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  1. Roogna

    Wasteland World

    i mosly agree with doomsday_disco. Goes on very smoky BBQ-like cedar. That stays but tames a bit. I get a touch of gasoline underneath, but that fades. maybe some oil. maybe leather. It's hard to tell with all that BBQ-cedar. Good throw but doesn't last that long. I too am grateful to the person who sent me a tester, and am glad I dodged a rare bullet.
  2. Roogna

    The Tigress Atmosphere Spray

    smells nice and leathery. disappears almost immediately in the air lol
  3. Roogna

    Famous Kabuki Actors in Imagined Scenes of Lovemaking

    This is VERY foodie. but the blend is amazing it's on the sweet side on me possibly heavy on vanilla, cardamom, and...cedar? Strong throw - a little dab goes a loooong way
  4. Roogna

    John Locke

    what a great lavender/leather blend. It's a relaxed blend, not quite snuggly after a couple hours I do get some tonka or carmelite water...and the lavender has died down.
  5. Roogna


    BLACKBERRY! then quickly shifting to black currant. nothing else really, which is a shame as I was REALLY hoping for some leather...though it feels like something is underneath supporting the black currant I can't pick it out at all that being said it's really nice. Not too fruity. Good throw. Would recommend trying. It's not something I would reach for to wear with regularity, but I may keep my decant to dry a couple more times, more than just a wrist-test at least
  6. Roogna

    Red Mandarin, French Lavender & Juniper

    REALLY.STRONG.SOAP that is all. and I often like these notes in other blends
  7. Roogna

    Leather, Indigo Incense & Red Amber

    Ooooh i like this! I agree it's *almost* fruity in the bottle, and maybe a touch on the skin, but it's definitely not foodie or pinpointable to a certain fruit The leather is very nice (I'm a leather lover), soft and snuggly under the incense just wearing it I'm aware of the leather more, but a closer sniff is much more incense. almost red musk later on? reeaaally good throw. I just dabbed a little on one wrist and it's very noticable *edit, but it's only that noticeable for 3 hours maybe...the fades waaaaay down (have to sniff wrist)
  8. Roogna


    as always when I try leather scents I hope for lots of leather. wet: COOKIES (gingerbready/snickerdoodle?) dust and hint of lavender follow up quick dry: it has soured (possibly a sour leather note) with a sharp astringent note, which overwhelms the cookies (though they are still there) it does settle down fairly well to leathery cookies *edit hours later...it actually wears quite well. it's a warm, fuzzy, comfort scent
  9. Roogna

    Lupercalia Single Note: Latex

    Biting and acrid. Very "yellow" and almost medicine-y. The chalk, however, is spot-on. Soft, powdery, and just a hint of something floral or "perfume-y" (but not "baby powder").
  10. Roogna

    Escape from the Autumn Carnival

    I have to be careful with pumpkin scents. I often amp them (though not the strongest thing I amp) to the point of not enjoying. But every now and then I find a good one. This is a good one. Though I may amp it just a little too much for my personal tastes. I get mostly "warm" pumpkin (borders being foodie but isn't quite) and smoke (not bonfire). They hay mixes in nicely - enough that i'm not sure I would pick it out by itself, but knowing it's there, my brain latches on. I adore many of the Lab's leather blends. This one doesn't stand out as a "leather" scent, but my nose says it's there, like a grounding element beneath the other notes. Mostly smoky pumpkin. Very Autumnal. Makes me think of going to the pumpkin patch and going on a hay ride in a cozy sweater
  11. Roogna

    Impromptu Goat Yoga

    very dry graham crackers what? yes, you read that right maybe some marshmallow burnt onto the graham crackers and super sweet tea/milk but the dry graham crackers takes over all and makes it a very foodie scent
  12. Roogna

    Diese Dumpfen Pfaffenchristen

    fir that leans towards pinesol on a deep sniff, petitegrain (orange), incense, maybe rusty metal, it sours as it dries, low throw, slight burn to my skin
  13. Roogna

    Saint Justina with the Unicorn Hair Gloss

    3 squirts in my long hair, hair draped over my shoulder, and I can barely smell it initially I got a really nice cinnamon and/or clove, it's still there, but the throw is very low that's the main note, but I think I get some leather, maybe but super faint, maybe some anise but I literally have to hold the hair to my nose to smell anything
  14. Roogna

    The Umbrella Incident

    as soon as I read zz's review above, I smelled the jasmine, but I also smell magnolia? maybe hints of metal...
  15. Roogna

    Black Coffee & Old Books

    sad mine has no black leather, no coffee either it's a sour leather, very "beige" with a hint of sweet? definitely more like some of the other "old book" scents, but more sour after a solid 30+ minutes the sour dies down and it becomes a bit more "velvety" leather, which is not bad, but this is a lower throw than the sour part. and it doesn't last more than a couple hours