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  1. Roogna

    Batty Perversion

    1000% percent this is Pina Colada. maybe with a tonka grounding note. No leather to speak of *edit. I let it sit for a few days then tried it again. Definitely still pina colada, but a nice one without too much alcohol, there's a real nice tonka "spice" to it for sure and almost a touch of candy sweetness and occasional caramel. And yet, it's not "foodie" I really love this! (and I didn't care for the GC Perversion)
  2. Roogna

    Snootier Bat

    In the bottle I smell....nothing?!? on my skin....sugared incense, emphasis on the sugar. WHERE is my leather? *cries* My skin definitely amps it, which is good, otherwise I wouldn't even know what it smells like. But all i get is sweet, almost tooth-achingly sweet. *edit, ooh hey, some black musk joins in after about 30 or so minutes...dragging a whiff of leather with it. Now this smells good. Not at all what I was expecting, but good.
  3. Roogna

    Snooty Bat

    I'm a lover of bpal's leather most of the time, especially black leather, and a goth. I was really hopeful for this... really low throw, very "incense" at first - the blend of patch and nag champa is very nice and not too heavy, floral, or dirty. no leather? it's such a low throw it's hard to tell. maaaaybe if I squint? I think I"ll try this again later before passing, but I'm not hopeful
  4. Roogna

    Aristocratic Warriors

    a bright metallic scent. and reading the other review, it could have something lemon-y, but it's not lemon cleaner. it's a weird bright/almost-sour thing that eventually hints at more leather than lemon, but it's a sour-leather
  5. Roogna

    Goblin for Chad

    I try all the Lab's leather--including blends. Sadly, I get no leather from this. The aftershave and balsam notes are strongest, and a little medicinal. There's also a sour (almost poopy) note which is the oud on my skin (sigh). And maybe a hint of rosewood, but if I try to sniff for it, I get a nose full of oud.... better luck to those with different skin chemistry
  6. Roogna

    Fairy Lobster Foam

    I loved the Lab's ability to nail the maraschino cherry scent in their MC&Champagne scent, but the Champagne ended up drowning out the cherries on me. So I wanted to try again. This is DEFINITELY M. Cherry, but almost too much at first, but then the marshmallow comes out, and it becomes more of a marshmallowy toasty, almond-cherry mix lol
  7. Roogna

    Snowy Evening

    a nice lavender that fades away FAST on my skin barely there enough to even appreciate it
  8. Roogna


    very soft and faint, so it's hard to tell, Maybe some tea, linen, and apple? No leather
  9. Roogna

    The Blue Door

    That is a lot of salt air and flowers. It's a nice mix of flowers, with no one kind standing out. I did get some ink for a bit, but, sadly, no leather. It's definitely an aquatic scent.
  10. Roogna

    Lavender and Patchouli

    there are two types of lavender: soothing and IN YOUR FACE this is the latter.... just a dab screams all day long. I mean, i like lavender, and it was ok enough to wear that dab all day, but I'm glad I didn't put more on. I got no patch that was noticable, but knowing it should be there I may or may not have gotten tiny hints of something earthy, before the lavender squashed it again lol
  11. Roogna

    Carved Wooden Bookstore

    I am a leather fiend. I must try all blends with leather. This one is soooooo nice, and it's different since the leather really blends in with the wood. it's soft but very noticeable and makes me feel comfy. The dust&tea aren't something I can pick out necessarily but it has that kind of feel to it and now that I read "root beer" and "plastic" in above reviews, I can smell that, BUT it's nowhere near as strong as scents that actually smell like root beer or that 90s kaboodle plastic LOL
  12. Roogna

    Wasteland World

    i mosly agree with doomsday_disco. Goes on very smoky BBQ-like cedar. That stays but tames a bit. I get a touch of gasoline underneath, but that fades. maybe some oil. maybe leather. It's hard to tell with all that BBQ-cedar. Good throw but doesn't last that long. I too am grateful to the person who sent me a tester, and am glad I dodged a rare bullet.
  13. Roogna

    The Tigress Atmosphere Spray

    smells nice and leathery. disappears almost immediately in the air lol
  14. Roogna

    Famous Kabuki Actors in Imagined Scenes of Lovemaking

    This is VERY foodie. but the blend is amazing it's on the sweet side on me possibly heavy on vanilla, cardamom, and...cedar? Strong throw - a little dab goes a loooong way
  15. Roogna

    John Locke

    what a great lavender/leather blend. It's a relaxed blend, not quite snuggly after a couple hours I do get some tonka or carmelite water...and the lavender has died down.