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  1. Roogna

    Men Will Fall to Her Darkness

    initially a bright pretty tart, plastic, floral. Very "powdered candy". Quickly SOURS, like rotten food that's been "blackened" and adds blood but still retains a "powdery" aspect then it turns to poopy diapers??? uh...
  2. Roogna

    Amour Fou

    huh, I get "vintage perfume" right out of the bottle as it dries I get more "dried flowers" and "forest floor", which is the chypre. It has a solid throw. no leather at all no vetiver either though it could be argued that the chypre has a leathery quality to it
  3. Roogna

    JK Men Are Very Good LOL People

    Initially my nose scrunched at the sourness of this scene - sour leather. But as it dries that dirty, grassy divot comes to the forefront. If I sniff closely I get hints at what I believe to be "aftershave", which is bright. Sadly, this scent quickly attacks my throat, irritating it and causing me to cough. had to wash it off
  4. Roogna

    Jojo the Dog Faced Boy

    I"m sad I don't get more musk or leather. I'm sure those notes would have worked well with the others. I definitely get "soapy" as a general smell. If I sniff closer I get a juicy sweet note -- almost lime?? And sage. It's a very low throw too.
  5. Roogna


    I missed the bottle, so I'm glad someone sent me a tester wet: soft papery leather, almost sweet but quickly sours, faint, low-throw rather "yellow" dry: definitely more leather but still sour. I don't get "books" at all
  6. Roogna


    BUBBLEGUM!! lol seriously, all I get is sweet, red, fruity bubblegum. then some sweet musk and florals
  7. Roogna

    You're a Daisy If You Have

    The gun powder comes out shooting! It's STRONG! It overpowers the other notes. Then it turns to some SOUR leather. I can't pick out anything else
  8. Roogna

    Pumpkin Spice Silkybat Hair Gloss

    oh lovely! and pleasantly STRONG! I haven't tried silkybat either and I wouldn't say I get "pumpkin spice" here, but it IS sugary and sweet with a very tame patchouli. it's pleasantly rich. really, the hubby and I can't place what it smells like, but we LOVE it haha so, possibly not a helpful review, but one of the nice things abut hair gloss is that body chem doesn't screw with it, so it's worth trying (or wearing at certain times when body chem changes )
  9. Roogna

    His Red Mouth

    poop and fir washed it off immediately, or what I could...left with fir and a whiff of poop
  10. Roogna

    Twelve Drummers Drumming Hair Gloss

    I love most of the Lab's leather scents with De Sade and Brom Bones being my favs that being said, this is far too heavy and biting for me. This is BLACK LEATHER which is not either of the above two and the chrome is equally as strong and very "metallic" (as opposed the lab's softer "iron" notes) I can see how some says "cologne" but for me it's one oil slick away from a biker's garage shop in fact, it reminds me of Mutant Hot-Rodders from Hell High (another one I like), but 12 Drummers is still way more leather and metal
  11. Roogna

    La Death Darkness Black Black Hats

    oddly sweet, old soap/poutpourri? maybe this is the cashmere? I can't even nail down any of the notes with my nose --- definitely no leather
  12. Roogna


    in the bottle it's a nice leather and grease, but on my skin it's all aftershave a very clean, soapy aftershave now "soapy" on my skin is usually a skin chemistry thing, but with an aftershave note it's hard to know for sure
  13. Roogna


    I am not a coffee fan (drink or smell), and I'm not a bit fan of foodie scents, but I am a huge fan of leather scents so I was really hoping the leather would win out, but I popped open the imp and was greeted immediately by coffee. Honestly, I've smelled better coffee, but it's definitely coffee. Bitter coffee. On my skin, it's coffee first. And then. Cookies. Sugar cookies...maybe lemon cookies. Very sweet. Cookies overtake coffee. There might possibly be some leather in there, but if so it's a soft suede-like leather.
  14. Roogna

    Salzburg Krampuslauf

    clean perfume with something kinda woody/fruity and lavender underneath that. Mostly clean. low throw maaaaaaaaaaaybe kinda reminds me of snow in the woody/fruity part
  15. Roogna

    Schere, Stein, Papier!

    blackberry ..... cleaner? like astringent cleaner. blackberry liquid soap? that's also tangy sweet? ok...within 20 min it's super candy-like blackberry with a warm coffee/leather undernote (if I really sniff for it)