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  1. Roogna

    La Death Darkness Black Black Hats

    oddly sweet, old soap/poutpourri? maybe this is the cashmere? I can't even nail down any of the notes with my nose --- definitely no leather
  2. Roogna


    in the bottle it's a nice leather and grease, but on my skin it's all aftershave a very clean, soapy aftershave now "soapy" on my skin is usually a skin chemistry thing, but with an aftershave note it's hard to know for sure
  3. Roogna


    I am not a coffee fan (drink or smell), and I'm not a bit fan of foodie scents, but I am a huge fan of leather scents so I was really hoping the leather would win out, but I popped open the imp and was greeted immediately by coffee. Honestly, I've smelled better coffee, but it's definitely coffee. Bitter coffee. On my skin, it's coffee first. And then. Cookies. Sugar cookies...maybe lemon cookies. Very sweet. Cookies overtake coffee. There might possibly be some leather in there, but if so it's a soft suede-like leather.
  4. Roogna

    Salzburg Krampuslauf

    clean perfume with something kinda woody/fruity and lavender underneath that. Mostly clean. low throw maaaaaaaaaaaybe kinda reminds me of snow in the woody/fruity part
  5. Roogna

    Schere, Stein, Papier!

    blackberry ..... cleaner? like astringent cleaner. blackberry liquid soap? that's also tangy sweet? ok...within 20 min it's super candy-like blackberry with a warm coffee/leather undernote (if I really sniff for it)
  6. Philipp Peter Roos Caramelized wood resins, black peppercorn, and leather. I'm still new to testing out HG scents, so I got a 4ml tester in a spritz bottle so I could actually spray it on my hair. I was hoping for leather. What I got was sickly sour yellow biting wood. As it dries peppercorn comes out, which just adds more bite. Turns to a kind of powerdery sour wood resin with an acrid bite. It bothers my sinuses. And a couple little squirts goes a long way!
  7. hi! leather fan here! but it IS leather...more of a brown leather sour brown leatherish with a bite... settles to a less sour leather and a touch of peru balsam (sweet)/hay/frank actually it reminds me a little of some of the annual Krampus scents (except 2014, which is totally different and the only one I wear)...but more Cowboy if that makes sense lol...not the tack, the Cowboy it goes on strong, then low-med throw
  8. Roogna

    The Tastes of the Duke Were Peculiar

    I was hoping for leather (I'm a fan) but no a very nice mandarin orange, some floral, turns a bit bubble gum later. Low throw that fades after a couple/few hours
  9. Frans Hals Black teakwood with frankincense, leather, myrrh, and lemon rind. I've only tried a few hair glosses, so bear with me, I don't have a ton of experience trying these or reviewing them compared to perfume oils. (for the record I ADORE It is Gold! It is Gold! and can still smell it the next day or even after washing my hair depending on shampoo) I was looking forward to this one because I'm a leather lover. I got a 4ml tester in a spritz bottle so I could actually spray it on my hair. Well, the lemon is lovely! It's very fresh, clean, and lemony...and not at all "lemon cleaner". I really like this lemon note. Unfortunately, that's about all I get...and it doesn't last long. Within 2-3 hours it's basically gone. Many hours after that if I sniff the part of my hair I sprayed versus a part I didn't (long hair) I can smell a difference - that there is *something* on the part I sprayed and still mostly lemony. I hope others have better luck than I did with this one.
  10. Roogna

    Enterprising Young Ladies

    in the bottle it's a sharp oudh with maybe some bourbon vanilla. No leather. No cinnamon My skin eats this up almost completely. The little bit I smell before it disappears (and I REALLY have to sniff quickly and just right) smells good...I think. Talk about disappointing.
  11. Roogna

    Proverbs 24:11-12

    I get absolutely no leather, which for a leather-lover like me is disappointing instead it's fresh and airy like the person above said. there are moments it smells floral ... or medicine-y...at arm's length it smells like my nemesis Rose oudh is the only note I can pick out, and not constantly
  12. Roogna

    Lavender Lace

    pretty lavender, not too "sleepy" thanks to touch of other notes/vanilla? Super low throw that fades fast.... when I put nose-to-wrist I can smell the wonderful smoky, almost chewy, vanilla with a beautiful lavender...too bad I can't smell it otherwise.
  13. Roogna

    The Fool’s Dog

    white bright, a touch of clean grass, and something else I can't quite place Very veeeeeeeery similar to Bub (from the Paranorman line, and also a "dog" scent). Bub is slightly sweeter, while Fool's Dog is slightly more of that plastic kaboodle scent (you know it if you've ever had one lol) similar throw too, but doesn't last quite as long as abub ...on me Bub is the winner in notes, throw, and how long it lasts
  14. Roogna

    The Scapegoat

    bright woody balsam with pepper spice. Low throw. More woody than leathery
  15. Roogna

    Nobodies Watching Wrestling

    I love the Lab's leather notes including black leather, but fruity doesn't always appeal to me.... and that's kinda what happened here. this is spot-on strawberry lipgloss. It reminds me of the 90s especially, which is fitting I think -- this is what hits the nose first then the black leather rears up, strong and dark. together it's an interesting blend. Sometimes I get wafts of the lipgloss, sometimes the leather, and sometimes a weird powdery or slightly sour and creamy scent over leather.... I think I'll stick to my other (vast collection) of leathers I prefer more, but this is definitely worth trying!