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  1. WhatAHoot

    Pumpkin Spice Latte

    Disclaimer: Skin tested with one full day of rest from the mail. What it says on the tin, without any major surprises (which is exactly what I was hoping for). The milk note is pretty funky for 5 mins or so, but it mellows out with time. More pumpkin spice than coffee. I was looking for a PSL with a strong coffee base though, so I'm really hoping the coffee note comes out more with time!
  2. WhatAHoot

    Apple Macchiato

    Disclaimer: Skin tested with one full day of rest from the mail. OMG I want to drink this. I won't, but I want to 😂 Starts off strong with a lovely coffee note, red apple, a hearty drizzle of caramel, and chill spices. Already love this one. The coffee blends in pretty quickly, but I'm hoping to get more of it with rest.
  3. WhatAHoot

    Bobbing for Smut

    Disclaimer: Skin tested with one full day of rest from the mail. Wet, there's something surprisingly clean about this, almost like laundry. As it dries down, it turns into a slightly candied apple musk. I expected more of the boozy sugar of Smut, but it's not showing up yet. I'll definitely be curious to try this again with some rest.
  4. WhatAHoot

    Bobbing for Snake Oil

    Disclaimer: Skin tested with one full day of rest from the mail. The apple in this is bright red, crisp, and a little tart. It manages to cut out any of the powdery elements that Snake Oil can sometimes have around the edges. SO comes across as the gorgeous vegetal musk with some refined patchouli. Love this already.
  5. WhatAHoot

    A Gingerbread Dog

    I love gingerbread scents, but I have quite a few so I try to resist the temptation to pick up more unless they're really unique. This is definitely a unique take on a gingerbread scent, and I'm really glad I picked up a bottle! Wet, the spices are not messing around, and I mean that in a good way. They're strong, but very well-balanced (i.e. it's not all cinnamon, or ginger, etc.). As it dries, it settles down a bit into a creamier (but not "dairy") spiced gingerbread. The saffron really shines, and I love the use of it here. I don't necessarily get a "coconut" note from this ... more like thick coconut cream adding a non-tropical creaminess. There's also a lovely (soft) toasted pecan note. I really look forward to wearing this one in the cooler months.
  6. WhatAHoot

    Laurel-Crowned Skull With Caesar's Band Flyer

    When I first got this, it was a bit too "clean" for my taste (I tend to be very sensitive to scents that have the potential to go the direction of bracingly clean or "laundry" adjacent), but 3 months of rest have been great for it. This is still a clean-leaning scent, but it feels like a less skin musk-focused cousin of Like The Very Gods. I'm getting the herbal bay leaf, a smooth touch of golden tobacco, the dry woodiness of the cypress, some salty ambergris, and golden fig. I think this will continue to age beautifully.
  7. WhatAHoot

    Cognac-Stained Sheet Ghost

    I absolutely adored this scent when I first got it, but 3 months later, there's something about it that's throwing me. While wet, there's a distinct "buttery" phase to my nose that I can't pin down. It fades once this is dry on my skin, but it still has moments that remind me of it. The end result is a warm, sort of dusty and dry vanilla and cognac blend. I like it, but it felt a bit more ethereal when I first got it (and I got a bit more cognac), and I find myself wishing for that impression to return.
  8. WhatAHoot

    Chibi Skull With Last Will and Testament

    I love the lab's patchouli note, so I was really excited to try this one. When I first got it, I couldn't shake the impression of hazelnut cream, but I wanted to give this a solid rest period before finalizing my opinion. 3 months later, this is absolutely gorgeous, and the hazelnut is gone. This is a super chewy, earthy patchouli blend to my nose, with a distinct "red" vibe to it. I also get quite a bit of bourbon vanilla, but I can't say I get any distinct cream or floral notes (and I'm okay with that). I'm glad I picked up a bottle.
  9. WhatAHoot

    To a Wreath of Snow

    For my very first post in this section of the forum, I decided it was only fitting to review To a Wreath of Snow, my favorite BPAL scent. TaWoS is magic for me, and is easily at the top of my "top 5" list, across all houses. It's sophistication in a bottle, but it's also incredibly comforting. It's a bit difficult for me to describe as it's so well blended, but I'll give it a shot! I cannot get enough of the ethereal oud, glowing tobacco flowers (similar to the note in Zorya P), and the cool, almost creamy ambergris + lavender combo. The overall vibe is like waking up on a cool, misty grey morning and putting on the finest cashmere sweater you can imagine.