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  1. Roogna

    Lupercalia Single Note: Latex

    Biting and acrid. Very "yellow" and almost medicine-y. The chalk, however, is spot-on. Soft, powdery, and just a hint of something floral or "perfume-y" (but not "baby powder").
  2. Roogna

    Escape from the Autumn Carnival

    I have to be careful with pumpkin scents. I often amp them (though not the strongest thing I amp) to the point of not enjoying. But every now and then I find a good one. This is a good one. Though I may amp it just a little too much for my personal tastes. I get mostly "warm" pumpkin (borders being foodie but isn't quite) and smoke (not bonfire). They hay mixes in nicely - enough that i'm not sure I would pick it out by itself, but knowing it's there, my brain latches on. I adore many of the Lab's leather blends. This one doesn't stand out as a "leather" scent, but my nose says it's there, like a grounding element beneath the other notes. Mostly smoky pumpkin. Very Autumnal. Makes me think of going to the pumpkin patch and going on a hay ride in a cozy sweater
  3. Roogna

    Impromptu Goat Yoga

    very dry graham crackers what? yes, you read that right maybe some marshmallow burnt onto the graham crackers and super sweet tea/milk but the dry graham crackers takes over all and makes it a very foodie scent
  4. Roogna

    Diese Dumpfen Pfaffenchristen

    fir that leans towards pinesol on a deep sniff, petitegrain (orange), incense, maybe rusty metal, it sours as it dries, low throw, slight burn to my skin
  5. Roogna

    Saint Justina with the Unicorn Hair Gloss

    3 squirts in my long hair, hair draped over my shoulder, and I can barely smell it initially I got a really nice cinnamon and/or clove, it's still there, but the throw is very low that's the main note, but I think I get some leather, maybe but super faint, maybe some anise but I literally have to hold the hair to my nose to smell anything
  6. Roogna

    The Umbrella Incident

    as soon as I read zz's review above, I smelled the jasmine, but I also smell magnolia? maybe hints of metal...
  7. Roogna

    Black Coffee & Old Books

    sad mine has no black leather, no coffee either it's a sour leather, very "beige" with a hint of sweet? definitely more like some of the other "old book" scents, but more sour after a solid 30+ minutes the sour dies down and it becomes a bit more "velvety" leather, which is not bad, but this is a lower throw than the sour part. and it doesn't last more than a couple hours
  8. Roogna

    My Little Pop Star

    candy candy candy candy CANDY like when I went to the candy story in the mall in the early 90s pure sugar with some flavor - the pressed sugar like candy cigarettes and gum, old but still has that powdered sugar coating and very very VERY far underneath is a touch of leather (black? brown?) which makes it almost dirty but the candy overwhelms again right after I sniff it lol
  9. Roogna

    Men Will Fall to Her Darkness

    initially a bright pretty tart, plastic, floral. Very "powdered candy". Quickly SOURS, like rotten food that's been "blackened" and adds blood but still retains a "powdery" aspect then it turns to poopy diapers??? uh...
  10. Roogna

    Amour Fou

    huh, I get "vintage perfume" right out of the bottle as it dries I get more "dried flowers" and "forest floor", which is the chypre. It has a solid throw. no leather at all no vetiver either though it could be argued that the chypre has a leathery quality to it
  11. Roogna

    JK Men Are Very Good LOL People

    Initially my nose scrunched at the sourness of this scene - sour leather. But as it dries that dirty, grassy divot comes to the forefront. If I sniff closely I get hints at what I believe to be "aftershave", which is bright. Sadly, this scent quickly attacks my throat, irritating it and causing me to cough. had to wash it off
  12. Roogna

    Jojo the Dog Faced Boy

    I"m sad I don't get more musk or leather. I'm sure those notes would have worked well with the others. I definitely get "soapy" as a general smell. If I sniff closer I get a juicy sweet note -- almost lime?? And sage. It's a very low throw too.
  13. Roogna


    I missed the bottle, so I'm glad someone sent me a tester wet: soft papery leather, almost sweet but quickly sours, faint, low-throw rather "yellow" dry: definitely more leather but still sour. I don't get "books" at all
  14. Roogna


    BUBBLEGUM!! lol seriously, all I get is sweet, red, fruity bubblegum. then some sweet musk and florals
  15. Roogna

    You're a Daisy If You Have

    The gun powder comes out shooting! It's STRONG! It overpowers the other notes. Then it turns to some SOUR leather. I can't pick out anything else