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  1. VictorianLass


    This is mentioned so often in Thomas Hardy's novel "The Mayor of Casterbridge" that I have been longing to know what it smells like. Was a must buy and was so worth it! Warm, thick porridge, heavy on spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and a bit of ginger, sweetened by fresh cream and currants. A very warm and rich scent with hints of ale as it dries down a bit. An excellent comfy foody perfume, on cold days, reading Wuthering Heights or some other dark Victorian novel! I love it!!
  2. VictorianLass

    Raspberry Apricot Sufganiyot

    Entenmann's Raspberry Coffee Cake. Raspberry, pastry and sugary cream drizzle, drying down to raspberry with slight apricot undertones and the pastry descending. Absolutely delicious! I love this one!
  3. VictorianLass

    Hildegard’s Cakes of Joy

    A very warm golden cake with intoxicating whiffs of clove and nutmeg, drying down with dollops of honey to dip it in!
  4. VictorianLass


    Starts off as an ooey gooey wet chocolate brownie mix and dries down to a rich, smooth dark chocolate covered nutty truffle candy with warm amber undertones, making it even more decadent!
  5. VictorianLass

    Sugar Cookies and a Popcorn Garland

    In the bottle I can smell the popcorn with a sprinkling of brown sugar. On my the popcorn disappeared fast, unfortunately (I love Beth's popcorns!). But it turned into a very warm maple syrupy-sweet brown sugar with just slight wafts of popcorn lingering in the background. Very cozy on a cloudy wintery day!
  6. VictorianLass


    The Metaphysical Shop I used to shop in, back in the 1980's. This is it in a bottle and I love it! Rich sandalwood, soft pink roses and carnation bursts. Such a beautiful scent....want it in the GC for constant access!!
  7. VictorianLass

    El Dia de los Reyes

    It started off with a slight hot cocoa scent, as though you just ripped that packet open! Amped up to a full on hot cocoa, warm cinnamon and a touch of coffee, as though I am at a cafe and while I have my cocoa, the person behind me is having a cup of java! The brown sugar sweetens it up just a wee bit, but just enough, not overpowering. Drying down with less cinnamon and more hot cocoa with a sweetener. That person behind me is still drinking their coffee.... 😄
  8. VictorianLass

    Hymn to St. Brigid

    A warm mixture of rich golden honey, luxurious cream and a soft white and green floral. Possible honeysuckle, or something else that reminds me of meadows, bees, and waving wildflowers, sweetly scented, but not cloying, on a warm June day! Very pretty!
  9. VictorianLass

    Sugar Cookie Cathedral

    To me this smells exactly like it is described. Soft wafts of incense, a slight and subtle touch of smoke from candles burning, the warmth of old wood, and sugar cookies being gobbled up, while giggling in the back pews.
  10. VictorianLass

    The Butterfly 2021

    I just received this scent and am over the roof in love! When I opened the bottle the first sniff was so strong that I wondered if I would care for it at all. But I kept sniffing through those layers and was intrigued enough to put it on! I am getting major nostalgia moments with this perfume. The warmth of the tonka bean and richness of the golden amber, tinged with citrus and an underlay of soft wood kept reminding me of something. It smells exactly like one of my favourite antique stores nearby! Sun shining on dry old wood, lightly scented hand-dipped candles in the corner room, bunches of various dried herbs getting dusty hanging from the ceiling, soft citrus of orange peel and nutmeg in a bowl. Every time I move I am immediately transported into that store, which was closed for a year during the pandemic and just starting to occasionally open its doors. Hoping to wear this and go there this weekend for the 1st time in 1 12/ years! So happy to have it stored in a bottle!
  11. VictorianLass

    Lump of Coal

    In the bottle~A rich chocolate with warmth....something is baking in the oven! On the skin~Dark gooey very warm chocolate brownies. OMG this smells amazing! Dry down~Lasting quite well on me and my husband can smell it when walking by the den. He thought I sprayed something chocolate scented! It has softened a bit over the past few hours into rich brownie crumbs. The perfect perfume to wear while reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 😁 It is snowing out, with intermittent ice. I am getting ready for some gaming, organizing my books, window lights going on.... I smell yummy!
  12. VictorianLass

    Gingerbread & Lemon Sugar

    Interesting and so hopeful, but not quite right. In the bottle: Ginger, but not gingerbread, lemon On the skin: A touch of ginger and sugary lemon cookie, but only briefly. The sharp twang of ginger and the sour snap of lemon fought each other. The sugar disappeared until we had more of a lemon clean scent and the gingerbread turned into gingerale. Dry down: Faded fairly quickly, but the softer the scent, the nicer it was. Never kept that gingerbread scent which I craved, nor the lemon cookie, which I love. They fought it out all along the way. I think this fragrance has so much yummy potential. I feel it needs something bready to keep it more of a gingerbread scent and less of a straight up sharp ginger, and something warm like a soft vanilla to keep the lemon more sugary instead of turning into kitchen cleaner fresh. I plan to pair it up with something I already own, not sure what, and layer it to sweeten it up a bit more!
  13. VictorianLass


    Lovely fragrance!! In the bottle: Lots of scents equally blended together; beeswax, gentle leather, something sweet and a tinge of hearth smoke On the skin: Hint of smoke again, sweet chocolate syrup, beeswax, very soft leather and aged pages. Really nice! Dry down: All of the above, but faded. The smoke is almost gone, but not completely. Same with the leather and book scent. Beeswax has softened. No more chocolate, but almost a tiny hint of cranberry or some kind of fruity scented candle, but very, very soft. Lingering wonderfully on me! I received a wonderful used copy of Candide! I will be sure to wear this while reading it!
  14. VictorianLass

    Black Coffee & Old Books

    Hmm..... In the bottle: Pure leather. Leather, leather, leather. It smells like a brand new handbag or a Coach store. On the skin: Smokey leather, like books being read around a smokey fireplace, but not a tobacco smell. No sign of coffee. Dry down: Smoke, ashes, the fire has gone out, the leather book has faded quite a bit, back into the stacks. So, on first thought, the leather was overpowering and like others have said, it smells like new leather, not old. I never got a single whiff of coffee in any stage, which was very disappointing. If you know of really good coffee scents, please PM me. That being said, I admire how perfect the leather scent is...it amazes me how Beth can create such fragrances! I also like the smokey part which calmed that leather smell right down. It has a bit of nostalgia for me. It reminds me of back in the mid 1980's when I stayed a week at the Wayside Inn and spent the winter days and evenings by a warm smokey fire in the old hobgoblin hall and read all day long. This is all about reading books by the hearth to me. But the original new leather smell is not a favourite of mine. This will make a nice post-holiday scent when snuggled by the fire, deep in a Dickens' novel.
  15. VictorianLass

    Here We Come A-Wassailing

    Oh yum! In the bottle: Apples and fresh greeneries of all sort, but not sharp! On the skin: Soft clove, warm roasted apples, fig and greens. Dry down: Soft clove and fig with a dash of leather. Nice and unique. The scent in the bottle reminds me so much of the first room of our local nursery this time of year where all the live wreathes, garlands, etc. are blended together on tables. I just stand in there, sniff and smile. Holidays are not holidays until I smell that! On my skin it takes a warmer, more fruity and clove scent, but very seasonal. If I had to bottle up my favourite nursery at Christmastime, it would smell just like this!