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  1. WhatAHoot

    A Gingerbread Dog

    I love gingerbread scents, but I have quite a few so I try to resist the temptation to pick up more unless they're really unique. This is definitely a unique take on a gingerbread scent, and I'm really glad I picked up a bottle! Wet, the spices are not messing around, and I mean that in a good way. They're strong, but very well-balanced (i.e. it's not all cinnamon, or ginger, etc.). As it dries, it settles down a bit into a creamier (but not "dairy") spiced gingerbread. The saffron really shines, and I love the use of it here. I don't necessarily get a "coconut" note from this ... more like thick coconut cream adding a non-tropical creaminess. There's also a lovely (soft) toasted pecan note. I really look forward to wearing this one in the cooler months.
  2. WhatAHoot

    Laurel-Crowned Skull With Caesar's Band Flyer

    When I first got this, it was a bit too "clean" for my taste (I tend to be very sensitive to scents that have the potential to go the direction of bracingly clean or "laundry" adjacent), but 3 months of rest have been great for it. This is still a clean-leaning scent, but it feels like a less skin musk-focused cousin of Like The Very Gods. I'm getting the herbal bay leaf, a smooth touch of golden tobacco, the dry woodiness of the cypress, some salty ambergris, and golden fig. I think this will continue to age beautifully.
  3. WhatAHoot

    Cognac-Stained Sheet Ghost

    I absolutely adored this scent when I first got it, but 3 months later, there's something about it that's throwing me. While wet, there's a distinct "buttery" phase to my nose that I can't pin down. It fades once this is dry on my skin, but it still has moments that remind me of it. The end result is a warm, sort of dusty and dry vanilla and cognac blend. I like it, but it felt a bit more ethereal when I first got it (and I got a bit more cognac), and I find myself wishing for that impression to return.
  4. WhatAHoot

    Chibi Skull With Last Will and Testament

    I love the lab's patchouli note, so I was really excited to try this one. When I first got it, I couldn't shake the impression of hazelnut cream, but I wanted to give this a solid rest period before finalizing my opinion. 3 months later, this is absolutely gorgeous, and the hazelnut is gone. This is a super chewy, earthy patchouli blend to my nose, with a distinct "red" vibe to it. I also get quite a bit of bourbon vanilla, but I can't say I get any distinct cream or floral notes (and I'm okay with that). I'm glad I picked up a bottle.
  5. WhatAHoot

    To a Wreath of Snow

    For my very first post in this section of the forum, I decided it was only fitting to review To a Wreath of Snow, my favorite BPAL scent. TaWoS is magic for me, and is easily at the top of my "top 5" list, across all houses. It's sophistication in a bottle, but it's also incredibly comforting. It's a bit difficult for me to describe as it's so well blended, but I'll give it a shot! I cannot get enough of the ethereal oud, glowing tobacco flowers (similar to the note in Zorya P), and the cool, almost creamy ambergris + lavender combo. The overall vibe is like waking up on a cool, misty grey morning and putting on the finest cashmere sweater you can imagine.