m willing to let it age for a while, but in the meantime I’m officially on the hunt for a marshmallow single note to layer with my 2006 bottle of Snow White.
  5. Thoughts before testing: Peach is one of my forever love notes, best encapsulated in the discontinued Josie (honeyed peaches and magnolia) from The District. Marshmallow, vanilla, and cream are also big winners for me. It's like I wrote out this list note to create my perfect perfume. Wet: This is a dead ringer for the Yankee Candles Peaches and Cream. It's kind of artificial and cloying at the wet stage, despite smelling like something I want to eat out of the bottle. Dry down: The cream and marshmallow come more to the forefront and start to smooth out that artificial peach candle smell. At this stage, it's like taking a homemade marshmallow and drenching it in peach syrup. Dry: After around 2 hours, the vanilla and toasted cream really take over and turn this from "eh" to pure love. It's like homemade canned peaches got wrapped up in a slightly toasted marshmallow and then drenched in vanilla. Verdict: I've been out of Josie for almost a year now and have been looking for a peach to take it's place. This definitely fills the space and surprisingly I prefer this to the honey-overdose that Josie has. The vanilla/cream/marshmallow works better for me than sticky honey, especially given the hot climate I live in. Love this to pieces.
  6. Alethia

    Lola Lee Loo

    Thoughts before testing: One of my holy grail scents is Castitas bath oil from the Trading Post. It's notes are listed as rice flower, vanilla, and cream. But it's been out of stock for so long that I started looking for substitutes (and you better believe once it comes back, I'll be buying 5 bottles lol). I figured Lola Lee Loo would be a close contender more smoky and with a little more depth due to the fig, clove, and patch. Fingers crossed! Wet: Wow, this is stunning! It's a heady floral vanilla with just a hint of the clove/patch. The fig bloomed for about thirty seconds before retreating to the background and making the vanilla/rice flower more rounded and not screechy at all. Dry down: As it dries, the clove and patch get screechy for about fifteen minutes; you know, high pitched and nostril-assaulting. I decided to give it another 10 to see if it toned down at all and to my extreme surprise this morphs into a much more smooth vanilla with the edges of smoke and sensuality from the clove/patch combo. Dry: After about four hours on my skin, it's all smooth and creamy golden vanilla with just a hint of smoke and spice with a very light floral tinge. Verdict: My perfume sweet spot is best described as Morocco, all vanillas and spices and cream and sweetness without being foodie. Lola Lee Loo is EXACTLY what I've been looking for in a perfume. I didn't realize I needed a little touch of something smoky and dirty to really bring the spicy creamy sweetness to it's full potential. This is also lasted forever on my skin, taking a full 9 hours before I had to really try and smell it. The throw is low-medium and got me a bunch of compliments at work yesterday. I'm absolutely hoarding this one.
  7. Alethia

    Snake's Kiss

    Thoughts before testing: I tend to vastly prefer fresh Snake Oil on my skin, so fingers crossed that this is new and not aged SO. Wet: Nutty? It smells like fresh SO mixed with a fresh jar of peanut butter. Big yikes at this stage. Dry down: Thankfully the weird peanut butter smell fades and I'm left with a beeswax heavy SO. I get almost no sweetness or vanilla; it smells like I mixed SO with The Lights of Men's Lives which is absolutely terrific. I think this is going to age beautifully. Dry: After about an hour, it mellows out to nearly straight Snake Oil. I'm really glad that I didn't immediately spring for a bottle of this. It's pretty but I think I prefer regular SO and quite frankly, I'm not willing to buy a bottle and hope that in a year it ages into something more than it is right now. Verdict: Keeping the imp, no bottle.
  8. Alethia

    Champagne & Maraschino Cherries

    Thoughts before testing: Hopefully the champagne will prevent the cherry from going too cough syrup on my skin. Wet: Ooh, this smells like cherry Starburst (my favorite flavor). Dry down: The champagne takes over and turns the entire thing into a fizzy, pretty scent with just the slightest hint of cherry. This is super pretty. Dry: The cherry comes back for the final dry stage and mixes so prettily with the champagne, making it sweeter and more vibrant. I really like this. Final thoughts: I've been following BPAL for almost 10 years now and my collection is in a really nice place: not an overwhelming amount of bottles and a nice representation from all the major scent families with heavy emphasis on sweet/gourmand and spicy/warm scents. I don't have any cherry or champagne scents in my collection though, and I'm pleased as punch to have found this. Verdict: Upgrading to a bottle.
  9. Alethia

    Rendezvous With Her Lover Behind the Rice Straws

    Thoughts before testing: At this point, I'm almost 10 years into being part of the BPAL family. In that time, my tastes have changed drastically and now I'm leaning toward the sweet/gourmand family (this would have shocked the 2011 Alethia). I'm hopeful that this will be warm, cozy, and sweet. Wet: Vanilla musk without being too sweet. It's smelling like a more linear Morocco to my nose at this stage. Dry down: Definitely smelling like Morocco: dry, warm, and pretty. Dry: It keeps the Morocco vibe all the way through the day (lasting an impressive 8 hours on my skin). Final thoughts: I find Morocco more interesting and less linear than this. It's definitely in the same family and this is a good thing for my wallet. Morocco might be my favorite BPAL ever and I have 4 bottles aging while I work through my current bottle. To date, I'm on my fifth bottle of Morocco. That similarity makes this superfluous in my collection. It's beautiful, but not as beautiful as Morocco. Verdict: Pass.
  10. Alethia

    Alleviate the Frenzy

    Thoughts before testing: Peach, musk, and amber are all wins for me so I'm hopeful that this will be the star of the 2020 Lupers for me. Wet: Yeah buddy! This is beautiful and kind of bright to my nose. The peach is sweet but not syrupy and the amber grounds it and keeps the whole thing from smelling like a typical fruity/floral. Dry down: That sugared amber is absolutely stunning. It's warm, sweet, and only slightly fruity. Dry: The peach stays quietly in the background while the amber shines. This is really beautiful and right in my wheelhouse. Final thoughts: I love this, but I don't know if I love it enough to upgrade to a bottle. I keep my collection tight to only those perfumes that I LOVE. I'm not sure if this is a LOVE, but it's definitely beautiful. Verdict: Keeping the imp, probably not upgrading to a bottle.
  11. Alethia

    Body, Remember

    Thoughts before testing: This has been on my "to try" list forever so I was thrilled when it came back with the 2020 Lupers. I'm hoping that this is a sexy, smoky skin scent. Wet: Woof, very indolic coconut. If I didn't know better, I'd say this has jasmine in it. As I sniff, the indolic part starts to become almost plasticky? Dry down: The indolic smell is gone but the coconut is definitely smelling like plastic. This is so disappointing! Dry: After about an hour, the plastic burns off and it becomes this nuanced, beautiful sexy coconut. This is exactly what I was looking for! Final thoughts: It lasts forever on my skin. I was still smelling it strongly 9 hours later and it kept that sexy coconut vibe the whole way through. The first hour was rough what with the indolic/plastic stage. But there's a good chance it just needs to age that off, so I'm keeping the imp for now and strongly considering a bottle. Verdict: Keeping to age, look for an update in 6 months.
  12. Alethia

    Pink Cherry & Pink Pepper

    Thoughts before testing: Pink pepper is one of my favorite notes but cherry has been wildly hit or miss on my skin. I'm intrigued but fully prepared to write this off as "good for her but not for me". Wet: Strong almondy cherry. Very pretty! Dry down: The cherry burns off in the first 5 minutes, leaving a really bright and sparkly pepper. Dry: The pepper hangs around for a surprisingly long time. It took a good 5 hours before I had to really smell it. That pretty cherry never made a reappearance, sadly. Final thoughts: If this kept the cherry note around longer instead of being just a single note pepper experience, I'd like this a lot more. I'm trying to keep my collection ruthlessly pared down and I don't think I have room for a pepper single note. Verdict: Lovely, but not keeping.
  13. Alethia

    Ehon Warai Jogo Bath Oil

    Thoughts before testing: Josie (magnolia and honeyed peaches) is one of my favorite BPALs of all time, but now that it's discontinued and I'm just about done with my (third!) bottle of it, it's time to find a replacement. I get almost no magnolia, it's a straight up PEACH dripping with honey. So when I saw this bad boy in the Luper lineup, I jumped. All of the notes here are absolute winners on my skin and I'm hoping that this will be a home run. I should note that I use the Lab's bath oils as post-shower moisturizers and not in the actual bath. Wet: This is a super realistic, wet, fleshy peach. I absolutely love it at this stage. I don't get any honey or cream and that's ok by me! Dry down: The honey and cream start to peek out. Lordy, this is good stuff. It's like Josie but creamier (the magnolia could make her a little sharper than I'd like sometimes) and not as heady. Dry: Creamy peaches drizzled in honey. This is absolute perfection. Final thoughts: This is a worthy successor to Josie, particularly if you weren't crazy about the magnolia. In fact, I might even like this better than Josie. As far as longevity goes, this is a winner too. Using it as a moisturizer gets me a full 8 hours of lightly scented skin and if I try hard enough, I can still smell it by hour 10. This is rocketing up into my top 10. Verdict: Hoarding.
  14. Alethia

    Absurd Origin Story

    Thoughts before testing: I've been doing keto for almost two years now (and low carb for even longer before that) and Coke was by far the hardest thing for me to quit. So when I saw the description of this, I immediately tossed it in my cart. Marshmallow is one of my favorite perfume notes and I have high hopes that this will satisfy those damn sweet cravings that still linger even now. Wet: It smells like I smeared an ice cold Coke on my skin, all fizz and sweet Dry down: The marshmallow comes out a little more but mostly it's a fizzy Coke scent. I don't mind the lightness of the marshmallow here as I don't have anything in my perfume box that comes even close to a cola fragrance. Dry: That fizziness is just delightful and lasts forever. When I worked at the now-defunct Borders bookstore, our cafe would make a cola drink with vanilla whipped cream and raw sugar that tasted exactly like this smells. I'm shockingly into this. Final thoughts: I don't have anything in my perfume box like this and it's a definite keeper! Verdict: upgrading to a bottle!
  15. Alethia

    Roof Goblins

    Thoughts before testing: I generally steer clear of fruit scents but apple is an exception for me. Ever since the really beautiful Celestial Apples from the 2011 Weenies, I've been on the lookout for interesting apple scents. Apple and milk sounds just simple but intriguing enough for me to bite (pun intended ) Wet: Super duper realistic, crisp, juicy, sweet Honeycrisp apple with just a hint of milky goodness in the back. Dry down: After about fifteen minutes, the apple becomes creamy and the sweetness dials back just a little bit. Dry: The apple really mellows out and the creaminess becomes the star of the show. I definitely agree with those above saying it's sweetened like cereal milk (although without the fruitiness that was present in the Marshmallow Bunnies of Niflhel, thankfully). Final thoughts: Sweet creamy scents are my absolute favorite type of perfume and this is a stunner. The apple is to die for, the creamy sweetness lasts forever, and all throughout the day I kept getting wafts of this really amazing scent that I was continually delighted to realize was me. My husband is very into apple scents and went gaga over this as well. I have a lot of sweet/cream scents but nothing with apple so this is definitely a keeper. Verdict: upgrading to a bottle!