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  1. Skygal

    Moroccan Pumpkin Patch

    Oh, I was SO excited to receive my 'Weens! I got four of the Pumpkin Patch oils- Dorian, Moroccan, Snakes and Sin... (in addition to Little Pythia and Achluophobia). I must say that so far, I am quite disappointed with the way the PP oils are acting out on my skin... don't they like me? I'm thinking that it must be something in that pumpkin note that turns evil on me... All but DitPP, go all urine-y within minutes of hitting my skin. Yuck. Please advise, my friends. Should I try aging them? Will that help? Or shall I post them for swap right this minute? Has anyone else had this problem? Oh Pumpkin, I do so love thee, but you reject my affections, with a vengeance...
  2. Skygal

    Traveling with BPAL

    Imps are perfectly legal. If you want to be totally on the up-and-up, put them into your 1-quart baggie with your other liquids. I'm a flight attendant and I ALWAYS have imps with me. I have yet to have one leak, but if you're concerned about that at all, just use a tiny baggie for them. The Lab offers many lovely "Imp cases" for sale and they're beautifully decorated! But really, those are simply condom cases, which you can buy elsewhere, too, and they hold about five imps.
  3. Skygal


    I second the suggestion for The Black Rider and The White Rider. Also The Bow and Crown of Conquest has a nice leather vibe. For a great rubber scent, check out Bvlgari "Black". Nommie...
  4. First of all, congrats!!! As for the application, the responses you've received thus far are great, and I agree with them all, so please forgive me if I am being redundant. I would say that although that shirt will be covering a lot of your skin, you can still apply in your usual spots. Just do it well before dressing, so as not to stain your nuptial blouse... As an alternative to that, I would say that you could take one of two tacks. Idea one: Apply to the place just behind your ears and the backs of your lobes. This place is warm and the scent will emanate nicely from there as you lean in to kiss your bride. You could also apply a few dabs of oil to the outer edges of your palms- that is, the sides of your hands, just down from your pinkie fingers. This way, as you gesture, or raise your hand to hold a lady's hand for a dance, the fragrance will waft nicely from there. Additionally, be sure to place a dab of oil over your heart, as well, if only for the symbolic value there. Second: If you decid not to wear the fragrance on your skin at all, I could see you finding a fabulous Steampunk scent locket and wearing that as you would a pocket watch, with your beautiful waistcoat, chain, fob and all. Finally, I would say that no matter what you decide to do, the day will be the sweetest day you have known, for you will be joining hearts with your beloved and there is nothing in life finer than love. All the best To You Both! ~Tina
  5. Skygal

    Recommend the most herbal scents, please

    I find Allison Gross to be very herbal! In fact, she reminds me of the ORIGINAL Herbal Essence shampoo (in the 70s, when there was only one!)
  6. Skygal

    Villa Diodati

    Got this goblin squirt as a frimp from a lovely forumite (thanks sweetie-pie!) and dabbed some on my arm right away. (Yeah, I wear The Lab's room fragrances sometimes- hasn't killed me yet). Hmmm, so strange and yet familiar somehow, at the same time. OH! Got it! This smells just like the corner of my basement where I keep my "incense and candle" box! mmm.... Pleasantly cool foundation stones, a bit of "must" (the good kind) and then... some mingled resins, spices, soft fruits, green notes... Very unusual combination of notes but masterfully balanced. Yay Beth! When is the release?
  7. Skygal

    Capela Dos Ossos v5

    Capela dos Ossos v5 is one of my favorite BPALs ever! I am an incense-aholic, and I adore most, if not all, types of incense. But I seem to find that incense scents fall into one of three main categories: 1) Churchy (like Cathedral, Midnight Mass, etc) 2) Eastern (like Nag Champa-ish stuff- say, The Caterpillar) 3) Japanese (never found a BPAL oil that fit here... till now!) Capela dos Ossos v5 is sweet, dry, dusty incense. If any of you have ever bought a box of Japanese incense, you may recognize the quality of it in CdOv5. It's not like the smoke from Japanese incense, but rather like the incense itself, before it's burned. It's so well-blended that it just seems to be an entity unto itself, so I'm having a hard time identifying specific notes... It does not, however, smell smokey, or have any hint of frankincense to it. There seems to be a floral quality, but it's not a heady, cloying floral, like jasmine or gardenia, nor is it soapy, like cherry blossom... Maybe it's a bit of champaca flower- hmm.... I must seek out a backup bottle of this one. Yummy.
  8. Skygal

    The Caterpillar

    To me, this one smells EXACTLY like Satya Sai Baba's Nag Champa incense! mmm...
  9. Skygal

    Monster Bait: Ventriloquist Dummy

    hmmmmmmm..... Got this one on e-bay and I thought I'd like it based on these reviews. Well. Let's see, In bottle: celery salt Wet on my skin: celery salt 10 minute check: faded celery salt I cannot figure out which note in this is becoming celery salt! Also, I can usually pick out notes in a fragrance, but this seems to me like a single note of- you guessed it- celery salt! I mean, I love celery salt on my Chicago hot dogs and 'round the rim of my bloody marys, but in my perfume? Nope. Tossin' this one onto the swap pile as I head out for brunch and (yup) a bloody mary! PS- I do love the creepy label art.
  10. Skygal


    Hey everyone! This is my first review. I'm fairly new to the forum- been lurking for a while now, and have been finding all your reviews INVALUABLE in my search for scents I will love... I have read some descriptions on the Lab's site, and thought: "O man! I GOTTA have this one!", but after reading a bunch of your reviews on the scent in question, I feel more informed in my decision as to whether or not to aquire it. Sometimes I buy/swap an imp/bottle, sometimes not... So for that, I thank you all! ANYway, ....Kathmandu. hmmm... I thought this one would be like a top-five, amazing, "it's-so-me" scent. Just received my latest order from the Lab and decided to try out Kathmandu first. Okay, I have not read every review in this thread, but is anyone else getting "wintergreen"? In the Imp, it was just like a wintergreen lifesaver. But also like Ben-Gay, which is a turn-off cause smelling like Ben-Gay is not my personal brand of sexy... I closed the cap and rolled the Imp around a bit just in case it needed a bit of gentle mixing, then applied a good schmear of it to my wrist... Yup- wintergreen... for about 5 minutes. Then the wintergreen began to back off just enough for the cedar to become apparent. But that was about all I got from this one. I kept checking back, waiting for it to turn into incense, but no, it was just a mellow wintergreenish cedar. So strange to read these reviews on Kathmandu, then to have such a different experience with it. I kept reading the label to be sure it was really Kathmandu. hmmm... I think I will be swapping this imp.