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  1. killerklown

    Frosty Silkybat Hair Gloss

    There's something about the snow note in this that reminds me of Winter Winds atmo from a few years ago. There's definitely Silkybat, but a softer version of it with a big plop of frost. It's not minty or ozone or lemony, but definitely in that slushy family. Maybe it's just my nose playing tricks, but I find there's a bit of berry in this as well. I love this stuff!
  2. killerklown

    Tammany Free and Easy Atmosphere Spray

    I wanted to love this. I did love this for the first hour or two. I sprayed it in my bedroom and it was all light, bubbly champagne deliciousness. After I came back after a few hours it had morphed into rank week old puke. I had to open a window and wash the sheets to kill the smell. Guess this is for the swap pile.
  3. killerklown

    Eve's Big Apple Hair Gloss - Red Apple

    Initially you get a big blast of juicy red apple, which is heaven in a bottle. The other notes definitely add a rich dark and sweetness to it, without being overly cloying. I agree it's a bit on the lighter side, but it did stick around with me for a good while. I hopped in the shower the next morning and when the hot water hit my hair I was instantly surrounded by a yummy sweet cloud of apple goodness.
  4. killerklown

    Boo Hair Gloss

    I get more of the cotton than the cream or sugar here, but somehow it just works. Where the bath oil last year was all single note cotton on me, the gloss is heavy cotton with a bit of creamy sweetness. It didn't work for me as a bath oil, but oh boy does it work here. It's lovely and you all need it. Now.
  5. I'm a big fan of Sticky Bat and the Lick It's for summer.
  6. killerklown

    Absinthe Bonbon

    It pretty much turned into an anise single note as soon as it hit my skin.
  7. killerklown

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    I also find that imps age faster. What takes 1-2 years in a bottle can sometimes take as little as 6-9 months in an imp depending on the oil.
  8. killerklown

    Youth's Disengagement

    In the bottle: Creamy currants Wet: Lots of bright cherries on the initial application, but that burns off quickly to slightly dusty currants. I suppose that's the sandalwood playing up, when I tested it initially (slightly cold from the mail box) I got no dustiness. Weird. Dry down: As it dries the dustiness gives way to the marshmallow and what I think may be the ginger. It's not overly sweet or cloying, just enough to rein in the cherries which are still there. Dry: The vanilla finally makes an appearance, however slightly. This is an awesome scent. It's sweet but not overpoweringly so; the cherries hover in the back and give it a slightly juicy edge (and don't go all cough syrup, which has never been a problem since my skin loves cherry notes so ymmv) with the marshmallow giving it it's distinctive...marshmallowness (lol). Overall it's nice and low key, at least on me.
  9. killerklown

    Chocolate Espresso Gingerbread Bath Oil

    Sniffing it in the bottle it smells of delicious coffee and chocolate. Usually the first time I test bath oils I do a test in the tub first, then a direct skin test as I can have vastly different results. This is a direct in tub test. First off, this stuff is strong. I put two tiny squirts in and it was almost overwhelming. The chocolate lingers for a bit but then is overwhelmed by COFFEE. The gingerbread, to my nose, was almost non existent. It's nice, don't get me wrong, but this may need a lot of aging for me (like the first incarnation of Pumpkin Latte did- it did the same thing at first too) to get rid of the screaming coffee note.
  10. killerklown

    BPTP & BPAL Layering Combos!

    Sudsy She Wolf + Egg Nog Latte is a delicious combo.
  11. killerklown

    Snowblind Atmosphere Spray

    Basically what everyone else has said: CAKE! On first spray it's definitely the Snowblind I know and love. But when it dries it's a lovely yellow cake with a tiiiiiny hint of mint. I would have loved it if it stayed true to my beloved perfume, but you know what? I'm ok with this cake thing. Because CAKE. EDIT: After several uses I decided to give my bottle a vigorous shake and roll. While the cakeness was still there, it was less overwhelming and more Snowblind like.
  12. killerklown

    Boo Bath Oil

    Yep, that's Boo! The bath oil is a bit more on the cotton side for me (I use it as an after shower/bath moisturizer) but there's still enough of that sweet vanilla creaminess to keep it from going to cotton smelling baby powder.
  13. killerklown

    Scent for Halloween?

    Right now Samhain 2005 with a splash of Beaver Moon 2012 over Pumpkin Pie bath oil. Later tonight when I take the kids trick or treating it'll probably be either Sticky Pillowcase or Trick or Treat. Bedtime will most likely be Jack.
  14. killerklown

    Whipped Cream and/or Marshmallows?

    The closest I can think would be Marshmallow Poof: "Marshmallow Poof -- A gooey mound of white fluffiness! And yes, it is vegan!"
  15. killerklown

    The Malignant Dreams of Cthulhu in Love

    The only incense blend to actually work on me. It starts out a deep, rich chocolate and dries to a salty, earthy, patchouli like blend with a hint of rich chocolate. I'm so glad my friend gifted me a bottle.